Beta males trade crypto Chad trades penny stocks


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well crypto's way more volatile so potential for profit is way more

pussies and idiots trade anything else

>More volatile
>loses money
>biz why

I turned about $600 into $70,000 in about nine months, cashed out a lot, now sitting on about $45,000

>5% a year

>cashed out
>meme money
Sure bud

oh this again lol

Let us know how you cashed out monopoly oil money

Protip:you cant

virgin stocks:
>has circuit breakers because pussies can't handle 7%+ swings
>only trades 9 to 5 on weekdays
>takes several years to recover from a 20% drop
chad crypto:
>free market, can drop 90%+ in an instant or go up by several hundred percent on a whim
>trading happens 24/7, never a dull moment
>bitcoin has corrected more than 90% on several occassions, has always recovered quickly

my brother 12x'd on penny stocks last year
it was a blockchain security company though kek

you're kidding right

who is she? wow


Chad runs the company his Chad father gave him and insider trades to dump on stock normies.

Looks like you broke even faggot

been months now and crypto is

She’s mine fuck off


Lol yes yes it has crypto faggots on suicide watch

If you can't handle 70% losses you don't deserve 5000% gains. Play your grandpa stocks if you want safety.

Name one


>pic related is one of eight exchanges I'm on



haha no

>text document
>actual money
Ok bud sure thing queer

it's like you're suggesting crypto is 'fake' money

The absolute state of biz. You have literally the worst shitcoins. Women coin?? Ethereum dark?? Fucking kek. Then don't complain if you lose everything

>Not fake
>no dollar amount

I don't invest, speculate, or hodl....I'm not a fucking idiot; I'm a trader

I got for the markets with the most volatility, thus, WomenCoin

it's like you think the Euro is fake because you use the dollar lol you're retarded it's better if you just accept it now so you can move forward

Neo is down to shit

>Mar 9th, 2017: $0.12
>Mar 9th, 2018: $89.91

You can’t get your cash out faggot. What did you buy with your shitcoin

bitcoin. ethereum. monero. icx. neo...


Lol neo wasn’t 12cent last year

>losing money

want me to teach you how to trade?

I turned 100 dollars into 25M. I havn't cashed out completely though. I still expect them to reach 100K in the next 5 years.

>Good Intel
My work here argitating biz is done

oh this faggot again
>billion dollar worth method
>backs it up with testimonials from discord alt accounts
>asks for $100 up front before sharing
scammers will scam

So it’s all about setting buy orders and you’ll lose small got it still don’t get how to change it into money though that’s the flaky part of this whole thing

Fucking this. Crypto is so much more fun than stocks, I love going to bed every night wondering what I’ll wake up to.

I'll teach you too, no worries

It’s a strategy SET BUY ANd sell orders so you never lose

That's because there was no Neo last year, it was Antshares and it definitely was 12 cents you dumb fucking newfag.

: /

Source on that scene, please?

Yep. Source pls.

Hiding on the second page of GIS behind dumb spam shit.

>Investing in the cum dumpsters of short funds, end up losing as much as in crypto except it takes 5 years not 5 months, maybe if you're lucky after 10 years they'll get back in line with fundamentals and you'll get your money back minus inflation

I dont get this :S

and that's a very good thing lol

It’s basically a strategy to set your buy and sell orders correctly in order to lose if you lose, minimally. And to sell at a nice gain and such

I have a coinbase account you fucking newfag

>larping like you’re in the know
Fuking HOMO


Neo was like $125 months ago that means you lost money faggot

>still don’t get how to change it into money though
guess you're just kinda dumb then, sorry

Yes but I’m correct and you’re still a faggot

Oh u send it to coin base thanks for the intel faggot

and then exchange it for USD, yes

>tfw i'm still waiting for my kyc to be approved for gemini
>applied early january



You guys just don't know shit about penny stocks or options.

what is this faggotry.

I trade penny stocks but wanna trade both crypto and penny at the same time for max gain

>you're actually retarded
>you were just pretending to be retarded

Choose one, faggot, because nothing else fits like these two


How about you do both OP instead of condemning one, also you think that 5000% isn't possible you couldn't more wrong

Nice link, gay

just bought chainlink whos the whore?



tfw doubled my money in a week the first time entering penny stocks. wish i put in more than 100 bucks though


her euro husband cuck is holding camera ?


retards don't know stock traders usually trade options with daily returns/losses comparable to crypto. Or just margin trading. And it's actually easier than crypto

is that Sam "The Dyke Choker" Hyde?

Lmfao, seeya on the moon stockfag. Oh wait, I won't.

lol dude

are you okay?

I'm flattered that you've chosen me to take your aggressions out on

I'm starting to think you're getting paid to make me look bad because I LEGITIMATELY broke money and I teach it for basically nothing