I'm 99% sure that ChainLink and Docusign are working together, and have been for at least a year

I'm 99% sure that ChainLink and Docusign are working together, and have been for at least a year.

1. Sergey hints at working with an e-signature company in this interview, he even says "WE WORK WITH THESE PEOPLE": youtube.com/watch?v=MfH1B85YyFU&feature=youtu.be&t=21m53s
2. Tom Gosner talks about smart contract oracles in this interview, he says "In order for a contract to be smart, it has to get data from the outside world.": geekwire.com/2017/docusign-founder-tom-gonser-future-digital-identity-potential-ipo-seattle-vs-san-francisco/
3. They are sharing a stage at SXSW.

When they go public with their partnership, LINK will explode.

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I missed that one
when was the ico? why isnt it listed on cmc?

It’ll probably spike to 6000 sats and then dump

I think you’re right about docusign. Go check out who Sergey follows on linkedin

bit its already at 5822 sats....that wont be a spike

You mongoloid dicksniffer. Docusign is an ACTUAL company, not a blockchain meme-company.

if you were here in October you'd know that edging is a cornerstone of the SmartContract.com company. There is no hype, only energy spent towards working on the product. In fact edging was what Sergey focused on for his Philosophy degree. This explains why partnerships are being kept secret and the suddenness of the inevitable singularity. When the singularity happens, be sure to open the Citizen app if you live in the SF bay area and look for an incident titled "office building flooded with semen" as Sergey et al will no longer be able to contain themselves. Sergey will blow the biggest load though as he's expressed a greater propensity of a hard on for decentralization. In fact in his interviews the first word Sergey says to candidates is "decentralization." No sentences or words around it. He looks intensely at their crotch, and if the candidate doesn't get wet or hard in 30 seconds the candidate is rejected.
With this information the reasoning is clear: a significant partnership has been secured, and the smartcontract team has been vigorously doing laundry or buying new underwear. This isn't sustainable however because the massive volume of pre cum will ruin the dry cleaning machines. It's only a matter of time until the laundromats find out whats going on. Hence it is a race against ejaculation, and a rigorous mental battle to keep their enthusiasm in check.

who cares about actual companies?
why would it make link rise?
i'd understand it going to 10k sats if sergey started posting on reddit or maybe anounced a mcdonalds partnership, but a literally who company?

7k at least, probably 7.5k
Not sure if it will ever drop below 6k after sxsw

They probably won't announce it for a long, long time. They won't announce it at SXSW.

if Docusign actually integrated LINK into their company we will see waaayyyyyy more than 6000 sats.

This, Docusign is similar to LINK in the sense that Docusign was like a totally new thing. Gosner says "The best way to predict the future is to invent it". That's the kind of attitude that would love link.

>billion dollar company is a literally who company

>literally who
>In July 2012, Business Insider reported that about 90% of Fortune 500 companies had signed up to use DocuSign., and that the firm reached 25 million users who had completed 150 million signatures in 188 countries

From what I can gather, Docusign would want to make it so that an e-signature and a payment would be rolled into one, and this would be rolled into smart contracts

literally who indeed form a normie prespective

To expand on this

>What about payments? The company rolled out DocuSign Payments in October. How big can this get, especially when you combine it with what DocuSign is already doing with signatures?

>Now with DocuSign, I can put a secure payment surface area into any document. That could be a web link on my website where someone signs up for something; it could be something that we have a conversation about and I send you a contract through DocuSign. It’s any number of areas that can be put in place. One of the benefits is that the payments infrastructure is between DocuSign and the payment gateway — both highly secure systems. The user doesn’t have to be involved with any of that stuff. It’s totally safe from that perspective; radically fast to deploy; super safe from a PCI compliance perspective; and I can deploy it in any document.

This is the important part
>If you think about all the documents out there that talk about a payment, there’s a lot of them. There are so many contracts that contemplate reaching an agreement so that you’ll pay someone to do something. But the [signature] and payment have been two different things. Now you can merge those two together so that by filling out an agreement to have someone come mow your lawn, you are also going to be paid, and have that happen as part of the contract.
>There’s not only a speed and efficiency and a security benefit, but potentially there’s things that change the way businesses actually work. If you think about contracts getting smarter and smarter, some contracts say, “Hey, when we sign this agreement, you’ll owe us 10%. Then when we reach this milestone, you owe us 30%, then when we’re finished, you owe us the balance.” It’s pretty easy to see a smart contract starting to govern that, too. It turns a contract into a computer program, so it’s a great evidence of that for how contracts are getting smarter and smarter.”

Who gives a fuck about normies?
Imagine if LINK was used by 90% of Fortune 500 companies just by virtue of being used by Docusign.

Yes, where are the LINK skateboards with partnership stickers on them?

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Lmao, normies don't know swift either. I don't give a fuck about what the man in the street deems popular. If it's important to big fish, then it is important.

what day is the presentation anyway?

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>Falling for my double bait

>"Heh, nothing personell kid."
>*Teleports behind you*

I feel the opposite. I think the focus on corporate is misguided.
The link network would work absolutely fine if it is run by random bagholder node operators servicing dapp startups.
But that's not what the P&Ders want to hear.

The point is that normies will never write a fucking dapp and call on an oracle to get external data. Companies will do that. Even if the normies end up using the dapp, they will still have no idea about Chainlink.

LINK will work for both dApps startups and legacy corporate world, though. That's the beauty of it.
And if you would rather buy pump and dump coins, there are plenty out there for you.
Long term, smartcontract.com being a serious, actual non-meme company will benefit the LINK token price.

Yes, the price of the LINK token will rise as the network gets bigger and bigger.
We don't need normie FOMO to succeed.

How will Docusign actually use LINK? Would they need to run a node or something? I can't really fully understand it - makes sense but practically how would they use LINK?

They would use LINK to fund API calls for their smart contracts. It's not them using LINK directly. It's them creating smart contracts (in the real world with real world consquences) that use the LINK network for off chain data.

Docusign is more like a "customer" on the LINK network (ie the people paying LINK for API calls)

If you can't understand why that would be massive huge, I dunno what else to tell you.