save my req pls

main net comes out on the 26th screen shot this


>not accumulating.

I was bumped out of the top 500 today.

30k reporting in
Down 50%
Not winning

bought 1k at 80c

Cant believe you guys got shilled by reddit.

I got at ICO but sweet Jesus I saw the light at $1 and now it's despair.

where is the friday update?

100k reporting in
there is no bottom confirmed

stop posting this ugly whore

The bottom is 5 to 10 cents depending on how low btc dips. I keep telling you faggots to wait lol

HAHAHAH reqt fags on suicide watch.

You can still redeem yourself and buy OMG.

It's every second Friday. So next Friday since the last one was last Friday.

I'm sorry man, just keep holding and eventually it will go over 80c again. Patience is key.

IM THINKING on buy the dip do you recommend it or it will leep tanking till 0c

>imlying it will matter in this shit market.




how much are you holding?


There is no God here.

Thinking of putting another 1k in to buy more REQ. Do you guys think it will tank more this weekend?

no one knows. i still think its a great project with a long term future regardless of how the market is. with mainnet coming up soon id say this is pretty close to its bottom

I think I'll wait some more. I really want to buy the bottom, but then again I already have 25K REQ and another 1k EUR would only get me 7K more at this price.

Really bullish on this. The FOMO is still a lot stronger in me than the FUD, not even thinking of selling even 1 REQ even if bitcoin may very well crash to 6K and take all the alts with it.

Keep dumping, faggots.


A few days ago I finally fucking reached my goal of accumulating 10k REQ. It took me months because poorfag. If I'd only waited till now to buy I could've got so much more. Or saved a shit ton of money. Why does this always fucking happen to me?

Happens to us all brother.
Don't worry your comfy.

I have 2 million REQ and I haven’t sold. Why are there so many weak hands here with 100 REQ and complaining?

next time buy into something decent instead of garbage that's shilled on here.
get reqt faggots.

who is she?

Thanks bro, I know it'll pay off in the end, I'm just irritated that I didn't wait a couple days longer! Thinking of buying more that it's on sale now!

it's in their blood. they can only afford 100 REQ because they've never persevered through any substantial obstacle in their life, or accomplished a goal, and thus are poor. they also panic or post FUD because they are weak/scared, and therefore will always be poor

deluded REQ cultie.

you probably cant even find buy orders for 2 million at this point lmao

Why must you be like this?

Bought some at 2201 sats cause it's one of the coin in my favourite list that hasn't recovered