Tfw brought up crypto in econ class last friday

>tfw brought up crypto in econ class last friday
>professor btfo me and the class laughed at me
>he jokingly referred to me as the "crypto guy" the rest of class

Fuck I literally cannot stop thinking about this. So embarassed I want to die. Crypto was a meme all along wasnt it

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invest in link, become a brazillionaire, and then come to your professors class and laugh at him with fat stacks

What did you say? How did u get btfo?


>buy chainlink
>make him keep calling you crypto guy untill eoy
>sell link for $1000/Link
>pull up with a lambo and tell him how you sold and will drop out now

Made the mistake of bringing blockchain at work to optimize our supply chain operations. Forever known as "crypto guy who is probably a secret millionaire LOL" in every meeting since then. Never again.

You shouldve told him your gains and called him a wagecuck.

Don’t fucking mention crypto unless there’s a bull run going on dumbass

this, retarded normies only buy in during huge bull runs so you get them to buy in and then dump on their ass

Should have talked about oracles.

Same thing happened in my class and I BTFO the professor. He said "you and the other suckers that lost money in bitcoin." Basically I told him I invested in January 2017 and to check the price. Also smart contracts will take half of all jobs in America. He isn't as cocky in class anymore. Get a bigger dick OP

You'll get the last laugh when the year ends

Show up in a limo in two years and say "Heeeey it's the anti-crypto guy!", then proceed to steal his wife.

Or you'll be dead because everything went to zero. Winner either way

realize that your professor is acting out his own self hating fantasy and projecting it onto you

do not hate him, feel pity for him (the worst feeling), for he is the most pathetic type of man, the last man that nietzsche and others talked about, the """"modern"""" man or in a term you 4channers will understand a KEK

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No, he's just an out-of-touch person who will cling onto his old-school style of economics until he dies.

Someone in my family who is smart and talented, is a business grad and investment banker, and he thinks cryptocurrency is complete rubbish. I told him to buy Bitcoin when it was only $1.80 in 2010, and he called me an idiot.

Well, your Econ professor is a lot like my brother. Completely fucking wrong, and completely fucking stupid (in regards to this).

Haha was contemplating about bringing up blockchain for data storage in science in a discussion group with my class today. Very happy I didn't do it. :p. People will be jelly if they think you potentially made loads of money on crypto OP, so there first impulse will be to bring you down. But no worries, it will fade away.

ask yourself why he is sitting in some shitty classroom teaching a bunch of faggoty millennials if he is so smart at economics. If he knows so much about money and economics why isn't he a billionaire sitting on a private island

and you will cling onto your bags until you die

ask him if he understand economics so much why does he teach.

>ever showing your power level
>ever ever

Why did you even do that, it's a literal lose-lose scenario, especially now that le popular hebrew jester man poked fun at it in his show.

You can't say you've made it because they'll envy you or want some of it/guilt you into parting with it, you can't say you didn't because they'll either pity or mock you. Double that if you're dealing with someone with power over you like a uni professor.

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Economics BA from a burger university here. Didn't learn Austrian economic principles until after college. Keynesian economics is a fucking lie the jew banking system promulgates to the masses to maintain control over the monetary system. Your teacher is just another cog of that system. I used to think my econ teachers were super smart Ph. Ds. Now I understand that you can get a doctorate in any ol' bullshit. I can get a Ph.D in underwater basket weaving, but that doesn't make me a genius. They never stopped to question the current economic system. They just know how the current one works. And it works shittily.

>Told my econ professor about cryptocurrency last year, he reacts positively
>Leave to study something else
>Friends calling me told me, they want me back

DK, what you're talking about.

>did this in november 2017
>wrote a bigass paper about it
>criticized it pretty heavily and outlined various flaws with crypto as a currency
>basically said it is infeasible as a national currency but an interesting speculative asset, or non correlated asset
>predicted the crash and that losses from the ATH wouldn’t stop until -80%
>they stopped at -70%
Worked out pretty well for me desu
The deflationary aspect of it is what invalidates it as a currency.

kek i remember

don't be embarrassed, your prof is a cuck who is trying to hide his own insecurity at missing out on btc.
tomorrow, go in there and tell him to go fuck himself in front of the class and post results. do a video for bonus points.

Except you didn't invest in january lmao

I think xlm is a strong candidate for world currency. I view BTC as a store of value or very secure form of wealth transfer. I know the price is fluctuating wildly atm but I think stability to price will come with age.

