Join the sleeping giant's army

Join the sleeping giant's army

The road to top 5 will be victorious

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Monero will be top 5 with BTC, ether, VET, OMG.

more likely with BTC,ETH,RIPPLE,BCH


Have fun when governments start banning privacy coins over the next few years and the prices completely crash.

how can you not see this coming, this will not increase the value, you will potentially lose all your money to seizures,
how do you faggots not see this coming...

>Seizing a cryptocurrency
LMAO nice try

Monero will eventually be #2

More like countries will ban them from their domestic exchanges because they can't collect taxes on them and the prices will be in the shitter permanently.

sec and other govts are going after this and other privacy coins, stay delusional

they cant seize a crypto but they can force an exchange to delist it. If major exchanges delist monero it will significantly drop in price.

In a couple of years (or sooner) there will be government regulated exchanges that offer cryptocurrency trading. Exchanges like Coinbase, Robinhood, Bittrex, Poloniex, etc, will have all of the major cryptocurrencies available for trading. Will Monero exist on those exchanges?

Why are normies so fucked? Maybe I need to cut one of you open and see how you work... you know for research purposes

if by normie you mean realist then fine, im a normie
the writing is on the wall user, the govts will shut down privacy coins via exchange delisting, actually watch the news and keep up if you are serious about making it, if not stay poor and gay its your life

>countries ban it
>hard to get now
>can only get it p2p
>coin is actually used IRL
>price skyrockets

Good I hope they do. Its everything crypto was supposed to be.

>mass exodus of casual investors
>price goes up
Choose one and only one. Your idealism is going to cost you a lot of money.

Monero (XMR) will most likely seek protection and make an agreement with a country (most likely one possessing veto power at the UN security council) so that both Monero's interests and that country's interests matches.

Monero (XMR) will then implant itself in that nation and become a mega corporation of that country (defending and representing its interests). That nation will most likely designate a special zone that is commonly known as a "tax haven" where Monero will set up its headquarters and operate.

To any one who doubts me, shadow markets account at least for 22.67 of world GDP.

Don't care. I haven't invested a single dollar into my current 50 XMR holding. It was all earned through bounties

Government regulation is the worst fud i have seen

Monero will replace mETH by EOY as #2. Turtlecoin will be #3. Screencap that shit fuckers


More likely people like you will lose your life savings to bail ins

>what is le streissand effect

are you trolling or actually so fucking stupid you think that applies?

not an argument

You don't even know what the Streisand effect is. Monero isn't information trying to be covered up you fucking dipshit.
Who the fuck breached the containment board and let all these sub 100 IQ retards in here?

>Monero isn't information trying to be covered up

You have to go back.

>I voted hilary but use trump memes

you are dumber than a box of niggers.

I voted for Trump. You're a fucking idiot who has no business here.
>hurr durr Streisand effect
You don't even know what it means and misapply it and then pretend you're smart. Fucking pathetic.

And how would they completely ban it, sweetie?

Right. Make it illegal and the price drops. Just like cocaine, right?

>Says "not an argument"
>Proceeds with the same

Lol good luck OP. There’s a new sheriff in town

>crypto has same qualitative value as cocaine
user I think you've been here too long lol

>when an attempt to hide, remove, or censor a piece of information has the unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely
Basicaly, you are retarded

It wouldn't be completely banned but it will be delisted from all the major exchanges. Believe me, regulation is just on the horizon. Private ledger currencies will be targeted as means to launder money and aid terrorism. Governments can't collect taxes on private ledger coins, they'll do everything in their power to drive people away from them. I'm not some stupid kid, I'm not some idiot who thinks they can kill the coin, but they can most definitely tank it's price and drive all the normies away from it.

Lmao nigger, chill
And I thought brainlets were calmer due to their simple world views, like the government taking care of them

>assets are information
K den. I can live my life with an idiot like you thinking I'm retarded. Lol.

check That's the most logical solution for Monero to survive and prosper.

>information is not an asset
I'm running out of brainlets.png, please shutup and leave

Oh it will survive, but prospering? No. Even if they are sheltered by some 3rd world country, we all know money from US, CN, RUS and SK run this whole shitshow. If the big 4 shun a coin, it's as good as dead.

Why aren't you already back on your containment board making BLACKED threads and fapping through your own tears? Pathetic.

I'm starting to think you are literally a commie nigger

>anyone who disagrees with me is a commie nigger
/pol/ brainlet confirmed.

