Any reasons for the market stalling? Is crypto on the down-and-out...

Any reasons for the market stalling? Is crypto on the down-and-out? Or are we settling down before another massive bullrun?

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So meshulem and he's billionaire friends can get in

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Personally I think we won't have another bullrun for a very long time. Korean exchanges falsely inflated numbers and when CMC corrected them, it tanked the market. We also have the G20 summit coming up which will undoubtedly cause some FUD. And we can't forget Kobayashi's 160k BTC looming over everyone involved.

One of the biggest potentials for market growth is for exchanges to allow fiat to alts which will allow alts to untie themselves from BTC. However that doesn't seem to be anywhere in the near future and until then, grandpa coin will keep paving the way.

Yes. It's because of TA. We are very near a point where a bunch of supports and resistances cross, so bitcoin needs to decide where to go next. It's always uncertain and volatile as fuck before that happens.

I see 2 scenarios

First (the most probable unfortunately): it's fucking over, it was the usual early adopters get rich latefags get nothing type of deal. 10 years has passed and NONE of this crypto shit works, think about it, yea we have btc and eth but they both don't scale (at least bitcoin doesn't need to for the digital gold purpose).
All those other blockchains, shitcoins, obscure exchanges it's ridiculous, big companies will create their own quasi-decentralized solutions, permission blockchains and shit like that. Even if in a few years it will see some adoption the easy money making for us plebs is O V E R, it will only be for wallstreet fags and even then, probably no different from stocks ROI-wise

2nd scenario - I believe we may see the last big final fucking pump this spring/summer, the last chance to make big money, if the institutional money/Teeka's april 2nd deal turns out to be true, but I'm afraid it will apply mostly to btc only

>However that doesn't seem to be anywhere in the near future and until then
Whatever the fuck happend with COSS and MetroCoin? I always see people saying this'll happen soon, but I never believed it so didn't buy or follow these shit teams

Req in Q2 solves this

So you're two scenarios is you don't fucking know.

>apply to bitcoin only
Normally money that flows into Bitcoin trickles down into altcoins. why do you think that will be different?

cause he's full of shit if you didn't realise this when he mentioned a "spring/summer" prediction

They are shitty teams with big promises and I don't think they will deliver. Also it's easier to use btc, eth or bch trading pairs than real fiat because of regulation and taxes. Something like tether would be great for the market if you could trust it.
What comes to next bullrun I don't think we will see it in the near future, negative news outweight the positive ones and there is no hype surrounding crypto right now like there were end of last year. I think we will keep bleeding and going sideways for a while.

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all the legit altcoin projects are almost brand new. most are less than a year old. I'd course they don't have developed products out yet. in the next two years as the tech improves and platforms scale value will begin to come online.

speculation outpaced development but that doesn't mean the crypto endeavour is a dead end.

I'm pretty sure the days of shitcoins, let alone fresh icos are comng to an end.
If the Teeka's narrative about wallstreet shilling btc to their boomer clients turns out to be real and btc gets cemented as a modern digital store of value we should be good, but that's a big IF.

it depends tho, if btc will pump and stagnate quickly the yea but I'm afraid it will be draining money out of the remaining shitcoins like it did in december and by the time it stagnates most todays alts will be long dead, because as time passes and we still see no signs of adoption to real world needs it's not a good sign for shitcoins, the time is ticking.
Btc doesn't need to do anything, all it has and needs is the status symbol, name recognition, digital gold narrative spread. Shitcoins would have to start delivering and we all know how it really is
>delivering anything
pick one

there are icos every goddamn week

shitty dapps dump right out of the gate usually and muh blockchains 234.0 can only go so far as a ponzie

icos since the beginning

These will definitely start slowing down from all the incoming regulation.

It's gonna keep going sideways for a while

I think you're right with the overall market slowly bleeding over time. No reason for it to go above 10k unless a whale group pumps it.

the question is how much is a while? few months? eoy? 3 years like last bull run? fuck knows

>Any reasons for the market stalling?

too big too fast with no actual application

>no application
people use it to invest in companies. it's just like the stock market but more millenial, 24/7, more volatile, and no retarded voting/bonds shit that no one under 40 cares about anyway

Bare minimum 6 months until regulation comes in and stabilizes everything.

>and stabilizes everything.
and the continues to go sideways

mt gov

Be greedy when others are fearful. Nothing about the tech changed since december and yet look at all you pussies. Be grateful that many moons are to come and be thankful for discounts. Does it really matter if it's tomorrow or next month or next year? Ffs anons grow a pair

that delusion

mtcux and more haxing of exchanges (recent binance api hack) shows that crypto is not safe for n0rmies so you're gonna see new shekel$ come in you're just gonna see previous "h0dlers" trade amongst themselves based on whatever faggot news comes out or whatever john /cuck/ oliver says.

crypt0 will be stagnant for all of 2018 screencap this and check 'em

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woops i meant to say so you're NOT going to see new shekel$ come in like we did back in winter 2017-Jan2018.

OP is retarded newfag who can't keep up.

i see, so it's those hip millennials (and not the retarded old people) that are buying into these companies at billion dollar valuations with no product. old people btfo!!

>OP is retarded newfag who can't keep up

You've already echoed my sentiments pajeet. See:

New regulatory schemes are introducing a lot of uncertainty into the market right now. Shortly after the dust settles I expect another run though.

You are deluded the crypto was an anomaly exactly like the middle class during the 50s. Now (((They))) take the necessary measures to crash it. Get used to the idea that you will be wagecuking until your death.

unfortunetaly this
(((they))) will not allow this crazy money printing machine for millenials to cintinue, they need enough wagecucks to support all the retiring boomers

nothing has changed about BTC since jan 2017 when it was $1k, why is it worth $9k now? delusion to the max