I just sent $1000 to my brother through PayPal. Took less than a minute

I just sent $1000 to my brother through PayPal. Took less than a minute.

No need for cryptocurrency.

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Open bob

Cool, I hope you enjoy trusting paypal
Also the money you sent him is 100% fake, just digits on a screen that they let you move around

Whereas with cryptocurrency you are literally moving tangible assets back and forth that can be monitored

Also try sending it international

how bob become melon

Just bought 100k PayPal

Good. Now send $1000 to your Chinese brother-in-law

My brother is going clubbing tonight and have fun with his life with the $1000 I sent him.

thats really awesome user

im going to not spend $1000 in one day for the next 5-10 years

Let's see whos life turns out better by age 40

I'm rich user. How's your altcoins doing?

>diagnosed with pancreatic cancer tomorrow

are you rich?
are you really?

because I have 400k in crypto alone and I dont consider myself even close to rich
not to mention my normie index funds, as well as my 401(k)

Rich = 15M in assets or more

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oh yes we know paypal has never had any issues before with centralization and security, nope works good 100% of the time mmmhmmm

also your brother has big bobs, I think he's a girl



No one in my family would ever race mix so that's not a problem.

>getting b8d this hard
The state of crypto autists.

how was those fees...

user, i...

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Try holding an unpopular political opinion, then if you ask really nicely, PayPal will only hold onto your money in your frozen account for half a year. Then you get it back!

>implying white roasties are superior to qt azn gfs

>400K in crypto
>still a loser

Yea, I believe you have 400k in "crypto".