Why Chainlink Will Not Succeed

Here's a few reasons why LINK will fail.

1. For oracles, market share is important. Link has no advantage over other solutions (see Oracalize, etc)
2. The team is too small and inexperienced. There are not enough developers.
3. Poor leadership. Sergey won't be able to take this project where it needs to be.
4. Lack of resources. $32M is not enough.
5. Building a product nobody wants. Why does an oracle solution need to be decentralized? It doesn't.

Feel free to discuss.

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These are valid concerns, but you're retarded if you think this hasn't already been addressed. They have lots of stuff in the works, and huge advantages over oracalize. The team is fine, adding more developers to a project just complicates things. Also, the leadership is excellent. Sergey is a great CEO.

$32m is definitely enough funding. Are you fucking dull? And the entire point of blockchain is decentralization. If there's a central point of failure with oracles, then why bother making a decentralized application at all?

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Thanks OP. I'm convinced. I'm market selling my whole LINK stack.

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>No advantage over oraclize

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>4. Lack of resources. $32M is not enough.

The ETH collected at ICO is now worth more like $80mil.

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We all know that no tech startup has ever succeeded with less than $1bil start up capital. OP wins

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How much do we need then Warren? $81mil?

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