Bitcoin Private (BTCP) Will Not Get Listed on KuCoin.

KuCoin has supported the Bitcoin Private (BTCP) hard fork and distributed the tokens to all BTC holders, however KuCoin will not list BTCP.

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What I tell wife I go everything in they tell me new bitcoin now where what i do please help

What the fuck do they mean it's been trading on kucoin for days?

they do list btcp as well as binance.

Someone tell me what this means. Are they saying they're going to pull the "hidden" market trading right fucking now? These fucking chinks and their English communication


This is such a bizarre statement considering it has been trading on KuCoin for 3 days, wtf

This is the end...

If chinks really are taking over the world, we are seriously fucked

Roger and few others paid over $2 mill to prevent BTCP listing on Kucoin. They've tried the same with Binance but were refused. The Binance listing is still in talks but there are issues with the wallets.

Sounds legit pajeet

How do you know this?

been on the telegram all morning. the coin is a joke. people are so pissed.

is that mexico?

I can confirm this as a fact as well. It seems Roger Ver was so afraid that Bitcoin Private is going to totally wipe Bitcoin Cash off the map. He's flailing around in a desperate attempt to keep Bitcoin Private off of all exchanges and he's getting laughed at and rejected by many exchanges.

I just checked again.
nothing there

Soooo basically anyone who invested in BTCP is fucked? Is this the 2nd biggest scam besides BitConnect now?

i don't think it's a scam
i think it's just terrible luck
everything that could go wrong has gone wrong or will go wrong. so maybe we're being fucked on purpose i dunno.

>everything that could go wrong has gone wrong or will go wrong
>so maybe we're being fucked on purpose i dunno.
Look into the track record of those involved. The moment I read Rhett is on board it was obvious for me. Plebs again financed lofts and lattes for soy bois and Jews

When do you think bittrex will let us withdraw our btcp? And what will happen to the price then? Anyone care to speculate?

I don't understand, yesterday BTCP was over the news, it seemed like it was a comfy hold and today this?

This coin is a fucking rollercoaster

fuck, i have btc locked on that ghost market


Get fucked. That fat BIS guy used scamforks to ridicule Bitcoin and its finite supply.


wtf - chinks literally removed it ??

Move along... nothing to see here...

Fucking kek JUSTed

now this is shitposting

thats bullshitNo way Roger is worried about this fork, privacy coins are released every week and this one is no different other then lots of people got free coins and want to sell them at high price to some one else.

To those arguing that Bitcoin Core fees are no longer "through the roof". It only reached this point because you destroyed your user base with an artificial 1MB block size limit. The data speaks for itself - transactions/block down to 2 year lows with dominance at all time lows.

kidding aside how did that thing get listed on kucoin and now delisted? wtf