Emergency broadcast PBC

Who is attending the crypto 'emergency broadcast'?

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We all are, through you user. Report back to us.

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Emergency broadcast? Lol things are about to go south or something?

>fellow binancians, it's ogre

Exit all crypto markets.

you can choose to believe me or not, but I have information that he is more than likely going to do an elaborate report on Digibyte. His new schtick is coins with a purpose, and utilization. This is roughly ~65% chance. Do your own research. Nobody truly knows. Peace.

I dont have link. but he said march 14 8 pm ET

he is very bullish btw

yeah, gonna set aside 1 BTC to gamble on his pump and dump, hopefully it turns out well.

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shut the fucccckkk upppp

It's hard to know if we should report these post. On one hand, it's a scam that's being spam, but on the other, anyone who sees it will know not to fall for it if there's ever a more credible thread about it.

Will somebody post the "stop loss: none" pic?

its official, kucoin is justed by authorities


Nice dog.

chainlink has nothing to do with it
btw I also lied

eventually he's going to shill LINK

"Buy Bitcoin up to $25,000

Stop loss: none"

So, does he do these kinds of things often? What are the big news recently? I know there is the rumor that Korea will allow ICOs again, but I doubt he would try to pump something so big as ICX.

What else is happening recently or planned for the next few days? If this isn't the first time he does this, is he usually acting on genuine news, or is he simply creating a surprise pump and dump "just because"?