>econ teacher
>someone who understands economy but makes teachers wage
>listening to their advice

I had a pretty based econ teacher, he told everyone to go invest in shit because the dollar is an inflationary piece of shit. He's also the reason I'm even in crypto right now, straight up said that you should invest in some risky shit when you're younger since you have all the time in the world to make it back

>some guy at work sent out a company wide email about spam emails asking for crypto accounts or some shit
>jokingly says "sorry I only hold REAL money"
>I cc everybody and BTFO him dropping mad redpills on the jews and federal reserve and how """real""" money is just a meme
>got fired

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The wealth transfer aspect was emphasized. That you could move large amounts of money in a trustworthy manner over the internet. But I didn’t even go into the “store of value” meme because its too volatile. A proper value storage shouldn’t move much and if anything should pace inflation. Huge moves up or down are not really storing the value placed in it, they’re growing or shrinking value.

Also stores of values should carry minimal risk.

What other system is viably available?
(taking OPs question to this thread)

>had an econ professor that's a hedge fund manager last year
>brings up crypto and how risky volatile it is because china FUD phase and muh Jamie Dimon said it's a bubble and shiet
>somehow being able to give a definition of bitcoin made me "bitcoin guy"
>mfw watching professor try to pull mental gymnastics on why BTC shot up into the air throughout the fall semester
>mfw he keeps telling me he's "thinking of buying some bitcoins" every other week
>mfw bought BTC from the post-mtgox/silk road bust bubble

It's funny trying to be an econ major and you see all these old farts/boomerfags wanting bitcoin to fail when these same fucks praise Keynesian economics where being a debt slave is great and replacing old debt with new debt is some miraculous self sustaining cycle. Then again, these were the same fucks that abolished the gold standard.

Professor was a pretty cool guy though. I partially do stocks/options alongside crypto since for some reason it makes you look like you have some form of legitimacy in investments.

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you got the original email ???

poast it now

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This is how school shootings start

If your professor was so smart, why is he teaching instead of running his own hedgefund? The other normies in the class will graduate to be "investment advisors" aka glorified salespeople at your local branch pushing old ladies and tards mutual funds with high fees.

If you want to know what the smart people with money think of crypto go on NuclearPhynance forums and search 2013 - present.

> Steal her
> Pump her
> Dump her

1. OP spergs out about "muh crypto" in a marxist university class.
2. Does a shit job of talking about it.
3. Gets embarrassed as everyone calls him a tard.
4. Goes on a Vietnamese Rice Planting Techniques Forum to sperg out some more.

They won't be laughing a few years from now.


>not hiding your power level until you become rich enough to storm the university with a flamethrower and torch all of the nocoiners, then buy yourself freedom from the justice system

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> anons ITT joke about econ professors not understanding muh blockchain, when they themselves don't
> anons ITT think they have it all figured out because they bought a couple of shitcoins for a few hundred dollars
> anons ITT don't realize crypto is mostly horse shit and muh tech and the speculation don't go together
> anons ITT don't realize you should only be in it to make money, and the "public blockchain" experiment hasn't yet demonstrated any real use case

But it's ok, let's all laugh at the dumb goys because they are normies that don't know how to send BTC (fake useless internet money) from coinbase to Binance to buy (insert random shitcoin here). We're better than them right?

Right now, you should only be focused on making money from crypto. No one will take your side.

>getting btfo by a boomer over crypto


>talk about crypto with my history professor in 2014
>I don't remember the exact context, but it related I think to political dissenters or banking
>discuss how all money is based in faith
>explain that I believe crypto will cause a currency revolution
>she agrees and explains that her husband does as well

Not all people in academia are retards. She was probably one of the best teachers I ever had. It also helps that she wasn't a deluded leftist and one of her primary focuses of the class was to "connect dots" in current events (using history as a point of reference) to predict or at least understand events as they unfold.

yeah, you never want to bring up crypto with normies. Its outside of their bubble and they automatically react with fear and ridicule.

not even then. crypto by its nature is volatile. you don't want to be the guy answering this shit at work, it never looks bright. just keep secretly hoping for the day when you no longer have to wageslave

Im in a top 10 mba program for finance

"Bitcoin" is akin to "trump". A taboo slash joke.

Makes sense tho. Crypto is 95% tech, 5% finance.

>be me
>bought ripple jan 2017
>"h...hey guys, i invested in this new tech that sounds promising! Give it a look."
>"oh that's nice user...wait...isnt that the bitcoins that drug dealers use? Umm i don't know if i want to be a part of that"
>"WHAT TYPE OF FRIEND ARE YOU user?! Why didn't you force me harder to buy back then?"

Feels good my bros. Although I'm now known as some crypto guru and get frantic calls everytime a red tick appears

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