Fake partnerships

>fake partnerships

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Everyone knows it’s legit
They’re just fudding to get it cheaper

It's already overpriced.

Aren't they partnered with the tobacco industry, the counterfeit products industry, and the Chinese government? LOL fuck this shitcoin and fuck CCK



Too many retards on biz thinking stinkylink is gonna moon.

Yup they fud ven cause they want their shitcoin to moon

those photos are CGI.

Reminder that DNV-GL works with 80% of the Fortune 500 and have only begun exposing them to VeChain’s.

That guy goes anywhere for a paycheck.

If Vechain put down enough bank they could get Bill Clinton to visit their office for a photo op and a speech.

Love me VET

They got paid to visit Vechain office
Chink scam

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First picture. Buddy is showing him the amount on the cheque that's given to him to appear at their office.

>People still pumping coins on pictures

We are changing the worl as we no it.
The worl is not anymore the way it use to be. Mmm mmm mmm nonono

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In the short time I have been on Veeky Forums regularly 3 coins/tokens stand out

>Deepbrain Chain

All shilled relentlessly. What do they all have in common?

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Oh wait, one seems to be different from the others

Yes one has already failed whereas the two others are in the process of failing.

nice bait

Is this the only remaining fud? Kek

I'm sure hyping up "parnterships" all the time - and doing it prematurely - can only mean good things for the future.
Good luck out there.

Oh there was walton too for a bit, and recently some shit called “jibrel”. Just a bunch of pajeets paid to shill and it’s not even subtle

what about when biz shilled eth and ants