BNB burn countdown is approaching, get on the ship while it's still setting off!

easy 300% this month

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Thanks, just wanted to put 1% of my stack and the price jumped 35% wtf



What do you mean burn


Binance just announced they are going completely decentralized and creating their own full fledged blockchain. BNB will be the coin on it.

Every quarter Binance will burn 20% of their profits in the form of BNB. They take BNB tokens and destroy them.

This will reduce the total supply of the coin upping the value as there is a constant demand to reduce fees.

Binance revenue is up 75% this quarter and costs are much lower. So the burn will be huge.

This will easily go up 400% by April 18th

Also there is also BNB Chain news, which is big :)

Unlike the majority of cryptos, BNB is deflationary. The amount of BNB will decrease over time due to burning

They do release 16 million from their 100 million reserve each year, but there burns are gonna be big from here on out so will cover this and more :)

It will only ever burn 100 million coins as well, at which point these will be integrated into the centralized exchange to do transactions.

Binance fucked you 3 times...never again stay away from it.

That cozy feel when BNB is my biggest hold and I'm not selling. 1000 BNB, will I make it?

Source please? Out today not on computer.

Literally on binance

Just converted all my holdings into BNB. Thanks to this last dip its only 75 bnb REEEEEEEE!!!

Got your BNB cheaper than me

Already baked in

>not buying under 10usd
bye bye

get chinked faggot.

Converted one coin into it and got 10 BNB. Have nothing to lose at this point with only $250 left in crypto. Is this gonna hit 50% or did it already moon heavy and is dying down?

if you sell it soon.. no

if you hold it.. no

When is the coinburn?


Should maybe dump it and wait for dip, then.

yeah it's already over
stupid market

What dip?
They announced a Binance Blockchain with BNB beeing the native token.
Don't expect huge drops at this point lol.

It's literally dipping right now.

It's going sideways.
That's the new low imo.
But do what you want user.

I hope you're right. Time to buy more.

Looks to me like it's up 24.3% over 24h

Actually like 3 hours. I'd expect this to grow steadily for a while.

Sell limits being hit. Is this your first day at the carnival?

I bought now. How fucked am I?

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They were only ever going to burn 100k tokens and are almost there. The burn will be tiny this time. Read the whitepaper fags.

The fuck you talking about. They're burning 100m in total faggot. And the burn will be roughly 6m coins this time.

It's a long-term hold. Not selling any of my 1000 BNB for at least a couple of years

if you buy right when someone tells you to buy you probably already missed the boat and are likely a future bagholder

good luck, tho

Nothing is going 300% this month in this market, let alone a coin which burn last time proved to be lackluster. A coin that will be useless once it stops cutting fees in a few years. Yes, I know, they claim to be making a decentralized exchange based on BNB. If they ever make good on that claim since their current setup is a money printing machine.

He bought cheaper than my average. He's fine. BNB will easily 10x over a couple of years

BNB will be used to stake nodes.
Think about it.

If they ever actually accomplish anything. They have a self sustaining money printing machine right now. In my experience companies that hit that point lose motivation.

Traditional companies aren't crypto. Binance has done things differently thus far. Their future looks bright at least

I bet thats what people said about steam in its early years