So with the gold standard of BTC and BCH compromised, it is time for silver to shine?

So with the gold standard of BTC and BCH compromised, it is time for silver to shine?

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why is btc compromised?

i think ltc will see some great gans this year.

We have maybe 2 weeks tops for this train.
I will be posting threads

when litepay sir?

I dunno little pajeet, but that is one fucking nice ID.


i just bought some ltc to trade to xmr, should I hold it instead? when will xmr stop shit eating?

hi sir

many gains sir

pls how many u need sir

pls send me rupees i send u litcoin

Litecoin is going downhill in long term :D I saw digibyte tweeting at them for a challenge and they blocked them knowing they would lost in every aspect of challenge :D

a bout 13 gans sir

is digibyte worth mining?

That austrailian dude said it'll be over $1000 in April. He wouldn't lie right?

:D who is Digibyte :D will coinbase list Digibyte soon :D

Yes, but wait for the hardfork. They will replace one of their 5 mining algorithms for a GPU only and release one click miner.

>and BCH

Because a fatso owns enough to crash the market whenever he wants for the next 300 years? Fuck bitcoin nigga

You almost had it, user. It goes like this



Once btc goes back up. Xmr follows btc closely.

>No first mover advantage like BTC
>No tech/speed advantage like NANO
>No privacy like XMR

LTC is BTC's testnet, and a decent way to flip for 2x profits bi-monthly by dumping on fomo noobs, and that is all it will ever be.

>"But muh litepay and lightning network"
>Yes it will supposedly have these implemented, even though they've already missed countless deadlines, and the creator and head developer is already mentally checked-out, but litepay with lightning network is STILL slower and less cost effective than NANO in it's infancy. So what's the fucking point?
>If a coin is going to be a pure currency coin, it has to either be a store of value like BTC, or have a real peer-to-peer or consumer-to-vendor use case like NANO does.

Who is paying you to spread this weak FUD in every LTC thread?

Don't tell me that you're doing it.... for FREE?

How many merchants take Nano? Can I shapeshift Nano into another coin easily?
I like ltc for these reasons. If I wanna sends funds ltc works great. The fees are extremely low and it is fast so I don't give a shit about other shit coins that "do it better"

He is right LTC is plain has no benefit over any coin...get ready for better coins.

DigiByte has fast tech but the team is pure shit.
there was a rebrand and the logo looked fucking plain jane and about the same as the previous logo. I guess that's what they call marketing.

So you read all of these indisputable facts in another thread and refused to attempt disputing any of them? AHAHHAHA you are a fucking KEKED FAGGOT!

Literally rolling on the floor laughing my ass off. How many merchants who aren't one off faggots selling craft beer, or some other stupid shit, accept LTC?

You're using the horse and buggy company logic of "how many pavement roads exist to drive an automobile on!? if you can't drive it on a rocky dirt road, it's irrelevant because 99% of the planet doesn't have pavement roads." That worked out for them real well didn't it?

Look around you now, how much of our planet is covered in pavement!? When the technology is better, the infrastructure will come.