That's why I said protection by a country that has veto power at the UN security council is essential.

nah it's just your out of context hatred towards /pol/, a board known for it's contempt towards inferior genes, degeneracy and left wing propaganda, either authoritarian or liberal.
Oh, I forgot the most important one, (((them)))

Fair enough, but what are the odds of that happening and what are the odds that if it did that country would risk sticking its neck out to protect a coin it can't tax? I think the reasonability breaks down at that point. I get the idealistic appeal of private ledger currencies but in the real world we all know the government motivations are based in taxes. Just look at how things are shaping up so far this year. Strict regulation soon fellow stalker. Once they get their oversight they are going after private ledgers first.

monero best girl

Monero is the only crypto that enables people to safely buy cocaine, user.

And what happens when you can do atomic swaps between monero and litecoin? Fucking retard. Continue to be a get rich quick brainlet millennial. Acquiring more premised shitcoin worthless fiat is not the goal here you fucking kike.

Don't be mad because I saw through you from the get-go. /pol/ is a containment board. Every other board aside from /b/ and /r9k/ look down on you faggots for a reason. You all have black/white views of the world. Immature, unrealistc, and utterly pathetic.

Still, I don't see how they could do it to all the major exchanges at the same time. Might happen, but the smaller exchanges might still see large volume because privacy is such a big thing in crypto.

What happens? The governments go after LTC. You don't seem to get it. The taxman always gets his money. Every single money laundering method in history has been pursued by authorities and crypto is not some magical wonderland that is immune to the full court press of Uncle Sam and his cronies.

>black/white views
Spoken like a true brainlet who never managed to fit in.
btw, Veeky Forums is /pol/, it's all the other boards that serve as containment

Legislation could be done many different ways, from blacklisting coins on domestic exchanges to full on blocking of some exchange domains similar to how governments currently deal with CP websites. If an exchange won't comply, they may get blacklisted. If you think normies are going to VPN out of country just so they can buy a coin that has basically been outlawed, I think you're deep in bias. Some will, sure. But reducing accessibility will definitely hurt the price. Monero as an investment may be good in the short term, but anyone who thinks they're gunna be rich in 5 years from it is likely going to be sorely disappointed.

There is a rather simple solution to your problem. The americans already showed you a solution. By making a key resource that you control only tradable in a currency that you only can manufacture and control .That's how the concept of the "petrodollar" was created.

It's been going down. The big rush to buy monero had to do with that meme shit coin fork they were doing. Sorry you bought the top.

Just go away, adults are talking.

Ah yes, but even the petrodollar is based on consensus. If everyone decides tomorrow they'd rather trade oil in Iraqi Dinar, then USD will eat shit. Same reasoning apllies, does it not?

>If everyone decides tomorrow they'd rather trade oil in Iraqi Dinar, then USD will eat shit
I see you haven't gotten any smarter in the last 5 minutes
>blacklisting coins on domestic exchanges
That would just mean domestic exchanges lose market position to foreign competitors, much like you have been told already in

I'd like to see Uncle Sam go after math

But they cannot since the US has military strength and is a permanent member of the UN security council.

That's why Iraq and Libya were attacked and destroyed since they were threatening the petrodollar.

Any permanent member of the UN security council has enough might to impose/enforce their ruling and power over other nations so as to protect their interests.

>That would just mean domestic exchanges lose market position to foreign competitors,
No, that just means that most of the people who don't live their utopian vision of the world move their investment somewhere else and play the rules.

>move their investment somewhere else
That's literally what I said, they will move their CRYPTO investment somewhere else, because only retarded boomers still invest in bonds and index funds

I still think it's a very big stretch that one of them actually sticks their neck out to protect something they aren't grossing massive profits from. Way more likely that the big 4 shun private ledger currencies and the rest of the pecking order falls in line. I'd agree your position would be much more likely if monero was an asset like Oil, which is needed by everyone for energy, but it's not. Nobody actually needs monero except criminals.

But that has nothing to do with exchanges losing their position. People will just dump privacy coins and jump on the next train.

Consider who you're arguing with. That dingus has 11 posts in this thread and hasn't made a valid point yet.

Untaxed and unrecorded economic activity boomed during the global financial crisis and continues to grow today. The World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Council on Illicit Trade 2012-2014 estimated the global shadow economy to be worth $650 billion

>he's still here
People will allways prefer fungibility, specially important people. XMR is pretty fungible