After watching this video --- I sold all of my crypto! You will too!

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Even though he plays this character, he actually can spit some bars. He created a meme referring to cleaning up the rap game and become popular.

>cleaning windshields
Fucking pleb wigger

Investable smart contract are about to blow up, just wait for it

lol this dude would be huge by now if he was black. Right now he just seems like a parody.

worst b8 on earth

I was on the fence and now I am SOLD!!! Where can I sign up?

Yo this nigga just bought a robot that folds all his clothes!!!

exactly my thought

This song actually goes hard as fuck

Sorry meant this.


>Haven't adopted the technology
>sarcastically meme's about early adopters meme when we obviously are early adopters

Another banger. Better than most of the rappers out there.

Unironically. Go to any other board on Veeky Forums and try talk about crypto. Everyone will call it a scam or reply with typical ignorant bullshit. Just because it was in the news cycle and people were talking about it doesnt mean half the world decided to transfer their 401k into crypto.

How am I baiting? The rapping isn't too bad compared to all the trash out there. But he looks square as fuck. braided red hair lmao no

You get a few points in my book for browsing Veeky Forums, Lil Windex.

He's doing the braided hair to troll the rap game. It's not for real

Are you all seriously complaining about this? This is the exact type of shit we need to get Notmies to FOMO in

This is good and he has a few more videos and they are good too

This. My god you guys are idiots. You should be welcoming the opportunity for fresh normies to dump bags on.

cause he is a parody, confirmed you retard


It’s obvious. That stuff is to scare away weak new people.

People with no vision or idea about actual time frames.

I explained it to my brother like this (his stack is bigger than mine now, he’s an ultra normie, and my butthole tightened up to coal making proportions when he begged me to know about crypto.

I handheld him through getting on an exchange and sold him his first 4K of crypto while he waited to be able to buy in.

NO ONE knows anything about crypto outside our bubble, and we are a small pond, make no mistake. No real institutional use is occurring (outside of manipulation and raw trading)

So please do not let the trolls (no coiners who are jealous, angry, bitter that this place isn’t about stocks anymore or all of the above) or (coiners that want you to fail for personal reasons) or (people that hate this place and anyone that would visit it) or (pure trolls that just want to hurt anyone they can) deter you, make you feel like you missed the boat.

Think about 2019/2020. Realize that you may not have bought Apple for .01, but would you have liked to purchase it at $100.00?

>TLDR fuck all this noise and keep plugging away. Accumulate all you can and believe in yourself.

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Stop shilling bcash

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