XVG hacked = insider manipulation

another ploy to "kill" XVG down to a few satoshis so that whales can load up

and wait for new marketing to pump XVG to ATH

Wraith 2.0 (smart contract included)

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fella this has one of the worst teams in cyrpto right now

>promised to release xvg wraith 7 times failed when they did it wasnt even ready

I believe it desu.


it's not a ploy you shithead
verge is build by a team of amateur programmers who copy pastad code. they can't fucking compete with any other team in the field, none, especially not any of the actual privacy coins.

The verge twitter got hacked because the lead dev is a pothead amateur that barely knows what he is doing.

verge sucks so hard , only absolute retards buy this coin.

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yup this one is one of the biggest scam coins out there, however they do have a pretty rabid community and clever marketing

they're(the team) trying to let this coin crash to a few satoshis and just let it die for some months. then some new whale will come along and scoop up as many coins as possible and "work" with the team on some new marketing material

XVG is just like BTC in the sense that it has died many times before but still it manages to come up with new marketing to continue to get the normies to FOMO

please let it drop to 50 sats

Verge is so bad that sometimes I actually wonder if they are trying to be this bad, but then I realize that even if they wanted to be good at sucking this hard they couldn't

>5 kb

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>$1b in Verge stolen
>Market cap is barely half a billion

Sure thing, user

Doesn't look like it tho, but what do I know. What do they win by hacking their own accounts? More chances to buy lower but at what cost? Doesn't make much sense desu

>sold 1.5M at 1200 sats when they didn’t deliver on the 1st of jan deadline

Only smart trade decision Iv made it a year

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>dogecoin dark

you save all your porn like this?
I feel bad for your faps man

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I have a friend who had about 40k across a handful of coins. Back in December he got suckered in but XVG marketing and went all in on it despite everyone warning him not to. He currently wants to kill himself.

Please stop talking about this trash on biz

>roast posts

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Lol hope you guys are ready for the moon?

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>smart contract included

Ok boy, I stop you right there.

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the level of the cope...

This is true actually...

it said 1b XVG u absolute retard

Yeah "whales" want xvg to crash because it's so expensive right now. Totally out of the realm of possibility for a whale to buy an insane amount of xvg at current prices. Time to face the truth. No one wants your vaporware.


this piece of vaporware IS extremely overpriced already. already was at 100 sat levels before it surged for no reason.

xvg is a deadcoin, I personally know people who work for XVG, they don't care about it. They are moving onto other projects

forgot trip

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a Veeky Forumstard was most likely responsible

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huge success, such wow.

I lost 125K Verge ($30.000) due to the coinpouch hack, right before it mooned. The devs remained completely silent and coin pouch has yet to make a public statement... months after the fact. Can you believe that shit?

I swear, its the fucking devs themselves. They are a bunch of crooks.

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you know what the bad thing is... i actually made that pic. And then i lost 30000 dollars because of the hack. Isn't it ironic how this shit actually turned out to be a scam...

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>elieve that shit?
i wouldn't doubt it

B-b-but the verge is da number 3 coin of 2018

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lol who feeds these fake accounts

please be b8

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XVG is a scam coin. Inferior in every respect to. XMR. It's fucking dogecoin with tor stapled onto it. Get real faggot.

The fuck is with the potruding bones.... this is why no one is sexually attracted to Asians.