Literal Pedocoin

How the fuck is this coin so big when the founder is a literal nonce and scam artist?

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because the bagholders are fucking retarded as hell and 99% of their arugement is "this is the eth killer" "this is the next better eth" while in reality it's just an erc20 vaporware shittoken. It's starting to bleed off and will be kill soon though

because no one cares outside of /pol/, and reality is fortunately much bigger than the little world they live in.

what happens first, that faggot pedo gets arrested, or dan abandons this project like he has everything else hes ever made?

not gonna lie, that tv show yesterday put me off EOS. That fucking hat wearing douche, he was in a gushers commercial lol. Like seriously, we need proffessional teams if crypto is to bewidely adopted, not these fucking weirdos like vitalik in eth, this eos dude, the trans person in ADA. This is why I sometimes like ripple

Fucking child molester coin but most of you fags probly ok with that

this isn't /pol/ you degenerate

Who gives a shit if he leaves? Once it's built, people are going to use it/contribute to it.

It doesn't require using his fucking umbilical cord.

EOS haters are so miserable and LOVE to talk about things failing.

STEEM was a travesty, right?

The guy who started rapgenius is building the next wikipedia on it.

Eos getting humilated and it's chances of ever getting into normies hands decimated

Because if you actually DYOR you'd see there is money to be made with EOS.

thats a great fuckin use of the word nonce my god

Have you not seen the security team at Google? LMAO if you think these people are relegated only to crypto.

At least he's got a personality. More than most of these drone soy boy coders nowadays.

Dan Larimer is a child molester who abandons projects blah blah

Charles Hoskinson is a sociopath blah blah

I'm sick of this shit between the two. Boxing match when?

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Hooooly shit

That is...that is fucking damning. That was fucking brutal...

They're both libertarian sociopaths who make money preying on gullible people. They probably created this "feud" for the drama, like all those rap artists dissing one another to hype their albums while irl they're drinking buddies snorting coke off hooker tits on the weekends

Steem IS a fucking travesty you moron. Who the fuck uses it besides coinfags

Because they nonce them to create willing slaves through trauma based programming. EOS is a deep state coin. Ethereum is a ticking time bomb. Probably gonna tie in to a "muh russia" sec ass fucking.

don't subway this coin!
don't blame the company blame the advertisement teams.
I'm not buying it but there's a reason why this coin exist.

Weiss ratings

dan larimer is literally going to steal millions and not feel anything. just look at his body language he's a robot

Wait Dan Larimer is a child molester?

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The fact that you even KNOW about it, proves my point, beautifully.

It's on your radar. Just like this one.

Just pull the trigger and buy, already.

tl;dr me on the pedo stuff please

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A billionaire VC partner of their VC was accused of pedophilia and never convicted.

Most any billionaire has been accused of heinous shit so that people can get money out of them. Our fucking president is accused of that.

fake news dyor

Shill me a more useful and used dAPP on any fucking blockchain platform then everipedia and steemit brainlet

You had a point? Steem is shit, and EOS is shit.

>b-b-but radar

>Steem is shit, and EOS is shit.
- Mom, tell them that Steem is shit!

By the way, BitShares is great. You can't debate that. If you want to wait out a dip without using (((centralized services))), it's the best option. And you know what? BitCNY is popular among chinks after the government banned exchanges. They're trading it peer-to-peer.

Comfy P3D holder reporting in, decentralized contract investing with passive dividends, can it get better?

>we need pros, not these fucking weirdos
>This is why I sometimes like ripple

user, I...

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Brock pierce was abused and subjected to trauma based mind control as a kid. He's now a deep state slave.

If anything his affinity for teenage boys would have made me like him as a kindred spirit. However, I've just read he's involved with the Clinton foundation, so yeah, I'm staying far away from any coins owned by communists.

absolutely rekt EOS and rekt us

sweet . to the moon

kek'ed at the scammers in the tweets