Have you gotten family members to invest in crypto? What do they hold...

Have you gotten family members to invest in crypto? What do they hold? My dad's been buying 50-100 LINK every week since I told him about it

jesus fuck thats cringe


Jeez dude...


Half my friends and family own link in varying amounts. The other half are retards but I just cant stop loving them, you know?

That would make me sell if I were your dad.

this would make me go out to get milk and never come back if i was his dad

That would make me regret not forcing her to swallow

>i cant believe this faggot is my son
>i hope these link dollars he autistically researched take off so i can move to the bahamas without him or his mother and leave these people for good

My dad's more autistic than me, just about different things. It feels good having someone to reveal your power level to

>be dad
>tried best to raise a respectful son
>fml son turns out to be a degenerate linky

for humanity's sake i hope this is a larp

This would make me finally tell you that you were adopted if you were my son

>son has been bullied all his life
>tried to make friends in school but never quite fit in, got beat up once pretty bad in high school
>in time, I became his best friend
>now he just sits in his room all day on the computer doing God knows what, he barely talks to me and I don't know much about his life
>kind of wish he would open up to me more
>"your mother and I don't get along but that doesnt mean we can't"

>last month he came into my room, extremely excited about some weird new internet money
>I didn't really get it at first but it was really nice to see he's passionate about something new, finally a spark of interest in his eyes
>kind of afraid of losing my son, so after pretending to be interested in his new hobby I start buying these weird Links on the internet
>yfw you read the first letter of each line

Kek my dad has just over 500 linkies too

>it feels good to have someone to reveal your power level to
>sorry its just a meme in the community
>post to Veeky Forums heh memes

>stinky liky

Holy shit kek


Shit. This was my first try at one of these.
>now I've fucked it up

My father buys 1k of ETH every week.

telling your dad to invest in shit like link

LMAO no wonder your parents think your a looser

Entertaining and didn’t notice odd sentence structure at all, good work user

>Have you gotten family members to invest in crypto?

i suspect most of my family have an understanding of value at least as good as mine.

if they want to play with crypto they will, otherwise they probably won't

"stinky liky"

Good job.

thought it was funny when I read the side and thought it was funnier when it was spelt wrong.

Thanks buddy. The y was the hardest one and k's took some thought as well, otherwise it was pretty easy. Now if only I knew all 26 letters and had remembered the n...
That's OK I'll get it next time

I emailed my mom and dad about it. They just ignored me like I was etardss. But that’s a good sign because I usually win big when they think I’m doing something recklessly stupid. Still will give them some money if I make it.

Nice just sold 100k

>told friend about my sick gains
>he gets interested and asks for advice on what to buy
>tell him to buy zclassic
>he called me a genius when it was at 200 a few days ago
>now he's mad as fuck
kek sorry bud

not cringe bro

we linkies dont care what other people think

Just got my dad to purchase 50 OMG. Looking back he never took my investment advice and missed out every time... he didn't want to make that mistake again.

My dad wants me to invest $500 for him. he's not expecting this shit to blow up with crazy gains in a month, just wants a small piece of the crypto pie long term, what should I get him?

And don't Fucking say Chainlink


Something that's a blue chip.I'd say NEO

What is my rank? I have 55,000 LINK

Great post.

convinced my mom to buy a bitcoin at 2000 sold it at 11600, gained a new fancy thinkpad out of it.

No they are all fudders not worth my time to convince them.

op you are a massive faggot

why you would want your dad to end up poor with you and your retard linkfags is beyond my comprehension



>Half my friends and family own link
>The other half are retards





I'd say omg is the best medium term risk reward coin you can buy right now. Its as close to a high return gauarntee as you can get in crypto.


it's value will increase significantly in the next few months but long-term the staking/dividend type rewards will pay off no matter what's happening to the crypto market.

I gave my bro 50 link for christmas

Told him to hold for 2 years, he's going to be happy with it i guess

My brother and I are FUNchads.

He’s out stacking me right now but I’m more diversified.

Good to have support you can trust when the other alternative is places like this lol