Are you really accepting death ? Cryogenics freezing

Already cashed some crypto profits for my cryogenics freezing.

This is literally the best thing you can allocate your money into. It makes so much sense, I mean why not ? You are going to die anyway, with or without cryogenics you will die, so why not take the chance ? What you have to lose from it ? What is more important, change your car when you are an old 80 years old fag, or guaranteeing eternal life ? Shit is a freaking bargain now.

I´m only freezing my brain and will pick a new body later (hopefully I’ll die old, so no point in sticking with an old body ). I couldn´t be comfier, worst case scenario I´ll be back around 2200 tops, but realistically speaking by 2100 we should be there for sure.

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Freezing breaks cells but whatever its your money

>freeze me here take my money
>kk we freeze you good sir, we best cheapest freezers

Why do this? No-one has any incentive to wake you up even if they could. If anything they'll use you for cooling and burn the fat afterwards.

New tech is coming out all the time.

Y comb backed. Mind backups.

it doesn't work faggot

they remove the water from your cells and replace it with a glycerol-based chemical mixture to avoid that

there are serious companies in this industry, and each new frozen pacient is publicy announced in their website, etc... so i´ts not like they can just dispose everything and get away with it

about incentive, science will take us there naturally

today it doesn´t, but it will

bump for eternal life

i never freeze!

ill become a robot and buy as much crypto as I can and become rich and powerful!

>implying he can freeze and just end up in the future where eveything will be ok

you know chances are there will be a new eco system and your body will instantly get damaged as soon as you leave the cryogenics container.

Also keep in mind, the future is bionics with cloud computing for your brain. Your pathetic body is useless in the future

t. deathlet can't accept natural process in life and will devote all resources to fighting it while not living while having the chance

>they remove the water from your cells and replace it with a glycerol-based chemical mixture to avoid that

Do you have any clue about the current technology and what they are doing?

To successfully "freeze" someone you need the following:
>they have to be frozen almost instantly, slow freezing damages the cells
>they have to have a non-toxic cryoprotectarant reach every cell in the body

Neither of these are properly done in todays cryogeneics. The first one is possible with current tech. You can quick freeze using magnetic fields. The second one, they often use glycerol or glycerin based substances, which are generally toxic and damage tissue. They just don't have the substance needed to work. Lastly no one has any clue on how to protect every cell in the body with cryoprotectarnt quickly enough.

Basically all they would be able to do in the future is clone you using your dna. Your brain tissue will be too damaged.

You don't know to what you wake up to
You can't handle it bro!!

>be in heaven, hanging out with God and Jesus
>get unfrozen and revived back to earth
>barred from heaven for doing demonic necromancy

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i didn´t dig too much into the tech, but what seems impossible today can pretty much be common in the future, you also don´t know that

imagine someone talking about the benefits of internet in 1500, this is as crazy as someone talking about being resurrected, science will get us there

ok, so which coin will moon next on binance?

oh fuck...checkmate freezefags

oh lawd

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I mean wouldn't you die though even if your brain is frozen, would it just be like as if someone exactly the same as you now had your body? :thinking:

KEK. No freeze for me.

You can't put a soul back into a body.

are you still the same person that went to sleep last night, and woke up this morning?

Thanks but I want to die.

theme trips are best

this, who the fuck wants to live forever? i don't even want to live past 65

doesn't answer my question. Doesn't your consciousness disapear completely? Not sure if that happens in sleep

If you're interested in cryogenics, checkout - rejuvenation biotech that will go hand-in-hand with cryogenics, or prevent the need to, at least from death caused by age-related disease.

Aubrey de Grey (chief scientist at SENS) supports and endorses crynoics:

And Vitalik donated $2m to SENS. I think a lot of cyberpunks are banking on some kind of longevity tech becoming a reality.

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That's the point. You have no way of knowing that you are the same you that went to sleep last night, so there is no point worrying about it.

Op how much do you pay these guys? Surely whatever you pay won’t be enough for them to run electricity, staff, research, rent, etc for hundreds of years. Won’t they run out of space to put frozen corpses in their building?

When you die you're reborn instantly.

All I'm saying is cryo today is a waste of money and does not work.

I'm sure people sell dna storage where you can spit in a jar or something and they can store it, so they can clone you in the future or something. Be a lot cheaper to do (store dna) and cloning tech actually works!

That's the continuity problem. We sense we are the same person based on a sense of continuity from moment-to-moment and day-to-day, but if there is a sudden shift of the neurophysiology, who's to say your consciousness will "continue"

That's why gradual rejuvenative therapies applied to our neurophysiology over time, much like how our biology operates, might be a promising longevity option.

>cucking my body for some clone of myself

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pic related
Mind uploading may be a much more challenging solution, because of the continuity problem

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>hanging out with God and Jesus

my sides


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Absolutely, rejuvenation is far suporior to cryo! I think the main point of cryo is just to get far enough into the future for better technologies to have developed, since there are no real options atm

You have 500 vacation years per lifetime.

If we sacrifice some virgin in honor of Satan can we beat the current bear market?


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dying is for losers

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Confirmed. Satan admits that life extension will bring you eternal misery.

Just make it 99.99% the same, like a copy not a transfer.

