Is this shit going to be worth $200 any time soon?

is this shit going to be worth $200 any time soon?

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>any time soon?

when it gets listed on a big exchange.... soo..... maybe summer

summer where? in my country we are currently in summer

They have to get rid of that midget faggot. Only then the project can move somewhere.

No. Fucking retarded newfag these day.

>Czech'd them fours.

Prob not. That's a 4 bil marketcap. Is this a top-10 coin?

Probably yes in a bull run it will go paraboloc any time soon? nope people keep selling lower and lower i went all in prefork with 4 btc i have now 0.8btc soon i wont be able to buy a rope to kms I'll leave when my 40k portfolio goes down to 10$ I'll sell it all to buy a rope and kms

I dont even know why the fuck they keep selling it lower we are all at a huge lost that is not even worth selling it

is never soon enough for you?

i wish i had sold at $200, fuck my fucking fuck life dude

Well my fellow bagholder soon it will be over our shitcoin will crash subdollar and we'll do a hero

where is it summer in march? INDIA?

why i didn't listen? why i was so greedy that didnt sell at $200 when it was obvious that it was tanking there?

just why, and now crypto is fucking over, you can only make money if you gamble shorting or longing

> we are all at a huge lost
I've said for months this was the most ingenius pump and dump ever. You bought your ZCL from someone who bought at less than $4 with inside information.

Argentina, you piece of burger shit

Fuck i guess i have to sell my bags now. Oh well...

Yeah well i also bought tron at 4 cents and sold at 30 cents so theres that you never know this is all gamble

Easy pal

what is your average price you bought at? did you sell your ZCL yet?

its a good time to sell now on Nanex because nano is pumping today. good chance to buy more cheaper.

i bought ZCL at $40 so im still in profit tho but well fuck my life, at least i think everyone is getting JUST by one coin or another and yeah i already sold my ZCL

Hey we just broke down 50 come on faggots keep selling lower i wanna end this already

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As soon as this shit stops dumping from weak hands, the price will finally start to increase.

More like 20$. Wake the fuck up.

It would kick nem out and replace it as the #10 totally reasonable

is gud.

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> $47.30 USD (-29.05%)

LUL, GOD THIS FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD. Even people who bought right before the snapshot at $100 are underwater.

RIP anyone who bought at above $200 and held.

Now under $45 and crashing hard

You guys bought a project from a "developer" who forked a Bitcoin project, then forked it again, then forked it again.

All you have now are lackluster empty promises. Sorry to say this, but you guys were all duped by hyped youtube shills.

Buy high sell low, fucking idiot.

under $41 dollars now

is there a floor?

anyone watching this LUL

Should stabilize at 35$

There is no floor.

its at $37 on trade satoshi

no survivors

if people actually thought this was going to be worth $500 there would be buyers.

i literally don't even care anymore, i just don't feel im losing money, i feel like im just losing internet points of a game or something kek

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There is no floor. The market doesn't care about Bitcoin and it certainly doesn't care about Bitcoin forks.

Deleted blockfolio and delta

ZCL was trading for $30 right after the snapshot on Bittrex, if this falls bellow that I will cum buckets.

whata fuck i didnt know this was trading i even have 10 of these and oh fuck could you really sell these for $70 some days ago?

yeah dude, kek


yeah whatever -33% i guess its better to wait then dump now

you could have sold for $85 yesterday and roughly $200 if you sold when the exchanges first opened.

The ZCL/BTCP devs are so fucking greedy. They were able to accumulate the shit coin under $2 and pool an additional $4 million in community funding.

They were sitting on $100 million+ and weren't willing to pay $100,000 to list there shit and it may cost the community everything.

The exchanges know how much the insiders made and want maybe 0.1% of the ill gotten gains.


>if people actually thought this was going to be worth $500 there would be buyers.
there were but we bought zcl. I tought we are gonna hit atleast 200$ after the fork for a lil while but those scamming nigger devs stole everything.

insider trading - check
stealing everything from the volunteer pool - check
then dump it all on us - check
not paying as lil as 100k for a normal exchange - check
complete silence before and after the fork - check

I hope these niggers die in a car crash.

Yes probably higher. Patience. Needs a few corrections. Imo will take 3 years to hit 1k.

Preach it

Don't forget the community mining pool which basically prevented any new ZCL from entering circulation before the fork so insiders could dump above $200 without competition.

So many redflags that people ignored. I've been saying this is the most sophisticated pump and dump we've seen to date.

