If you could press a button and some random cryptocurrency would lose 10% of its value instantly, would you?

if you could press a button and some random cryptocurrency would lose 10% of its value instantly, would you?

you would also get like only $100k for pressing it.

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Bitcoin, since it's where the effect would be the greatest and it would be the easiest to profit from the panic it would cause.

Tossup between tranny coin (ADA) and nigger coin (XLM)

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a thread died for this stupid question

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>would lose 10% of its value instantly

depends on the mechanism, if it involves using an exchange like other people, then yes, there's nothing unethical about it, trading is a zero sum game.

If it involves abusing an exchange I own or spreading fud, no.

>random cryptocurrency

are you people retarded?
Yes OP I'd press that shit 100 times and walk away with my ten mill. 100/1558 coins lose 10%? oh no


in other words, I'm ok with spoofing and wash trading.

veChain, would press the button ten times.

Either you are, or I am, seriously misunderstanding OP's question.

Btc. Id press it then buy the dip



>100x short on bitmex
>press button
>fuck you

Ada, i want it to fail miserably. Charles Burgerking deserves it

Why the constant venom? I'll assume you're an EOS fan, but these things are silly, and it's not like EOS' founders are particularly stellar.

yes. if the crypto deserves high valuation, it will go up again anyway.
as for derivative fags or swing traders, tough luck, kids.

>People are trying to meme tranny coin into existence


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That one won't need a button!

Why is ADA the tranny coin? I fucking love trannies.

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Stfu pajeet

I would press the buttom continuously until somebody stopped me, and you wouldnt even have to pay me.

The guy who played the tranny in American Horror Story Hotel is part of the development team.

You'd only be able to press it 10 times before it was worthless.

> not knowing how percentages work on biz

I’d press the button and then buy the dip of whatever randomly dropped with my button money.

Thank god you're still here, was afraid there was no more dump money to be taken

Thank you for your donation user

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