So when does Bellri do more than stare at her and actually act on his fixation?

So when does Bellri do more than stare at her and actually act on his fixation?

Huh? I thought she was getting fucked by the colonel

He doesn't because she's his sister

He ate that firecrotch all night long.

Bellri is into boys because he is in fact a female

What happened to Tomino's age of older sisters? Has it started yet?

If it is, it isn't immediately noticeable.

>bellri never fucked her
>the nee-san from TRY was the least popular girl despite how much they pushed her
Tomino is a liar.


>have two wonderfully thicc Gunpla girls and Shia to compete against

She didn't really care about gunpla in a show with girls who did like gunpla. She had no chance.

Maybe she was meant to be an insert for IRL oneesans who didn't know about gunpla so they could become closer to their brothers who were watching the show.

This is Bellri, he doesn't put the moves on his sister like Luke Skywalker does.He had his eyes on Raraiya Mandy, because who dosen't like little brown girls.

Gyanko is a nee-san to two little brothers and she was best girl so in a way it counts.
She just wasn't forced like Mirai was and I think she prefered to be Susumu's imouto anyway.

He backs down immediately after learning they're siblings.

Imagine how blue that leaves your balls

i remember him getting really mad

I take it you haven't read this masterpiece?

Well, he had the bitchy cheerleader and the brown retard to choose from as well.

and best girl Klim Nick

Bellri and Aida's VA's got married didn't they?

I read it a bit after I made this thread. It was perfect.

Lmao no Aida's VA is old as fuck, he married another one from a card game anime if I correct

The effect is just started.


He got mad as fuck

>not hatefucking her
What a loser