At least i fell for a sophisticated PnD and not for buying tron

>still falling for scam forks


People scooped up thousands of ZCL just as the rumours for the fork started to appear. There are a lot of people still in profit at $10 BTCP


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Theres not people still in profit at 10$ They already sold there are alot of btcp bittrex holders tho

What is market manipulation

There is only weak hands left, the smart ones dumped this above $200 knowing this was going to fall apart.

yep. the moment Ive seen there is more than 12k zcl voluntarily mined in the pool I knew we fucked up. Too bad I was greedy and I expected some pnd before the fork but from the middle of the month it was a slow bleeding.

Also rewarding btc holders for absolutely nothing in exchange? What a fucking dumb shit and I ate it all oh yes I did and the worst part is I knew this since feb 10th but I tought I will have another good chance to dump my bags before/after the fork.

I underestimated the greed of these nigger devs. Didnt knew they never had any plans to buy in in any decent exchanges at all...

My whole portfolio, my whole mining mission is a complete failure. My 1080tis will never roi and one card makes me 1buck profit a day. Kill me.

So you were a part of the community mining pool? How much BCTP did you get?

Bump because it is still fucking crashing

This shit is going to ten dollars. Every BTC holder got some for free and will dump. The Mt Gox wallet has 160k BTCP and will dump. This coin has no shortterm appeal. Maybe you can make a case in the future it will be the real BTC (who the fuck knows) but right now it's just another shitcoin that a lot of people got for free and will dump.

I mined for the first 2.5 weeks on the donation pool until the difficulty mooned. The payout ended up a bit above 2:1, so I was still "profitable" at $60 btcp, compared to the average $120 ZCL price I could have sold for through the month.

My stack isn't huge, but if the difficulty drops in line with the price, I'll probably mine a few more. $150-$200 is totally realistic if the devs don't just exit scam completely.

Legally not allowed to do so.

Meant to reply to

Fuck fuck fuccxcccckkkk

It's never going to be worth $200 unless bitcoin has a bullrun to 25k.

Where did you read that? He can do whatever he pleases with the remaining coins now that he paid off the creditors. There is no obligation to pay anyone back.

Classic post from before it was on any exchanges. Had to screencap for how retarded these dudes were.

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Who told you guys to #HODL?

I shilled this a bit in december and the plan then was to sell before the fork.

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I mined in the donation pool for a day or two, I was experimenting but around that time I started thinking "hey, whats gonna happen to all these zcl people are mining to these sneaks?" so I started googling and founf some shitty responses from the devs like "we need it for testing the wallets and we will only sell lil portions and blah blah blah"

Ironically I wouldnt be this mad if I was mining only for the donation pool bc I mined only zcl and it didnt end well...
Ive got around 20 something btcp. If it goes up to 200usd I will have meh profit at best but atleast profit.

Now I should mine something that really has growing potential bc right now I could sum up my 3 months of mining in 3 words: big fucking fail and the worst part is Im too stubborn to admit defeat so I will continue to fail... fuck me

I can't fucking believe people fell for this scam.

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Even if this is true, it wont be true forever so it will always loom. All these shitty btc forks have the same issue. At least with Bitcoin it's already #1 so dumping another 160k to crash the market will just have short term effect. For some shitcoin like bitcoin gold or private? Lmao theyre fucked.

From one mining user to another, look into BTCZ, it's the secret gem of equihash mining. WTM doesn't list a price for it, so it's consistently 20%+ more profitable to mine than the top coin on the main page. It's the epitome of shitcoin though, so only hold if you want to hope for a random moon mission in 2 years. Otherwise just sell on TS for whatever you'd be mining otherwise.

I hope the next 3 months is better for both of us, good luck bro.

They weren't retarded they were trying to build excitement for idiots to buy their bags

I've been looking for something to point my rigs at since ZCL collapsed. Mined a little Commercium, probably a shitcoin but worth a punt I figured. I saw BTCZ but it just looked like another shitty BTC clone, think it'll get a pump?

You're delusional. Anyone with > single digit IQ has sold at the top *before* the fork knowing full well that it takes a lot more for a project to be sustainable than simply cross features.

Rhett didn't write a single line of code. The project features 0 professional cryptographers.... it's supposed to be a privacy-centric coin.

If you still hold on that crap, you deserve to lose money. Seriously. This is a free market. You should have done your research. Period.

Now move on and onto bigger gains user.

Ernest literally begged yall to sell.

You called him a faggot. Guess who's laughing now.


I literally created tons of threads explaining the whole thing. How ZCL acted as a futures. How the fork event would be similar to futures settling etc.

No one listened, I got called a pajeet.

They wouldn't have gotten rich if you and other dumbfucks weren't greedy

thanks mate I appreciate and I will check this out. I think I will go treasure hunting and mine shitcoinz before they get to the exchanges. Higher risk but at this point its a must...

Good luck bro, these are hard times but we started mining for a reason.

>t. trying to build fear for idiots to sell their moon tickets