ChainLink hits $50/Link

>ChainLink hits $50/Link

What do you do?

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Probably stare and my computer, in disbelief that Im now a millionaire.

And then wait for the dump.

hold that shit and wait til december.

I'm planning on selling 20% at $100 so I dunno. Depends on how the future of the project looks at the time. I'd like to keep a pretty big stack for staking.

withdraw 10K buy a house and live comfy

shouldn't you be the one doing the dumping in this case?

Are you a nigger?

that'd put me at 5 million... I'd have a really hard time not cashing at least 1 mil post-tax out.

buy the dip

Wait until $1k

I wake up.

Sell 20%. Wait for $200 to sell another 20%.

>selling your link for mere $50

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Sell and never look back. Fuck crypto and fuck you guys. Fucking scam.

no way i wouldnt cash out on that, something like 30% of my linkys

Depends how fast it's gone up. If it has a crazy 100x run, I sell since I have 200k LINK, then rebuy at a lower price when the hype wears down.

>all these people and threads begging for guesses on price EOY
People really learn nothing. If you really believe your investment has a unique use case + first mover advantage, you really should just stick in a wallet and forget about it for 5 years. Otherwise you'll want to kill yourself during inevitable bear years or cash out too early during decent bullruns.

Whatever you think your goal is now, you'll only realize once you reach it that you want more.

>Not cashing out on bullruns then buying back in during bear years

A substantial price increase would allow me to sell a very small % of my stack and not have to work for several years while I wait for it to reach it's full potential. I'm in this long term, but I also want to take advantage of a major pump when it comes.

Wake up, realise i shit myself, sell all my link for 0.3 and buy into powh.

you're not a millionaire until you sell though.

Stake my LINK to get more.

>transforming crypto into fiat

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>Warren Buffett's stocks don't contribute to his net worth because it's not literal fiat

Realize that someone is fucking with me because there's no world in which that will happen.

If LINK can go to $50, it can go to $100

Stay poor, nigger.

i will never sell. i'll stake for gains and stake my gains. i will carry my links to my grave.

I'd keep it locked in a node, enjoying a couple thousand a month in passive income until it hits $100-200 at which point i'd consider selling 10-20% of my stack

Anyone who sells for less than $500 is a certified retard


Sell 300k worth, pay off my parent's mortgage and buy a decent RV. Live mobile for a bit, writing code for my LINK node while traveling to all the state and national parks I can.

Is there any point in staking if I only have 2k LINK?

How is it a scam if you got rich from a working product lol

Instantly become a literal millionaire, then ejaculate uncontrollably for about thirty seconds before shopping for cheap real estate somewhere with either totally permissive or nonexistent building codes.

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put a down payment on a moderate house?

This sounds so nice.... you know you're on biz not reddit right?

Be sure to hold P3D before it blows up anons

this guy gets it....

So easy everybody can do it!

I mean 100k usd is nothing to scoff at. If staking some day gives 1% a month that would be 3 days of minimum waging on auto pilot every week.

What are the best states for this? Obviously outside of major urban areas. Does it require you being in the boonies?

Buy Veeky Forums. Cant cost more than 4 millions right? Then implement PRL mining on the site.

Linkpool takes 30% though right?

You pajeets are so stupid. You realize that over 500 billion dollars would have to be pumped it this market for linkshit to be worth even $10?
So stupid..

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not how market cap works. also link itself only needs a fraction 500 billion to pump to $10. I don't think its gonna happen in this market, probably not even to $1 but don't brainlet yourself here.

It'll hit at least 1 immediately after SXSW, although there'll probably be a dump.

Soo stupid. How does it type?

>crypto bubble "pops"
>harsher regulations for scamcoins
>money from the thousands of dead shitcoins get absorbed by the top 200
>price pumps while the overall crypto market cap stays the same
>dumb money sees the price increase and pumps it further
It's like you don't even make any attempt at using your brain.

They starting at 30%, but may go down as things get going

My plan is to sell 10% of my stack when LINK reaches $100 and put that money into boomer dividend stocks, and then just HODL the rest of the LINK until everyone starts dumping their 401k's into crypto signaling the run is over (doubtful before 2025)

not a linky but this isn't true

just look at btc, you don't need to add billions of dollars to pump it

Harsher regulations. On crypto. Soo stupid.
Ah no Rajeesh, my shitcoin with $100 market cap is gonna get regulated and we'll lose all our loot!
Linkshits are soo stupid

>if I call him stupid I won't have to address that I'm wrong

>500 billion
>to be worth even $10?

