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motorcycle user here. my funds have arrived bros. the question now is do i buy in at around 37 cents, or wait for what i assume could be a pretty substantial dip over the next couple weeks as weak hands get shaken out?

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Don't abuse my comfy JNTmarine like that. Hodling 450k btw, guess what i would advice you?

Split it. Half now. Half later.
Or DCA your way in.

what's with the volume on bibox? have bots ceased operations?

That's the JNT General's marine my friend. Be careful he does not dump on you as punishment.

Motorcycle user, maybe wait a bit. It's not going anywhere yet anyway

buy now faggot, 37 cents is a good deal. We don't know when the full tokenazation takes place. Could be this week, could be in 2 months.

Up to you but I wouldn't take the risk.

I think people don't know what to do. Low volume can mean we're near the bottom.

leaning toward this option. secure 10-15K now, wait for a couple weeks and see where things go. definitely want at least a 25K stack.

pic-related is me

not sure. i typically use gate but it's been 1 cent more expensive lately and fuck that.

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dollar cost average or wait, it's not going anywhere in the short term
if you're buying a lot [hundreds of thousands] then start buying now because the order books are likely to get thinner as time goes on

Hello overlord.

Dont risk it buddy

I say 80% now, keep 20% as backup

part of me thinks as long as i get 25K i can just forget about this shit. i'm not the savviest trader. don't want to fuck around and end up with half because i thought i could buy a dip and it mooned while i was sleeping...

fact is friend.We simply dont know.A binance listing tonight would send this thing 2-5x imho.Its not even 2x ico.

that's true, I forgot all about binance

Yeah exactly, I got my 11k stack at around 0.43 average and I thought that was a steal. As the other user said, it's not even 2x the ICO price.

It's a gamble, I wouldn't do it personally but you do you.

We're literally only on shit exchanges kek. I always forget that.

.43 average isn't that bad on a 11k stack. I'm sitting on 10k averaged around .38-39 but I want a whole hell of a lot more. Not enough sell volume on Hitbtc and too lazy to register on other exchanges D:

I need a good dip to get to 10k. I'd buy in now but I've got an autistic hard-on for round numbers and 8.9K will annoy me

Hitbtc sucks ass dude, register on gate or bibox, it takes a few minutes and you'll save a lot of money.

thanks man, will do.

Why the fuck is there zero volume and almost a 10 fucking percent spread on that chinknigger scam exchange Bibox?

3-5% spread anyway, but you get the point

I was like that with NANO and then it suddenly jumped out of the single digits

Don't scare me like this user

when you get hit with a "flat rate" of 14.47 usd to withdraw your jnt... fek, I moved over, thanks for suggestion.

yah can someone even wildly speculate on this, i know little about trading, i'm sure others have seen it all before.

Speak English please.

Shit I knew it was high but not that high.

I have a feeling it might not be just a simple listing but an integration of some sort.

If I were you I would def go for a split right now only cause Im shit scared of missing out on this one, to afraid to sell and try out other moons as well even tho I know I could double my stack with some luck.