Wtf caused the spike

went to take a piss, 9700
came back from said piss, 10100

the fuckk

exit pump

EU crypto meeting. I have been spamming about this all week. Next major dip before a pump will be before G20.

Whales exit


we all just agreed it was worth more.. did u not get the memo user?

Thanks, dude. Link to Twitter or something so we don't miss such good intel.

whales just triggered stop-losses
morons try to associate this move with eu meeting, but its purely market move

Just watch out for any major conferences regarding crypto regulation.

that's why the market also recovered right in the middle of US regulation hearing, right, user?

>implying it recovered
of course they do all their whale fuckery during some events, so more idiots will fud or fomo
but its retarded to think this events are actual reasons

it broke through 9700 resistance and now its mooning, this is why TA is actually useful, it doesn't tell you the future necessarily but it'll give you some possible 'what if' scenarios instead of flying completely blind

No clue what caused it, just laughing at the smug shitposting that's going on, the retards here are milking it for all they can get.

Feel sorry for people on Bitmex, bunch of them lost big because the site went tits up, and orders weren't going through, and all the chat moderator is doing is linking to a service bulletin from December.

Yeah, I'm putting real money into that system, lol.

it broke through 9700 because it was mooning, if you want to know where abouts is the moon you need to know why it mooned, the TA won't tell you where to sell, you are flying blind user

People are saying something about EU, LTC short may have worked on accident then but I'll take it.

Who else saw the 9 million in liquidation on Bitmex lmao. I jumped out as soon as I saw it was over 10k

TA dosnt work when there is outside influence on the market and this is what we have now
all the meme lines becomes irrelevant so start drawing new ones

what am i looking at user?

How fuck do you think that even works?

The price increases because they decide to sell?



EU meeting ended. Insiders got the info and know the good news.

>TA = horoscopes

Too many posts on /biz on how easy it was to short btc 100X with bitmex.


Goldman buys Poloniex

I love when people are pissed when BTC goes up considering BTC going up means pretty much every coin will be going up as well. Why would anyone ever want BTC going down?

shorters and people who sold at 6k

nocoiners basically

>tfw tethered at 11.3k and bought back in at 9.5k
feels good being a slut

bear idiots and bottom sellers noobs basically.