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Are you hyped, /m/?

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>Creator's Massage

No one ever said the Japanese could into English.

I'm not really liking the new character's design, she doesn't really mesh well with the rest of SJ. I just hope she's not Marie-tier bad. Besides that, pretty hyped.

Very. Its my favourite SMT by far.

You know Im really sick of seing P4 fags whine about Marie like any of the other characters where at all good to start with. At least Marie had a problem that actually constituted as worthwhile drama and wasn't blown off faster than it was introduced.

I'm hyped because Strange Journey, but discount Yukiko has me worried.

I rather not see SJ get the Apocalypse treatment desu

I miss when SMT humans were pale with rigid facial features. This artstyle isn't bad, but it just feels so generic when you compare it to the old SMT designs.

>I'm not really liking the new character's design, she doesn't really mesh well with the rest of SJ
Thats the fucking point or do you mean to tell me that humans have working rayguns or shit like that?

She gets shit because she's a completely unnecessary addition to the game and has an awful character gimmick.

I'm still kind of baffled that they had Doi do redesigns when they're basically just the originals but much less detailed.

The only I don't like is Gore, I liked his old one, especially when he became Uber Gore since his chiseled face would just be another way to show his being superior

>Need put a notYukiko in the best SMT game because Persona faggot will buy the game
Gore is almost another person

I noticed they did that with the battle sprites in Persona Golden. It's like they go through and erase all the details from the designs.

She can also almost entirely be ignored and if you're gonna complain about shitty character gimmicks you might as well bitch about the rest of the characters too because they all have shitty gimmicks

I wonder if she's one of the Terminators from the future like Rasputin in Raidou 1.

Given how it works she is more likely to be from a previous civilization that got swallowed up

I think she mostly gets shit on because she gets a lot of focus in spite of not being a new Persona user. If she had been an extra playable user I don't think she'd get nearly as much hate.


She's hired to kill the Protagonist from what we know so far.

DEEP Strange Journey is a remake and update of the original game. Apocalypse/Final was a side-story/spin-off to IV. From what I understand the update for the 3DS will have:

>fully animated cutscenes
>full voice acting (including the Protagonist by Jun Hirose)
>new sectors/dungeon areas
>using the SMT IV's game engine
>new demon redesigns as well as character art by DOI
>new routes and endings
>new character in OP's image is named Alex and she seems to be some kind of mercenary or bounty hunter sent to kill/capture the Protagonist

Lots of fun stuff. Atlus tweeted they're already about 70% complete with the game's development so far.

this is not fun

>Amon from If...

This may have some troubling implications

The game will remain in first person view the dungeon exploration

Amon is great though.

Its fine. Only issue I have so far is that Who will voice Arthur?

Kaneko really needs to get off his ass anddo more designs for SMT.

Too busy

>tfw Arthur will never gets a proper and helping you in the battles

Kaneko is stuck in flower fields. FOREVER!

Imagine if it's Sugita again.


Sugita is involved in the remake voicing Arthur.


To be fair the Japanese' English is better than the English' Japanese. They make this stuff for the home market anyway.

>She can also almost entirely be ignored

Than why put the bitch in the game? Did they have a quota or something?

Atlus tries to add something to each modern port now, ranging from a great addition [P2's extra scenario by the original writer, FeMC in P3P] to a crap one [Marie, possibly Alex given the context she's presented in.]

Are DEMONICA suits /m/?

Because instead of having a 1:1 port they try to put more shit for the fans to have fun, look how every single of their remakes added more stuff to the game

So the only people bitching are retards who can't look at the good stuff the put

The best remakes though are Devil Survivor 1: Overclocked and Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker. I did like P1's stuff but couldn't manage through the PSP versions of P2.

>anime cutscenes
>giant demons fighting
Oh shit.

Why are smt games only on Nintendo consoles? I would rather have this than Persona

Because MegaTen games have a core demographic following with Nintendo for ages and Fatlus won't risk alienating their Persona fandom from deviating any of that franchise from home consoles.

DeSu 1 did extremely well on the DS.
SJ did pretty well on the DS despite being released at the same time the remakes of Pokemon Silver and Gold as well as Persona 3 Portable came out.
DeSu 2 did very well.

