Is it ever worth buying a car outright? I'm considering buying something like pic related outright...

Is it ever worth buying a car outright? I'm considering buying something like pic related outright, as I have the money for it without it affecting me negatively. Pcp finance, leasing, and regular finance don't seem all that worth it from what I've calculated. Am I missing something?

A cla?
Dont. Its fucking disgusting and very unreliable.
Theres better bang for your buck out there

Unless your credit is shit (high APR), you would typically come out ahead by investing said money and making monthly payments on the car (not using the investment money).

Also, a overpriced Mercedes? Good way to shit the gains away, kek.

Most APR offered is shit, you can get much better rate with a bank loan if your credit is good.

Buying brand new is silly, find a decent used thats had most of the depreciation paid off by the sucker who originally bought it.

Brand new cars make sense only taken in leasing as a business.
Find a few months old one for 2/3 of the price if you must.

Also, spending more than 10-15% of your money on car is stupid as fuck

>you would come out ahead by paying an interest on the car and ending up paying more than if you bought it outright
Are murriclaps really this retarded?

Just buy used user...BTW that CLA looks bad and i'm a Mercedes fan..

if his investment brought him more than total interest payed,whats wrong with that?

Nothing, he's a brainlet

Buying new cars is the worst investment you can make. The moment you drive it it already lost 20% its value.

I'm looking for an estate, so looking at mercs, bmws, and audis. Pic is just one car I looked at. And by 'new', I mean one that has like 2 or 3 miles on it. Intend to keep it for 5 - 8 years.

2 or 3k***

Not to brag, but £30k is about 0.01% of my money.

Reason for buying is that I'm starting a family. Will use it fishing and camping trips also. And for a dog.

>camping trips

>asks about buying the most normie tier wageslave mobile possible NEW for use in activities which is going to shred the shit out of the paintwork, alloy wheels and whose seats are going to be covered in dog shit from his pooper woofer

You're not gonna make it.

The fishing places I go to have parking spaces and the dog can be in the boot, as can the wrapped up fishing kit. Hence why I want an estate with a large boot. Anyway... I'm not in a rush.

well, go for it then
at that point, who the fuck cares?

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you are worth 300 million quid??? ok bud

As a soon to be business owner can I ask why the leasing thing is good? Trying to outjew the jews wherever possible

>What is risk?

there is no depreciation. new cars are expensive because they usually have no issues, are taxed less and need less maintenance and there is warranty on them.

a used car is so much cheaper because it is tremendously more problematic.

has 300million pounds
asking if a 30k car is a sensible buy
nice larp faggot

im a leaser. nice to have something new with less than 30 miles on it every few years and its not like cars gain value.

Holy fuck you're dumb

Listen to me, user. Do NOT get a Mercedes. They don't run like they used to. They're merely a status symbol at this point.

If you don't care about value per se you need to go with Tesla. It's the best car I have ever owned, period.

This. That and dealers/banks fuck you over hard with their Jew interest rates on used not to mention inflate the price so they can make money back from the original trade and maximize profit. Fuck buying used from any dealer. If you get a good deal from a friend or possibly even a stranger but can you really trust them to sell you a car that won’t shit the bed? Probably not. I’ll eat the depreciation any day over having a shit old car. It’s like buying someone’s ex-wife. I don’t want your used goods. Here’s what I say, are you going to own this car for more than three years? Then finance or out right buy. Is it a luxury car or a car that you wouldn’t want to own long term? Lease and dyor so the dealer doesnt cuck you over.

>buy used car
>get higher tax because its emissions are burger car tier
>law requires older cars to have annual check ups at a licensed garage (200 euro just for the checkup)
>wearing parts need to be replaced gradually, car mechanic wants 70 euro per hour, parts not included
>things break every few months-->the car mechanic at your local garage becomes your best friend
>engine breaks down, repair cost higher than just installing a new engine
>fuck that shit!

i will never buy a used car again.

buy one off carwow they strip all the margin out of their deals.

Retailers margins are sitting around 3k from original cost.

I'm an accountant for mercedes

jew business owner here. it really depends on A) how much of the car use is for business purposes and B) how many miles a year you put on the car. if you are driving well over the typical lease limit a a year (a lot of self employed guys are road warriors) buy. im kind of a "just do what the accounting tells me to do" kind of guy but the way it was explained to me is that leasing is good because you break up the deducible tax payments and the depreciation of value is capped in a low spot. but there is no one size fits all.

>don't buy new! you'll lose 20% !!!
it's the cry of the eternal pleb. if you need to worry about that 20% go drive a used kia faggot

Nice minivan.

Beeing reasonable with your spendings is bad
I bet you are poor fag

I'm reasonable with the vast majority of my purchases, which is why I'm able to splurge on the things I want to, like a new 340 with all of the options that I wanted, so I bought new.

Tbh desu. Where else should I dump my money you fucks? I don’t have a GF, I love at home, I don’t buy clothes, watches or $1k watches. WHERE DO I SPEND MY MONEY? I know, how about the thing that I actually spend a lot of time in when I go out and I don’t wanna be driving in some smelly shitter that burps everytime I change gear.

Inb4 keep saving, yeah sorry I don’t wanna be saving for my future son’s sweet 16 car.

Never buy a brand new car. Get a low mileage 2-3 years old and let the previous bag holder take depreciation hit.

It's often difficult to find 2-3 year old luxury car with the color/options you want though.

i agree with this

As someone else said, Mercedes really isn't the Mercedes it was in the 90's. Their quality really has let go. Bought a CLA250 and sold it 6 months later. Constant problems with electrics and the gearbox left me stranded twice. I wouldn't suggest Audi but surely they have sorted out the DSG problems by now. Their resale is horrendous though. BMW would be my preference if I was you. Possibly a Lexus.