IOTA really stepped in it this time

IOTA really stepped in it this time

I'm out.

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The founder has already responded to all fudders with infinity fuck yous

The article says March 7th, but it was actually released today (author mentions this in article). It's still hot off the press, people haven't reacted yet.
I imagine this one might stick around.

this is why i dumped my 68 cent bags at 3.50. sonstebo isnt someone you should be investing in

Sonstebo can fuck right off.

>I imagine this one might stick around.
what? like any of all the other bullshit accusations? Don't get me wrong, I also sold my IOTA for 4 dollary back in december (because actually good news didn't do shit any longer...), but peter todd is a gayass fucking faggot. So is senstebomimisosimoso. blergh

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Fuck you. You can fuck right off.

IOTA is broken again? LMAO this shit is actually full of bugs dude wtf.

IOTAmarines are the only bagholders i feel sorry for

I feel sorry for me too. The tangle is such a beautiful idea, and the lead devs are such a bunch of fucking dunning kruger brainlets.
Why is life so hard.

Fuck you Sonstebo.

Sup David

>smart refugee cities

Yeah I get it, get money fuck politics blah blah but destroying the west will make sure we all lose money.

Does this mean that PRL sucks too because it uses the Tangle?

very good coin sir no scam sir please buy coin sir

FYI PRL is vaporware that doesn't even work.
no one is going to pay 5 dollars and waste literally 2 hours for a 2gb file to be chopped up in 1kb parts and encrypted.

Ah forget I asked, found the actual answer in the telegram.

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1 GIOTA here dave... am I gonna make it? gotta fund ahmed in time for 2018 famliennachzug

Buddy, the tangle doesn't work well. Most exchanges hate IOTA because its "ledger" is really stupid to work with.

Ask them if the bugs have been fixed in the ceo

LOL so you can't use the number 13 in IOTA or some shit? lmfao this coin is going to get BTFO by ZIL or NEO or ETH when it scales

I don't know anything about IOTA, but it's still good that some coins are trying out different approaches.

>a MYSQL database is a beautiful idea

fucking kek