The binance hack goes deeper than you think

just ask yourself this question...people who stole the accounts were smart enough to wait for months before starting the final plan. and they magically got blocked by the hero chinks binance.

want me to make a drawing or are you guys brainlets?

Already managed to withdraw whatever money i had left on there. I don't care anymore.

who profited from the crime? whos the hero now? tje hackers were they that retarded? do you think they didnt gain anything in this? what are bitcoin futures?

are you saying that btc tanked yesterday because of what happened on binance?

Was probably funded by bitstamp to take out its rivals!

Thanks for this user. Just bought 100k

the brainlet lvl of this board

Binance wasn't hacking you fucking retard. Binance posted an explanation. It was some shitty third party trading bought that got compromised.

Anyone using a public trading bought deserves to literally lose all their money. Fucking retarded normans thinking they can just download a program and become millionaires.

Nice engrish you fucking mongoloid

>normies fall for giveaway scames
>normies falling for phishing links that look exactly like except for a few dots, is somehow strange.

Did you fucking speech to text this post?

>muhh binance said it so its true

ladies and gents
binance (((CEO)))

wow do I have to write it? cant you connect the dots?? WHO PROFITED FROM THE HACK?

did they supplant all the faggot redditors who had their accounts wiped and admit to using bots?

kill yourself you tinfoil hat fuck. You look for alternative theories just to be a contrarian and that's why you dont have a fucking clue

more like chink to text

ask yourself a question
anyone but me
i ain't freeeeeeeeee

>only buy bitcoin
>never ever trade it with anyone

ohhh so that chink exchange saves the day and no monnies were stollen? you think this is disneyland?

I was on the subreddit when there were hundreds of whiny faggots complaining about being wiped. I was on the subreddit hours later when they all got their money back.

who would have thought that binance has detection systems that trigger within seconds of abnormal activity and shut down withdrawals for the entire exchange? Nobody would have guessed that, not even the hackers.

or you dummy retard...they were in on it ffs why do I have to spoon feed you eetards...if the guys were going for stealing bitcoins they could have done it silently slowly trransferring the fucking coins hacking one account after the other...instead they chose to break the market by simultaneous market sell you fucking brainlets
...they had some huge stacked bitcoin futures and they got away with it...and binance gets to be a chink hero. ffsss you dumb cunts
...chinks are not to be trustedd


makes sense