This guy created EOS lol

This guy created EOS lol

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Looks like a jonkie neet cuck

That is formal wear for him, he was wearing a cape and a sombrero at the last conference. Im not kidding.

Glad you can click on YouTube videos ya cuck

>This guy created EOS lol

so he created a useless ERC-20 token? nigger i can do that, give me 15 minutes


>Brock Pierce cofounded Digital Entertainment Network, which eventually went under. Pierce and two other cofounders were named in two civil lawsuits alleging sexual abuse of underage boys.

>The Bitcoin Foundation faced at least adozen resignationsin the wake of the election of Brock Pierce as a board member, citing his association with alleged pedophilia.

PoWH bout to moon with the recent launch, their decentralized ref program will go places beyond any shilled shit coin

Last thing I'm going to do is buy a coin pushed by some Bilbo Baggins lookin nigga.

Controlled opposition Hollywood strawman. EOS looks like a false flag to me. Somethings up this guy is playing a role. Act like a clown to discredit the movement.

Yeah. I don't get why Larimer teamed up with him. I've heard that if you want to get blockchain stuff done in the space, he can get it done. Also heard people don't buy his save humanity bullshit.

This guy is also behind Tether

To be fair look up Richard Stallman. You also forget that moneyskelly exists.

she looks beautiful, whats her name ?

EOS, the 1.5 billion dollar exit scam.

Errr, EOS was actually created by Dan

any non technical criticism = fud

if you want me to dump my bags you better convince me why it's fundamentally flawed, not about what some front man allegedly did years ago

Acthually this guy did

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The guy who got called an idiot by Satoshi and Brock Pierce. Great.

Damn idk what eos is but I'm about to buy 100k

Why is his head all squashed like that?

Str8 ballin senpai lmao



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It's all the brains in there

What did you do to my Dan looks like sloth from the goonies

He took it up the ass to be an actor, and presumably continues the legacy. Watch the documentary "An Open Secret."

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>If you're too much of a brainlet, I'm not going to explain it to you, faggot.
-Satoshi Nakamoto (replying to Dan Larimer)


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literal blockhead kek 33 secs in

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