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What's the likelihood of chainlink actually reaching $10 sometime this year?

I mean, I know it would have to 20x. But I don't see how that's too far stretched considering the value of the project if it proves to hold true.

Could we see a huge increase in price this year? considering the bearish sentiment on cryptos recently. I know it would be hard for chainlink to keep passing up.

But it's rank 79 right now which is amazing. The highest it has ever been was rank 77. So I think it's safe to say chainlink has value. However, it could come crashing down due to skittish invsestors panic selling because of government regulation and what not.

So what do you intelligent people think?? Will link be capable of hitting $10? Or am i living in a delusion...

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It isn't really about the currency as much as the technology. As a result assigning cost is hard.

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Phone posting so can't type much. I think 10 is low but I don't know the top

It would need:
1. Be live on Ethereum main net
2. Beginnings of enterprise-grade early adopters using it
3. Recognition as a possible secure/reliable form of data input

Further increases in price would need:
1. Large business entities and nodes hoarding the token
2. General reliance on the network for smart contract functionality
3. Crossing the tipping point for smart contract adoption

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One fomo run and it should shoot past $10, might have to wait until Q3 though

Maybe not this year but probably within 5 years. Shit only solves the oracle problem but will also solve my lambo problem

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I hope not in 5 years. I skipped out on a stock that mooned 15x which would of set me at 350k right now. Instead I had almost 100k since a few months ago in crypto. Now I barely have 50k lolol and I'm all in chainlink 110k coins

We'll have to wait for the gov't of the world to work out their shit and decide what's going to happen with crypto before the dust settles and retards quit FUDing crypto in general.

As long as you don't need the money just sit back and be comfy.

Many big projects, which rely on Chainlink as their secure oracle and data provider, are planning their initial release on Q4. Alone with zeppelin actively using Chainlink, it could already moon to $5-12. Imagine if other conspiracy-tier partnerships are confirmed... I honestly think we will need at least 12-15 months to see any big movement, but who knows. Crypto market is crazy sometimes

I believe user. I believe. I'm praying we see $10 this year though. So I can cash out half and play with real estate or something a little more stable

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OMG this is going to take fucking for ever. Literally a 5 year hold :/

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5 years is nothing my dude. Accumulate what you can, store it away (TEST YOUR RECOVERY METHODS), and wait.

heyt guys buy Chainlink small money so big monee good thing.

if you wanted to get rich quick, january was the time. this isn't going to moon for another year.
crypto is going to bleed another 33%, and range at the bottom for another 6 months.
fundamental values still haven't surpassed speculative values.
Once you start seeing headlines like "$2 trillion in contracts have passed through the chain link network" we will start seeing valuations of $5 or more.

Is that going to happen within the next 3 months? no. now stop asking every day about it

Projects like this?

“It is a strategic priority for Swift to work with new technologies like DLT and incorporate them into key solutions like gpi”, says Stephen Gilderdale, chief platform officer, Swift. “We are already working on new PoCs and will continue our R&D efforts to ensure that Swift customers will be able to leverage their existing Swift infrastructure and connectivity to benefit from blockchain services, whether offered by Swift or by third parties, on a secure and trusted platform.”