>I told you at 3pm that BTC is going from 8800 to 9200 TODAY. PsychicMan
>Im 6 for 7 on calls so far on here.

>Were not done yet.

>It will hit 9400 TONIGHT! and 10k in a few days. Last leg before it shoots up.

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Cool dude. Let's see your long position then. Must have made a killing right?

Ayo baby doll, you saying we going to moon soon? I can dig that

Will Bitcoin hit one million U.S. dollars come EOY 2018?

saw his thread he did call the timing pretty spot on fwiw although the bullish engulfing did give away that bulls are looking to take things higher.

Thank you sir.

If you look at my past calls, I am not 7 for 8. the only miss i had was "wrong" by 12 hour...

EOY 2018? NO WAY!

Whats price predictions q2, q3, eoy etc. Any metrics you feel comfortable giving


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Is THIS the thread you saw? If so, then you are CORRECT!

If you wanna dissect the prediction to the hour/minute,,,you will see.

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Do you have a telegram channel?


7.5k in 2-3 days.

Will it go above 13k ever again?

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Can we bet?

I GUARANTEE you are wrong. PLEASE BET! PLEASE PUT SOME $ where your mouth is.

I bet you won't.

>Put some $ where your mouth is

Sooner then you think, BUT NOT TOO SOON!

>>Im 6 for 7 on calls so far on here.

Drunk on Saturday night amirite?

Alcohol kills the psychic part of the brain

>I told you at 3pm that BTC is going from 8800 to 9200 TODAY. LuckyMan
>>Im 6 for 7 on calls so far on here.
>>Were not done yet.
>>It will hit 9400 TONIGHT! and 10k in a few days. Last leg before it shoots up.

good job buddy hows mommys little wolf of wallstreet doing on the over all track record?

I use bittrex/binance for everything. My long position is my BTC balance that I have been adding for over a year.

what about the alts


confirmed brainlet unable to read bear flags

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Not too shabby. 7 for 8 now. Posted this toy i purchased a couple of months ago with my money, yes all taxes paid for what I withdrew.

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Crypto may rise again cause it dropped when Saturn entered Sagittarius 10 degree ‘the degree of bitcoin’ in January, but now Saturn is 13.59 degree which means it has left the bitcoin degree, however it will come back after some time since it goes retrograde, but it looks like the momentum is surely going to shift now.

Thanks man. Longing now.

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confirmed idiot thinking crypto and TA work hand in hand. yes there are patterns but not as often as you think, this isn't stocks which are pretty damn easy minus the 1-5% "gains"

Which SPECIFIC alts do you want to know about?

1 Million is hard to "predict", I can "predict" that BTC WILL be above 16-20k by July 2018.

Again this is a LOW LOW prediction, so we will see, but so far, I'm 7 for 8 (you have seen my threads and others have vouched)

Why should I trust a guy who can't even see he is out of gas?

>others have vouched)
will we see 5k or under 5k before july?

i need to load up

Your voodoo has doomed us into a bear flag. You've doomed us all.

5k will NEVER happen again. not even 7.5k.

July will bring Bitcoin to 16-20k. (could be more)

can you make a telegram group plz? I would like to join you

when do you think alts will moon again? what is a safer hold? should we sell our alts for btc?

butt butt GS said potential

Kek. You're implying people would actually buy bitcoin above 10k when a wild chink in Japan can press a doomsday button at anytime. Completely unrealistic. Far more realistic to reach depths we haven't seen in a while.

nice calls, gj bro

you don't understand how this all works.

a LOT of bitcoins are "locked up" in wallets, or lost.

if someone goes crazy and dumps a ton of BTC, yes the market will dip, but it WILL go back up because its not organic movement. i really don't want to type up pages of info to educate you. I've said enough.

And obviously LINK

Wanna throw some wild EOY guesses of BTC, ETH, XRP and XLM? Even further if you dare ;)




Ive been asked this many times. At this time i will pass. Ive even had offers to provide daily/weekly calls for $, which I passed up too.

I MIGHT post my twitter here in the near future, I've had too many people ask for some sort of contact (telegram,twitter,email, etc)

God dumping is not a dip. It's a crash. Them offloading a mere 2k in btc causes a red candle big enough to impale the market. Imagine if that number goes up. Ain't nobody touching this shit at 10k and volume and trends show that.

very vague question, which alts? but alt market will return when BTC is around 14-16k, but that doesn't mean BTC will be bearish then.