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Do the math, or be stupid

>Harsher regulations. On crypto.
>ponzi scammers go to prison
>uh oh no more ICOs
>uh oh no more lending coins

You think crypto bubble won't burst dotcom style until after 2025?

So stupid, doesn't see all the empty space on the news where that doesn't happen.
Soo stupid

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>500B/350M = 10

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Wake up

If link is $10 its market cap will be $10 billion. Nothing crazy about that.

As do you, kind friend; we're going to make it.

Certain counties in Texas have practically zero building codes; undeveloped (desert) land there is cheap & abundant, with very low taxes (about $100/year for a 50 acre tract iirc). There are some other zoning-law-free counties in a few other states, like Eureka County in Nevada, but I think Texas is probably best.

>buy 20 acres in brewster county
>set up lightly armored metal tower with searchlights and shooting bench
>watch tex/mex border liek a hawk

Seriously, a bunch of us should pool our funds with /k/ and build a fucking DESERT FORTRESS within shooting distance of the Tex-Mex border and serve as vigilante border guards.

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Soo stupid

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So stupid, not even on the same level as a cult member who can't see reason

is it legal to shoot the mexicans that way?

Apparantly math skills are beyond the ability of linkshit bag hodlers
Soo stupid, so incredibly stupid

Actually at the current supply it would be $3.5 billion which is even more possible.

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Market cap = price x supply.

Current circulating supply = 350 mil x 10 = 3.5 bil
Total circulating supply = 1 bil × 10 = 10 bil

Haha.. ah your newfag is showing. So stupid

Okay you're baiting.

Super funny xD

subtle shill

When the circulating supply of LINK is down from staking, does CMC webpage reflect that?

i can't sell til next year so ill just look at it

No newfag, you're using a meme to calculate worth.. just so stupid

When your desert fortress contains a solar-powered farm of supercomputers running million-Link-staked nodes and mining, and when your desert fortress hosts lavish events to which are exclusively invited all major players in Texas & American law & politics, and when your desert fortress houses scores of driven, intelligent entrepreneurs who have formed a special corporation with a powerful legal team on retainer for the express purpose of shooting illegal immigrants entering Texas from Mexico, then, yes, it is perfectly legal to shoot Mexicans that way.

>we're going to be part of the 1% soon
>the vast fortunes of the 1% immunize them completely against the laws of the lower 99%
>money = law

yeah this guy is doing hard

>He actually thinks market cap is a meme

You do realize "market cap is a meme" is a Veeky Forums meme right?

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I’m so proud of you Dinesh

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Still don't get it, and that's why you have linkshit, linkshit. Lmao, the stupidity is just funny, you can't be doing this seriously, right?

That's why you take 1 mil out, fly to the Cayman's, set up a bank account under a LLC or some other shell company, and then cash out to that account. Hire a fake employee and use their ID to verify a new account on Coinbase and withdraw from that account to the Cayman account, and bam. No taxes. Maybe.

Buy a bunch of bigmacs

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Ahaha, THIS user gets it!

This. My dream is to have 2 houses. One off the coast of the Gulf or Atlantic in the Southeast with a dock to keep boats for sailing. Another in the West/Southwest exactly like you described. Build a nice house on plot of land to basically do anything (shoot guns freely, build a motocross track, snowmobile, etc.)

Page 8 and 9 describe chainlink

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I also plan on buy a sailboat and living aboard her, as I grew up sailing.

Nice. Yea me and the old man have a 2 person dinghy we go out on and have rented Hunters occasionally. I’d love to make it and have a something bigger for long distances


i do nothing. my first sell off is at $200

Cash theee fuck out and use $50k for my mortgage, $40k straight into savings and $10k for speculative investments

Rub one out.

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Just bough 5000 LINK boys, we headed to the moon tomorrow!

Enjoy the summer sun and wait for end of the year.

Spend all my free time creating more Link forks in photoshop.

You're doing god's work user, I appreciate you

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And if link can go to $100, it can go to $1000

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