I remember one time in high school I shit my pants on like the 3rd day and never went back to that class haha

I remember one time in high school I shit my pants on like the 3rd day and never went back to that class haha

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I remember one time in HS I walked into a bathroom stall and inside the toilet was a shit log so massive it was comical. Absolutely comical. To this day I doubt it was real. It was like that episode of south park.. simply a monstrosity so large it was unfathomable that it came out of a human being.

No brakeage, just one solid shit log. Everyone int he bathroom took a second to peak in and marvel at this marvel of human digestion

I remember some new kid started at my school in like grade 8 and somehow we found out that he had shit himself at the other school many years ago, so now he was getting relentlessly teased about it at a new school, poor bastard.

I never pooped all through high school. I would have to poop badly like once a month, so i would just text my mom i was feeling bad and she would come pick me up and i would poop in peace in my own bathroom. As it turns out i ended up missing too much school because of this so i had to make up hours every so often. Luckily i didnt have to poop during those make-up sessions.

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What a coward you are. I took dumps at school all the time and I even knew where all the private bathrooms were. All through college too. I often took a magazine along as well.

Never pooped in school. NOT ONCE.

>anus made of steel

After some kid looked at me through the crack for 10 seconds and spread rumors around the school of me pooping like a retard and then another kid crawled under the stall while i was pooping in 8th grade to confirm my weird pooping style i decided to stop pooping at school.

>friend in high school shits in my toilet, I go in later and there's a log in there like 18 inches long
>Deep sigh as I push the toilet handle
>Turd spins exactly 180 degrees and then sits perfectly still

Smuggest piece of shit I've ever seen.

>not using the private bathroom in the school nurses office

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Please elaborate

i poop similar to this.

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i peed my pants in 1st grade cos i was waiting for the bell for school to finish but it never came

My parents used to tell me to do this as a kid.
Apparently its better for you

So you're trying to get everything out without the need of pressure, therefore avoiding the danger of getting hemorrhoids. Good for you bro

Ive trained myself to poop like this years ago & it really is worth it.

Me too. Only when I went to college i started pooping because it was becoming unbearable.

We call those rare behemoths... The Unflushables.

how do you balance on the toilet kek
ALso no larp, i don't shit often. It's starting to piss me off
I don't even try unless it's been 4 days because i'll just sit there and it won't come
Doesn't work, only laxatives do and i don't want to take them every day
Help now

Just came to say you faggots are fucking weird

Fucking retards more poop threads pls

holy fuck buy a squatty potty, eat some real fucking whole grain organic brown rice, bananas, probiotics, and follow it with 10 grams of psylium husk soaked in water and I guarantee you will have an awesome solid easy shit the next day.

ty user
psylium husk is the shit
it works p well

Well if someone is so desperate to take a dookie in a public bathroom it is probably massive. Then when they see it they get sentimental and don't flush.

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I remember I K.O.'d my pregnant teacher in HS

FUck off posting this btard bullshit to /pol/ .