They said that news may not be kept for a bi weekly update such as partnerships or mainnet. So given that the last update was nearly a week ago, when can we expect more news?

Any day, so don't sell. And if you don't hold any, buy some.

Literally all in with 45k REQ

I have a feeling that there will be news tomorrow.

100k here, all in since $0.27. something feels fishy about how low this has gone, so i suspect news is coming very soon. over 80% drop in value without any significant retrace...

i wouldn't dare sell a single REQ while it's this low. then again, i also said that at $0.25.

Big news and partnership announcement could see this rocket.

>Market goes up REQ goes down
>Market goes down REQ goes down.

You deluded faggots won't admit to yourself that this coin is being captained by a bunch of inept-ards and the coin literally has no future.

I warned you at its ATH that it was going to crash to .05 by summer.

Look whose laughing now faggots.


Actually heard a million of these FUD posts. Not good enough Rajesh. Your gonna need to try harder than that to get me to sell.

I don't give a fuck if you do or don't the majority of the damage is already done. My conscience is clear.

Explain to me again why we need a paypal of the future that doesn't happen to be paypal?

Explain to me again what exactly they have to show for themselves up to this point?

Explain to me again why their whitepaper isn't a simplified joke?

God you're delusional. REQ is literally doing nothing new compared to their competition they are just market it a certain way with buzz words like paypal.

SPOILER ALERT: If something is the future of something (a copy with tweaks) then its going to be nothing and it's most likely a scam to get simpletons to kind of understand what they are saying. Simpletons needs something that is familiar to them in order to start to grasp something.

Fuck off back to your $2bn skateboard vaporware then my man. I dont care what you think :3

Mainnet march 31st

Well thought out response that demonstrates that you have no idea why you are grasping onto such a worthless coin.

I rest my case you fucking fagbag.

One "well-thought out" response to another.

Everyone's fucking mainnet is coming up this spring. Are you retarded?

Remember last week when WTC had all the FUD over a stupid twitter post then as soon as price dropped 18% they leak the alibaba shit. It's all calculated. Good project. Most everyone got in at a low price... sit back and forget about it 5.00 EOY.

I posed 3 questions that stick at the heart of the worth of this coin. You have no good answers because there arn't any. This coin is a scamcoin if I've ever seen it.

I knew it the second they released the only project they have released ahead of schedule when a random hypetrain started for the coin. It felt to me like guerrilla marketing. I was 100% right.

Shitcoin is shit.

Hahahahha where are you faggot? Hows that dip working out for you , you fuckin mongoloid retard

Decimals are in the wrong place. Let me help you.

>sit back and forget about it .005 EOY.

That looks around right.

Tnx. Was pretty well thought out. Your post demonstrates that your an autistic sperg and I cant be fucked arguing with you :3

>Insults still without giving concise answers.

Pretty much what I expected. Enjoy getting BTFO this summer.

Yep total scamcoin man, bye.

>heart of the worth of this coin.
dude are you new? its crypto... theres 0 worth to any of these coins/tokens. IF it gets used by businesses the worth will be from businesses/people hoarding the coins to drive up the price redditor