Is life worth it if you're not rich?

Is life worth it if you're not rich?

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how can you be so sure you won't be rich faggot

Life sucks and then you die.

If you're rich at least you get to have some fun before you die.


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death is an illusion

Because i invested all in LINK.
The pajeets got me

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This world is an illusion, exile...

dont expect to be rich 1 week after you bought a coin faggot. You gotta wait atleast 2 years

>It doesn't get better
>Unless you're pretty
>It doesn't get better
>Unless you've got money
>It never gets better
>It gets worse

Quoth the bard, Jimmy Urine.

>80% helium
never gonna make it

No. Life is worthless itself. The quality of life makes it meangful

they aren't ready for that

No, I don't think so. This is an idea I wish my parents had hammered home to me when I was growing up. The poorer you are, the less worth living life is, it's a direct correlation.

You could just as easily ask if life were worth it in this society being rich. A poor man has the world against him, he must strive, climb and develop himself. Is that not a purpose?

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Definitely not. In fact, death worth more, which is why most country ban it. They don't want to lose their slave labor.

absolutely not
wagecucks after another battle lost against the neets today are probably looking for a nice solid branch to hang themelves on

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yeah, pretty much. if you never experience true wealth in your life it doesnt matter, but if you do, or are close to anyone that does, or thanks to social media get an inside view of what it's like, you'll definitely find life more hollow without money.

but thanks to crypto you guys are all rich already, right?

i don't even need 5 reasons

Bought in ltc at 20$
Bought in eth at 90$
Bought in neo at 15$
Bought in ven at 0.23 cents
Bought in xvg below 0.004
Bought in eos at 59 cents

I'm comfy faggit wbu?

>Bought in eth at 90$
Newfags, when will they learn?

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