Please, keep in mind that Link...

Please, keep in mind that Link, who is being developed just by two people (a philosophy major and another irrelevant fag), is actually trying to replace a database model that has been evolving for almost 40 years by thousands and thousands of experts in the field of computer science.

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Other urls found in this thread:–2016_SWIFT_banking_hack

No, actually swift & hyperledger is trying to replace the old tech. Link is the connection to make it possible.

ples keep in mind tha greek filosfee which is bein developed by just to pepople (a philosophy major and another irrelevant fag) is tryn na replace a state of irashunalist myfic intooishun whish as been evolvin fo almos a hundred thousan years by everywun who ever lives

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Didn't you post this before?

>Link is the connection to make it possible
Yeah, Link is the dongle.

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Talked to Sergey in McDonald's today and he told me that he actually wants to link the fast food chains together

Yes it got archived around 1 hour ago.

He must of forgot, unless he has some other intention behind the post

Bill gates started alone as well, 2/10 fud, im not selling

Linkshits are so deluded

Who gives a flying fuck about a major’s grade of difficulty? His expertise is completely irrelevant to the blockhain industry

>retards here gave 32 million to a fat russian and his fuccboi friend fresh out of college for a json parser

LMAO you guys are so fucking dumb

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Also note Sergey uses a mac...

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if you were here in October you'd know that edging is a cornerstone of the company. There is no hype, only energy spent towards working on the product. In fact edging was what Sergey focused on for his Philosophy degree. This explains why partnerships are being kept secret and the suddenness of the inevitable singularity. When the singularity happens, be sure to open the Citizen app if you live in the SF bay area and look for an incident titled "office building flooded with semen" as Sergey et al will no longer be able to contain themselves. Sergey will blow the biggest load though as he's expressed a greater propensity of a hard on for decentralization. In fact in his interviews the first word Sergey says to candidates is "decentralization." No sentences or words around it. He looks intensely at their crotch, and if the candidate doesn't get wet or hard in 30 seconds the candidate is rejected.
With this information the reasoning is clear: a significant partnership has been secured, and the smartcontract team has been vigorously doing laundry or buying new underwear. This isn't sustainable however because the massive volume of pre cum will ruin the dry cleaning machines. It's only a matter of time until the laundromats find out whats going on. Hence it is a race against ejaculation, and a rigorous mental battle to keep their enthusiasm in check.

See I can understand why people shill crypto...they are excited about the potential of the coin they haven invested in and want returns. There is no logical reason for most people to FUD something at the rate LINK recieves it unless people simply want in at a better price. Who would really go out of their way to create a thread about LINK simply because they hate or don't believe in the product, they would simply ignore it.


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Not done accumulating? I guess I really should do more as well Lol. Will 5K make it?

He can think outside the box, hence why LINK is such a revolutionary product.

I shit post on every link post because i hate seeing people losing money which is what %84 of people have done so far with LINK. Ive even fact checked this figure so Link is technically the perfect pyramid scheme. Only the whales in this game are getting rich and the 84 are losing. Dont want to see you all become poor because of a shit coin guys


>logic, the foundation of philosophy, is irrelevant to coding

I can't wait for you to fomo

I get shit posting once the thread is made, but do you really go out of your way to create a hate thread lmao I didn't even see those for bitconnect!


LINK fudders repeat the same exact talking points over and over again.

Muh philosophy major
Muh ERC20

Can't they make up some new bullshit?

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Steve Ellis is a fucking coding beast

they always get something new:
obesity, shadowfork, mobius

There was always bitconeeeeeect posts about it being a scam and a complete obvious ponzi scheme

yeah, in fact it was /b/ where bitconnect was forced to infinity

Yet I never see any linkies refute this argument. OP actually has a point, an eastern euro replacing a financial system developed my computer scientist. Really makes you think. And his point applies to a lot of crypto. Just pure scams. ETH itself is flawed, 34,000 smart contracts found to have vulnerabilities.

Just cos I'm bored and the price isn't going anywhere.
The existing SWIFT system is vulnerable as fuck, it gets hacked all the time.–2016_SWIFT_banking_hack

I 100% agree that the FUD is stale and boring. ERC20 does worry me a little though - How does that reconcile with being blockchain agnostic?

34000 smart contracts are the problem of individual devs, not of ETH itself. Your contract needs to be flawless before you deploy it, 34k contracts have just been typed by monkeys.