That's the problem; there is a possibility that a near-perfect copy of the neural model could spawn an entirely separate consciousness.
But how does one "transfer" such a complex model without taking a snapshot or copy of it?

Literally forking yourself lol

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for not to say it couldn't work, but I'd definitely not stake my life of consciousness transference, unless there was no other option. Kind of like cryogenics in that sense


Look at real life. There is no such thing as a transfer. Computers don't cut and paste, they copy, then delete the original.

I literally agree with this completely 100 fucking percent. My main goal in life is to make an album i'm proud of, and after that is freeze my body so I have a chance of seeing cool space travel shit in the future.

My problem with this is what if you are in the first batch of brains they unfreeze to try this shit on, but they cheaped out and hired Pajeet to code the simulation and its buggy as fuck so you are trapped in a virtual hell in eternal excruciating pain unable to escape or end it

While if you end up being conscious and trapped in your brain for eons!
Imagine having no arms, eyes, legs, senses, etc.

It'll be a living nightmare, forever trapped in solitary confinement, you'll wish for death daily

oh fuck. wait.....

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>mfw cryo destroys the brain

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Fuck that. I don't want to live forever.

If you replaced your entire body cell by cell would it be you

That's because you haven't reached your 30's and felt the early effects of aging yet.

This argument is as old as dirt.

.. so it would be like sleeping? or what. I do wonder about this though.

>imagine someone talking about the benefits of internet in 1500

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>be op
>here my money freeze me up plox
>thousands of years pass by and science has advanced to incredible heights.
Scientist1:Hey what do we do with all of these frozen brains?
Scientist2: Oh those old things? Ha forgot all about those can’t believe people used to believe in that old pseudoscience. Just dump them they can’t be brought back now.
>Into the dumpster OP goes along with the last traces of his existence

confirmed, never freeze your brain

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Wyh the fuck would you want to do this shit again? I'snt life painful enough?

Not for a NEET

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If its just a cloud computing your brain the real you still dies, what a fucking joke

Satan confirmed man made eternal life is a sin in the eyes of an angry god

Well, guess I have to cryogenically freeze myself now.

Based Satan-poster strikes again. How does he keep getting away with it?

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>be frozen
>get revived by an evil AI that will torture you for eternity

There are people who believe this is already happening to us. If you are not already aware, look into Roko's Basilisk

This. Souls are real user and that’s what leaves when you die. Your soul reincarnates and gets another body.

yes because that shit happens every 7 years dingdong

have fun waking up to be a slave for some alien invasion or totalitarian government

Friendly reminder that if you were born from 1980s onwards you will live indefinitely without the need to waste money on cryonics.

doing it anyway

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Awesome cryptopia pump is going down tomorrow and you're invited!

discord gg/4gQsHam

It won't be 'you' my dude.

Philosopher Derek Parfit has gone over this.

The theory also says the AI doesnt have to be evil and its punishing you for not doing enough to create it so it could save more people

that's kinda pointless, it's not like they can clone your consciousness too

you'd have to be a real narcissist to waste money on wanting a clone of yourself in the future

Could we rebuild your brain bit by bit using non-biological components until it is 100% non-biological? You understand where I'm going with this? Like the ship of Theseus, changing one tiny bit of your brain at a time so that your consciousness would not change between the biological and non-biological (non-perishable) brain. I find myself thinking about this fairly often, since the "just upload your consciousness into a cloud" a'la Black Mirror would just create a clone of you and you'd die all the same.

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that's just arguing semantics. either way we are being punished and that shit sucks donkey balls.

You might have found a solution to Parfit's teletransportation paradox, which is what that episode is based off of.

Problem now is: which "part" is responsible for conciousness? How do you ensure that 'you' don't get blipped out when the wrong piece is replaced?

no part is responsible of your consciousness. There is not a rower on a boat in a stream, there is only the stream, according to Sam Harris who is my only contact to neuroscience but is admittedly an actual neuroscientist. This shouldn't then prove problematic to my theory.

Atheist spotted.

Pretty sure being frozen in the first place, assuming it's a sin, would bar you entry to heaven.

They will attempt to defreeze people just to say they can.

Sam Harris built that metaphor on an earlier one (as he does with most of his work -- bastardizing and often butchering other thinkers) by Daniel Dennett, who said that consciousness is "the hum of the machine."

I'm dubious, however. All I'm saying is, when the time comes to start swapping bits out, take it slowly and carefully.

This is called a Moravec Transfer.

To sleep, perchance to dream,
aye there's the rub.

What I don't understand is why billionaires aren't spending billions each year on research into life extension. You have a good life, don't you want to live it for as long as possible?

Some forward thinking people are doing this (Sergey Brin and Calico) but most are doing nothing

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Neat! I'll check out his books, thanks

holy fuck. Some one take the shot. trips of truth

>why billionaires aren't spending billions each year on research into life extensio

Most billionaires are smart and have children.

thanks for making me feel smart. my ego has been sufficiently stroked.

They're tired of living. They're an old tree waiting for God to cut them down.

Wrong, DNA + soul + holonomic perception + holographic brain data storage is responsible for "consciousness".

It is not possible to perform a digital upload of a brain into a substrate medium that is absent of DNA.

Quantum immortality renders this pointless. That said I plan on getting a membership to one of them anyway.