If you don't primarily use Netscape you aren't going to make it. Seriously all of these garbage browsers: Firefox...

If you don't primarily use Netscape you aren't going to make it. Seriously all of these garbage browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, Brave. They're all fucking shit garbage. No one wants them.

If you haven't noticed by now that the name of the game is to use more Netscape then you aren't going to make it. 95% of the developers are on Netscape and will never come over to your dumb fucking browsers.

Why do you think all the FUD stories revolve around Netscape? Because the smart people on wallstreet know this and are always trying to accumulate more so they use the media to scare you.

>muh microsoft fud
>muh mozilla firefux
>muh wall street stock decrease
>muh Communicator bundle 4.0
>muh source code fud
>MUH AOL buyout

Fucking yawn yawn yawn yawn. The FUD will never stop. Its because old fags missed out and a bunch of nerdy autists are the new kings now who got in on the biggest achievement of mankind. New fags relax there's nothing to worry about seriously. As long as you dump all your browsers and just use Netscape you'll be fine.

Browsers can not survive the 51% attack. Their source codes are not secure. They have not been tested and survived death like Netscape. Customization options will never work that's why bill gates has been pushing it off for as long as possible.

Communicator bundle 4.0 will make it so Netscape will become adopted as the world's browser. You can fight it and squak it all you want but it's happening. Customization won't work and firefox will die a slow painful death. Chrome can not and will not scale. Ever.

As long as you use Netscape you will be apart of the new elite 4-5 years from now. You'll be able to live off the stock options of Netscape. You just have to use. It's really that simple.

I hope some of you new fags can learn some lessons from this. Enjoy your evening.

lol nice original content

Why won't this shit fucking moon? What the fuck is its problem?

so basically what you are saying is that xrp will take over the whole market...

>Dat first mover advantage

dude i dont know, im about to just go all in angelfire instead

You...you actually wrote all of this. Like you had to think about it. And then type it. Dont get me wrong I didn't actually read it of course. But jesus man. Get control of your life.

lol Netscape is newfag garbage. if you aren't still on usenet and irc you aren't an oldfag and you'll never make it

chink exit scam, sell while you still can

Bow to your king peasants

Hey guys, I just finished watching Halt and Catch Fire and I know about these old pieces of software too. HaHA

10/10 solid gold.

I thought Halt and Catch Fire was set in the early 80s (never actually watched the show), why would they be talking about computer software that originated in the mid 90s to late 90s?

dumb fuck

I fucked my first trap to the light of a monitor with a netscape lit screen. Good Times.


>I haven't watched the show but I'll still get butthurt and write this uninformed response
>what are timeskips

dumb fuck


wtf are you on about

lol dude you bought bitcoin at the wrong price, of course you're salty, stay poor nobitcoiner

OP, Netscape costs $30 at my local Circuit City. Why buy that when Internet Explorer 4.0 will be included in Windows 98 next year for free?

Btw, Windows 95 version C has native support for something called USB. Seems weird. Tiny connector. Gonna want to keep my serial connectors though. They're bigger and have more pins.

/Used to use Netscape due to better image quality.

who are you quoting?

if you think the only possible way someone could know about netscape is from a fucking tv show you are a fucking underaged fag, kys

I feel like I'm really missing something here. Like is this supposed to be 12 years in the past or something?

>t. Nonetscape cope

You're not going to make it

I've a mirror on my Angelfire site if you want it.