Wtf I thought biz was full of skinny autists? Now we have normie gym whores on here?

Show yourself you normie cuck. Get off biz and stick to your steroids reeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I was literally jacked before crypto, went from 80 kg 5 days a week in gym to half a year of sitting home watching meme charts and 115 kg
traded physical gainz for imaginary money gainz
desu regret stopping and think I'll never get the same form I used to have
if crypto crashes I'm killing myself or ODing on roids

you are not nearly jacked enough to be making this thread. get ur weight up kid

Gimme roids before you go. Btc is crashing to 4k

i'm sorry but muscles dont outweigh being a manlet

does money compensate for being a manlet?

not really. you could probably get a hot chick but she most likely will be a vapid whore

is 5'9 okay?

do shoe insoles work?

Yes you can always stand on piles of cash.

this thread is literally cancer.
it's not like the normies are flooding Veeky Forums.

anything under 6' is subhuman desu

if you not strictly on biz and fit you not gonna make it


Starting Strength + GOMAD + 1000 LINK

what about tom cruise?

normie here,
I'm bulking for Sergey,
I also shave my belly and my balls because I assume that's what Sergey is also doing,
I'm getting close to 100 kg,

also putin

Are you a virgin?

Tfw when 6'1 skinnyfag. May not be big but least I'm not a dwarf

Lul he's not even jacked... Looks like all the small dudes at my gym.

You probably think Arnold's peak physique is achievable naturally.


What are legs?

user, I...

strictly reserved for hot chicks

But you're not even big, or lean. You look like 150lbs. You should be way more shredded for being that small. Also lol at the insecurities being the only one with your shirt off kek

Also unlucky chest separation at the bottom there man. Looks like you got shafted by genetics midline lol, weird ass kink going on.

He stands on platforms in his movies to appear taller

Still can't talk as I'm bone thin, but lol at you coming up to my nipple

I'm doing alright for a guy who doesn't really take lifting too seriously. If I properly supplemented I could probably be super aestetic.

I'd say you are being to critical
Do you really think a chick would notice all this shit?
I am in no way competing for an show or competition

lol what is that fucking pose
are you rolling


be original mate

mark wahlberg?

You have a solid core. Thicken up your traps/neck/ shoudlers and you're golden.

No but they will absolutley notice that lat flare with your shoudlers rolled forward lol. You'll still neever break 6' so idgaf if I'm thin.