Hearty kek. whoever has this pic saved as 1518029883901.jpg please kys yourself immediately

hearty kek. whoever has this pic saved as 1518029883901.jpg please kys yourself immediately


We can find users by the pics they post?

>btc will never go below 8.9k again

>being this new

WAIT WAIT WAIT! Are you telling me that a fellow random user came to an anonymous tranny ponys anime posting board on the internet promising you to make a lot of money for nothing in exchange and he ACTUALLY LIED TO YOU????? Why would someone lie on the internet?

The name of the pic is a password and also each time the pic is copied it slowly degenerates a little each time. Not only can you tell someones identity from a pic but you can figure out where he got the image from and what post it was copied.

LOL bro they can identify you with your typing pattern as if it were your fingerprint

>he doesn't randomize the names in his reaction image folder weekly

Yes theres a layer under the exif data that can be exploited by a little program some russian put out on the dark web forums.

Screenshots on phones are easier but also downloaded pics can be expolited. Copy and paste the file name and boom, location coordinates


You fell for the pajeet army core calls every time btc shits the bed
> Congrats on this, seriously.

>he doesn't change the name after a post by changing a few random numbers

exif is real but otherwise they're shitting you. when you save pics from Veeky Forums it generates a filename. anyone who doesn't bother to change the filename will and uses the same pic over and over again it's easy to assume its the same person posting it over and over again. even if you change your filenames at this point though, we still know the guy is a green nujackposter in denial. his posts will still stick out like a sore thumb

Randomizing your name in your reaction folder is silly because its only one of many ways to identify the poster. Honestly Veeky Forums is not really truly user at all. Its a one of the biggest memes going.


as far as I know everyone who downloads the same image gets the same filename.
the numbers on downloads are an epoch same as post numbers iirc

>We can find users by the pics they post?
We have your entire meme folder mapped out, 1504643493522.

that sent a chill down my spine user

weed kills if not bought with monero

I wonder why this is not more well known? I am personally sure it would take minutes to figure out who I am.

But yeah, always be careful what you say. There is no such thing as anonymity on the internet as far as I know.


I think most people realise it can happen, best thing to do is stay under the radar

I like to convince myself that in the future everyone's internet history will be so muddy nobody will give a shit anymore. Its the final fig leaf of virtue signalling.

Isn't this bullshit? Someone tell me this is bullshit.

Either that or boring as shit.

The sheer amount of data that must be being collected is fucking mind boggling

Yes.rarely does exif contain geo unless you take a photo with a camera app with geo enabled.

Its mostly just fodder for AI training / pattern recognition. I cant see any of this being used for much else.


>kys yourself
>kill your self yourself

Eh, the crazed people that want to get you fired for saying nigger online can't find you. That's all that really matters.

RIP in peace man. RIP in peace...

thats why I say 'nogger' instead

fucking untouchable

This is actually really interesting. Pissing off someone who is really smart is worse than pissing off someone who has lots of money or lots of social status within a leftist authoritarian bubble. Authoritarians are worse at adopting new technology, they are worse at adapting in general. They tend to be very bad at coming up with no ideas or ways to solve problems from any functional perspective. And they have a tendency to have a very high degree of self confidence self righteousness and self worth.

Thus Veeky Forums has plenty of armor to keep most of its population safe from those kinds of people. But if Veeky Forums ever turned in on itself we would all be doxed in a day. *Shudder*

>Pissing off someone who is really smart

They have to be smart AND motivated.

I'm sure some autists here could find my identity, but would they go to the effort to fuck with my life when they can't even go to the effort to make something of their own?

Of course theyd be motivated.

An excuse to sit for hours getting lost in data?

> They have to be smart AND motivated.

Super addicting video games are literally the only thing standing between you and one of these people. You better fucking thank all of those raid bosses that work so hard to keep you safe.

> An excuse to sit for hours getting lost in data?

At that point you are just fucked. HAHAHA

in the old Veeky Forums days saying that sentence would be enough to motivate a couple of retards to do it just because they can

On that note this very conversation is kind of pushing the line a bit.

I humbly bow down and out of this discussion.

>You better fucking thank all of those raid bosses that work so hard to keep you safe.

I've been wrong all this time. All this time I've looked at people's steam accounts with thousands of hours logged and felt despair that many of the best minds of our generation are investing themselves entirely in fantasy rather than advancing in the real world.

In fact it was just protecting the real world from them.

now this is quality insight

One day, the energy that was used to determine if a Moonkin's dps using a specific gear set and rotation requiring hundreds of hours of gameplay through the use of complex macro scripts could be aimed.....

at you