They gambled on remaking and updating DeSu 1 with Overclocked and that went extremely well. Then they did it again with DeSu 2 through Record Breaker, which didn't do as good as they hoped. Then they repeated that with Soul Hackers, SMT IV, and SMT IV - Apocalypse.

They got the message. Mainline games and spin-offs similar to the mainline for portable Nintendo consoles, Persona series for the Sony systems. We aren't going to have another Nocturne or Raidou ever again because Fatlus needs to pander this way to survive.

Probably because A LOT more people own a Nintendo DS or 3DS/New 3DS then all the people who own a PS3 and Vita put together combined? Its 2017, no excuse not to have a DS/3DS its virtually a SMT simulator at this point:

>Devil Survivor 1
>Strange Journey
>Devil Survivor 2
>Devil Survivor: Overclocked
>Soul Hackers
>Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker
>SMT IV - Apocalypse

And now Strange Journey DEEP.

Well I do own a 3ds, but I really hope I don't have to buy a Switch just to play SMT games

You will if you want to play whatever the SMT HD project is.

Fucking terrific, more shitty waifus. I wish there was a lie to prevent depictions of women in popular women, they're never fucking good.

>I wish there was a lie to prevent depictions of women in popular women

Wait, what?

Law in popular media
Fucking autocorrect. Point is waifus are cancer. Women are cancer. They are impure and a distraction.

Okay, Pence.

Oh I'm sure for not eating fucking shit because titties are involved.

So, do you exclusively consume gay porn then?

Fucking child
>oh eh doens't dump waifus into everything he consumes, he must be gay
Ever stop to think adding women can cause a game franchise damage?

No, because I'm not autistic.

Yeah, Cho Aniki really started going downhill when they let the bitches in.

But you sounded like you automatically shun everything with female characters in it, so that was the logical conclusion.

Do you have any idea how many franchises died due to waifus, or made a franchise almost unrecognizable? How many have been reduced to hollowed shells before of with them or just adding, and then focusing, on women?
Women are scum, pure and simple, and the modern man cannot be trusted with depicting them because they WILL go overboard and they WILL be an eyesore, either design wise, or character wise.
I am leery at women in video games, but provided they are kept to a minimum I am willing to endure their presence.

>Do you have any idea how many franchises died due to waifus
Name ten.
On the subject of Masaya games I'll give you one for free: Langrisser

Blimey user, what would your mum think if she saw you talking like that?

Parasite Eve: Focused on waifus and fanservice, destroyed itself
Metroid: Focused on its main character being a woman, destroyed itself
FE: Wiafus completely take over, shadow of its former self
Peronsa: Dropped everything resembling restraint, focused on waifus and pandering
To say nothing about the corrosive effect on production and quality of women in general
Garbage like most of the women in mecha for examine are basically garbage in a nice skintight otufit, you could remove them entirely and their stories are often completely untounched because they're useless, fucking and completely useless. Mass Effect, went downhill because of women
Tomb Raider: Downhill because of women.

>Arthur gets to join you in battle
>hes a vending machine


I am genuinely angry that someone just implied waifus of all things ruined Parasite Eve instead of the abortion of a story that was The Third Birthday.

That was just window dressing to justify clothing damage and stupid outfits and 'look how sexy she is give us money'

Vending machine meme with Spess Marine is dumb anyway. If you had a STR, GUN, or MAG build you did almost as much damage as most high level demons.

Also really don't see how Arthur would be involved in combat missions anyway. He's the main AI to support the Investigation Team and physically hard built into the Red Sprite's structure on the command deck. IIRC they had to separate the other half of the ship in the Neutral Route so he could sacrifice himself with the Cosmic Eggs to destroy the Schwarzwelt.

He is an absolute bro either way.

This faggot has derailed the thread about the building that is held by a asteroid, he aparently is trying to shitpost /m/ in a new and more retarded way

Nigger, she was already being show as sexy in the first fucking game, most of her art was already like that, you didn't actually play the games did you? You're just spouting random rhetoric to see what sticks ,why are you on /m/ and not on /r9k/? Thats the go to place for people to bitch about how women wronged them

Next you're going to scream about safe spaces

>Next i'll state basic fucking facts
I'm sure facts scare you, I know they do especially for your type, but its true.
And it was stupid then to but it wasn't as intrusive, the game ultimately would've been better if the MC was a man instead for long term health and to keep faggot directors and producers from waifuing around to make them lose focus
A woman?
Full detective? At age 25? In the 90s in New York City? Get real..

