Why doesn't Veeky Forums support Chancoin

Why doesn't Veeky Forums support Chancoin

>Tfw no one is going to tip me 420 $chans to post nudes

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>implying you have them

I'll bet you 420 Chans that I have them

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I don't even like asians or hapas but it hurts my soul that this girl probably just needed a nice boyfriend and some attention not to ruin her life for a couple of scenes at $400 a piece.

Because were waiting for BAT integration

>ruin her life
she's rich dude. She's got a cozy job at a gallery or something

is that mayli?

Can't unsee that face

I always liked the idea, tipping coin on the chans for nudes or epic red pills or crypto advice that worked. One thing I dont understand about CHAN is why having a chancoin address in the Name field would be any different from having a BTC or ETH address.

Tell me more about this if you're not making a joke that's over my head.

It's more than just money, that shit is online forever.

Given that she's free of all negative repercussions due to her riches, the notoriety only helps her. She's kind-of famous here.

>that shit is online forever.
well, it's not on the blockchain yet.

What pisses me off is that some beta cuck will marry her and rationalize away her past

Why does that piss you off?

Because women don’t face consequences for their actions

Why should there be consequences? She can fuck whoever she wants.

Do you think guys who do porn should "face consequences"?

Because we're secretly all hipsters, and nothing turns off hipsters like overt pandering.

yes. porn doesn't do good to anyone.

she can consider the video a form of advertising. when she'll find someone to settle with, she'll have a rainbow of perverts who'll drool to be with her.

Is that the Christian bitch who got face fucked? Damn she's cute.


Oh. This is one of THOSE threads.

It's less that she's a woman and more that she's an artist, and rich to boot. Society forgives artists for acting like crazy fucking bohemians because they've come to understand that artists do wild and crazy things. Rich people get further points.

The fact that she's a woman actually works against her here, but artist + rich - female who did porn > social stigma.

t. alcoholic writer

is this ?

These days we've been hit by an uptick in /pol/tards and /b/astards. I can't put my finger on why unless it's December.

>tfw no hapa gf
>Tfw asian gf

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Women who sleep around disproportionately continue to do so, causing (initiating 70% of) divorces and single motherhood. These households in turn contribute disproportionately to several social ills, from drug use, to unemployment, to spree killing.


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