I will bet you we will NEVER see 5k again unless crypto and internet collapses.

so if btc does hit $14k...alts will dip even more from its current state? so we should just hold btc until 14k or so?

LTC will go back up over 300-500+ this year, unless something drastic happens.

Link i can see going to $1.30 area, but I'm really not sure on this one. there are so many other gems to speak of which i WISH i could disclose.

will ICX reach ATH again?


Will alts bullrun like before? I need to refuel my satoshi.

OMG, just stop. volume trends after many BTCs are locked up now and market is waiting for the "right time"

and dumping is not a dip? how do you think dips occur? hahahahaha

just shut the fuck up.

>which i WISH i could disclose.
come on Rainman, let it rain let it rain

give us your 100x play, Veeky Forums will forever be grateful, we'll put you up there with the likes of Assblaster


OMG as in Omisego? otherwise, who still uses OMG in convo anymore?

Enigma and IOTA, pls

omg as in oh mi god

Throw some money in PoWH; basically a decentralized smart contract you can invest and pull out of, got huge potential

some will see 10x or even 20-50x, but will not be 2017 again.

I will give you a BIG hints.

It start with V. could be ONE that starts with V or BOTH.

not vechain or verge.

no way jose.

also staying awake hoping to hear your thoughts on ICX

yea could you give your thoughts on ICX and ADA?

vertcoin huh



It starts with V. Has been around for AT LEAST 2 years, Could be one or two that start with V.

There is actually THREE that start with V that i am big on this year. I won't disclose now, but if you guess maybe i will say that you got it.

Nope vaperscoin. Fat clouds for fat gains.

he said not verge..
I don't really "get" the hint either... guess it's good to have confirmation that I'm a brainlet


The smart money is moving into gold and silver. Watch the bullrun that is about to happen soon for the precious metals.

Maybe you missed my question:
BTC, ETH, XLM, XRP - eoy price? Just asking for vague price ranges, maybe few word opinions of the projects.
Not asking for accurate, "screencap this" calculations...

incorrect on that, silver maybe might go up a tiny bit. COPPER is where you want to be.

sure does sound like vertcoin or viacoin

Everyone here was laughting at me when i said we should start crypto to copper exchange.

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Fucking stop! Every fucking thread you comment this garbage

skycoin, airswap, and nano

There are 35 other coins that start with V

He was court ordered to sell to cover debts, he sold enough to do so already. Him selling wasn't the cause of the recent drop, it was news agencies reporting it after the fact and people panicking.

Your predictions are all over the place. Tether up now guys, (((He))) has been exposed.

could it be Vcash ?

veritassium vertcoin or vibe?

What makes you so confident we're not just seeing a bearflag before the next dump?


I don't know, I thought he was full of shit till he made the post about copper, he's definitely right about that.

It will dump

will alts dump even more, if btc hits $14k? should we just hold btc until $14k or so?

>thinking charts and TA don't go hand in hand.

So what's your predictions made off then moron, did you consult your ouija board or crystal ball?
There is literally an enormous bear flag and zero bullish indicators other than morons buying

Vechain thoughts senpai?

people don't know/understand copper and its applications. Copper is SO undervalued. I got in when it was just over $2.

Copper will have a BIG year this year.

why are you getting mad?

people with no money get mad. are you no money mad person?

i am a member of a few groups, i do a ton of research on the market, exchanges, trends, etc. its not just looking at charts and saying "oh yeah, its going up, look at that signal"

Here comes the dump, are you ready?

on copper? dude put some hours into research. heres a hint, look at tech and copper. nuff said.

what dump? for what?

god these fuckin idiots on here with no $ and no crypto.

ok maybe you missed my question again, or I asked for too much...

How about this: XRP or XLM or both or neither?

Just want to say thanks for the predictions. I managed to buy back in at 8400, so I'm looking forward to some small gains.

Do you have opinions on SUB and XRP?


you asked too many times and annoyed me, but XLM will 4x this year and will be around $1ish.
XRP remain stable over $1.40 or so this year.

Thanks! I'll assume SUB might not be a big gain due to the lack of mention. I've noticed it jump drastically in the last 24, but I expect it may fall.

With ltc dropping below $180 usd, do you think it will hit lower, or is now the time to buy?

Going to bed now, Will have a call sometime tomorrow.

ALSO someone DID guess the crypto(s) that start with a V that will be BIG in 2018, but i can't state which one(s).