Hey Veeky Forums. I made about 50k in crypto, I'm looking to invest this into something else to earn passive income...

Hey Veeky Forums. I made about 50k in crypto, I'm looking to invest this into something else to earn passive income. I'm looking into buying property, if so, should I rent a high-end house, a duplex, or several small flats, if anyone has any experience doing house rental I'd like to know.

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just buy bluechip stocks you mongrel, why work for your money?

I'm not that rich, I'm thinking if I take up a long time loan, I can maybe afford 2-3 decent apartments with my initial investment, and in around 25 years I'll break even with loans paid back.

> I'm looking to invest this into something else to earn passive income
You can't even buy a decent car with $50k. The fuck are you ralking about?
Go 25% LINK 25% XLM 25% ETH 25% REQ.
Wait 1 year.
Cash out your 5 millions and buy a lot of real estate.

I like the way ya think.

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I'm looking to take up loans, if I take up a long interest loan I'll be able to lend about 400k with my initial.

roi on rental shit is garbage, you will be better off putting 50k in bluechip and getting on with your life. Leave a small amount in crypto and keep playing the crypto game

real estate is in a hypermega bubble anyway

Put it into $OHI and get five grand a year for the rest of your life for doing absolutely fucking nothing. It's a REIT that owns and leases old faggot homes which all the boomers are going to be getting stuck in by their rotten Xer children shortly.

>makes 50k in crypto
>wants to take out loans instead of staying in crypto to invest in other high risk assets where he has no clue about

>I made about 50k
>should I rent a high-end house
>can't afford stocks
what the fuck is wrong with your sense of money?

You have to have at least 6 figures worth of capital to invest to make this work. Preferably 7 figures.

Yes, blue chip stocks are usually very safe and usually increase in value eventually. But the gains are small, in terms of percentages, and you might be hodling for several years before you make a profit.

So I'm too poor for blue chips, and the ROI on rentals is miserable, how do I then go about making it with my 50k? Opening a coffee shop? Managing a food-truck? Any other ideas?

did you pay your taxes OP?

are pretending to be retarded as a joke?
do you have any idea how much any of that stuff costs?

One bubble to the next dear lord

Yes, I already cashed out
Are you retarded? As I said, I'll be getting a loan, my credit is good so I'll be able to get a low interest loan of 4-5x my investment

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Starting a business on a loan is risky. You better be pretty confident that your business will succeed

> made ==== 50k

lol...njoy wagecuck life long.

P3D is the only good investment now honestly, cba shill it but check it out powh.io/?masternode=0xf6204c1fbacc5bb157f458d4e31cb80717331aad

buy masternodes
buy a POLIS masternode it's a dash fork with a community voting emphasis
$80 a day ROI for a $7,000 investment

2xmachine.surge.sh enough said