Yukiko now in mainline!

>Tomb Raider
Best troll I've seen on /m/ in months.

>crew now has portraits
FINALLY we can finally see what based Anthony looks like.


Since when is SMT /m/ worthy?

>inb4 one or two mecha demons

Are we being raided by /pol/ if so why? Why /m/ of all palces

Where do you think all our Zeonfags are from

Probably due to the space marine jokes regarding Strange Journey's Demonica suits. Although the suit seems barely like a power armor.

Because DEMONICA suits are fucking power armors. On top of that the UN Team travels around in cool ass space-ship/crawler APC things.

>space marine jokes
Has nothing to do with it.

>tfw always wanted to get into SMT to befriend all the cool monster designs but can't beat one of the first dungeons in Nocturne and quit Persona 3 once I encountered the table boss

Why is turn based combat so shit?

Most of the series is cyberpunk x supernatural stuff but Strange Journey is explicitly pretty /m/ related.

>protagonist uses a power armor/suit

That's /m/ enough right there.

>Power armor
>Just a skin tight suit with some tacticool bits and a dumb gold helmet

Why are you so bad at it?

>explicitly noted as a special combat armor with built-in HUD, optical sensors, and combat computer system that gets upgraded as the UN crew continue to encounter demons and exotic forma that further allow upgrades to the armor
>not a power armor
You are retarded. The fact your dismissing it based off how it looks rather then what it does indicates you have no idea what you are talking about.

It just sounds like you're pure garbage at games whether it'd be turn-based or not. The Raidou games (as neat as they are) goes to show that if the series had real-time combat, it'd be even more simplistic.

Raidou is /m/

I'll take this any day over cucksona

>remaking the worst SMT game



>Unknown voice before game starts talking with others in the UN Security Council: "They may be equipped with next generation technology and weapons but still...."
>Commander Gore: "Yes I'm talking about your Demoniac suits. Developed as next-generation weaponry, the Demoniac suit lets you function in harsh conditions. Our early tests shows they're viable here in the Schwarzwelt."
>Jimenez: "But they weren't just talking about its ability to resist harsh conditions. It's loaded with high-tech features. To start with, you've got a fundamental AI system that supports your movements. It boosts your existing strength and protects you from harm according to your style in combat. The cool part, though, is how the system itself grows to match the user's experiences in battle."
>Jimenez: Then there's your visor feed. It's extensible, so you can add features to your HUD like applications...enhanced vision, map markers, even battle data...."

So how is this not a type of power armor?
>Strange Journey
>worst SMT
Fuck off. Even more hilarious considering Sugita is involved in this too for the remake.

I'm amazed by how he actually managed to tame this fucker in Soul Hackers

>AI system that supports your movements. It boosts your existing strength
Says it all right there. Powered. Armor.

He likes voicing robots or something? I mean, he ahs voiced a lot of robots and such

Well he's so most likely he'll voice Arthur.

Exactly. Plus the suits look plain cool. Its a nice classic modern take on those retro-50s style spacemen and the helmet looking like a neater and more intimidating version of Cybermen heads from Doctor Who doesn't hurt.

There is a mecha demon in SJ too. Fafnir, you get a quest where you can beat him up and turn him into more gear for your power suit.

>shit talking the patron saint of /m/

Man, the way he made his appearance in Apocalypse was cool, first we hear the sound of gears and metal clunking and them a fucking horde comes outAnd nearly dies to Toki going wild on their asses

Soooooooooo she is bootleg female Dante/Raidou from Nocturne?

Fucking Anthony.

Something like that. Like another user said, only thing we know so far is that she's either sent or ordered by someone to try and kill the protagonist and a leading theory is since the Schwarzwelt was confirmed to have been used before by Mem Alpeh to reboot the Earth in the past she might be from another race of mankind but who knows?

>Fucking Anthony.
He's getting a new character portrait too. Wonder how he'll look.

First I want Anthony to look like a fucking dork.

second, maybe it was Luci? Maybe we will get a solo route with her? Or maybe there will just be a route that leads to SMTIV.

Probably because they thought fans would like more content to the game and weren't expecting a bunch of waifu fags to chimp out like retards

>Waifu fags chimping out like retards
When do they not?

>smirks make it in