What's the general consensus here of Enigma?

What's the general consensus here of Enigma?

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Coin to fleece goyim for shekels

im about to market buy 5k unironically. you have been warned

Also been checking this out recently. Seems good.

That was Bancor user

>watch out gaise, a $9000 order will move the price

bagholders are becoming annoying

Thinks its one of the few crypto that actually have massive potential. Shit like VEN, supply chain and other utility coins, already have massive market caps relative to their actual value. Is a program that increases supply chain visibility worth a billion dollars? Fuck no.

But ENG has applications for every single blockchain. Scaling and privacy are two huge pain points for a lot of cryptos and if ENG can solve that, it will take a percentage of every single coins market cap.

ENG, LINK, QASH/JNT, these are extremely high value coins. Just don't expect constant moons because they won't be able to announce partnerships with wine companies.

Opinion on RLC?

This, ENG has so much potential because it can be used by basically any blockchain project and might even be a necessity. Eh, there are barley any posts anymore, like 1-2 a day. Stink links post 10 a day minimum

Not terribly impressed. I don't see why current cloud computing services could not be repackaged to be applicable to Dapps. And people that use a Dapp a lot might want to outright own the computing base supporting it, for obvious reasons.

However, its also possible that Microsoft, Amazon, etc. completely sleep on cryptos and end up shitting the bed by the time RLC gets kicking and thus secures their market before the other players have time to react.

I guess I would just summarize by saying its a high value problem/market but I'm not sure how much of it RLC will be able to get.

good project lazy team

How so? They are ahead of schedule from what I've seen? I think it's just that they are still in the process of expanding right now so they seem a bit slower.

GVT or Zilliqa?

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Surprised this board isn't more excited about ENG considering the mania about LINK. I put both in a similar category. They are trying to tackle articulate, major problems related to smart contract mass adoption. There are 10+ "blockchain 3.0" platforms fighting for market share at the moment, none of which will even be useful unless ENG and LINK succeed. Easy buy. I hope to get a MN.

Are LINK and ENG competing for the same space? Or could they co exist?

They do almost completely different things. ENG is tackling privacy in computations and scalability, LINK is doing on/off chain secure data transfer.

This is the first time I'm seeing these coins so take this with a grain of salt.

GVT is a little confusing. Is this trying to be a decentralized exchange or a public investment bank for crypto? Decentralized exchanges are high value, but you have to remember when you buy GVT, you are not buying stock in a company, you are buying an instrument that might actually be worth very little. I just don't know what the relationship will be with GVT's trading volume (if they make a dex that actually works) to its value per coin. Based on coinmarketcap, it seems to be a 10x multiplier to its market cap. A dex will definitely do over $10M in 24H volume. The BTC/USDT on Binance alone does like $370M. GVT could have massive upside. If its just an investment resource, in which case I don't see a clear use for GVT being high value, regardless of how valuable the resource itself would be.

Ziliqa just looks like another next gen. Dapps blockchain. I am still unconvinced any of them will really beat ETH, but this is a speculative market and something like EOS might moon passed ETH only to eventually implode.

Pump and dump again, ponzi coins. Sad

Co-exist, they would complement each other. LINK solves the oracle problem and connects blockchains while ENG provides blockchain scaling and privacy. Together they would fix like 99% of the current problems with blockchain.

>It's a scam user.
>How so?
>...It just is.

>LINK on the same level as ENG

Are you trying to make me sell?

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Link posters are cancer but Link on it's own could have some use. If Linkies were banned from Veeky Forums I think everyone would be more receptive of the project.

I unironically think LINK has the biggest potential as of today of any coin in the top 100.

Now Sergey might just be eating Big Macs and not coding shit. But if they get LINK working, it will print money, and lots of it.

God I almost don't want it to succeed just out of spite of link shitposters, but maybe I'll pick some up, how much to make it?

This is now a link thread

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Google ponzi scheme snowflake

>decent project
>shitty team

>Ponzi scheme
Go back to pol faggot, you don't even know what the fuck a blockchain is and probably think it's a government conspiracy.

>he thinks that ENG has a more valuable and broad usecase than chainlink, the literal lifeblood of smart contracts

Link posters are literal niggers, you think people hate you for no reason when they hate you because of your behavior. Stop spamming the board and people will stop shitting on link

How is the team shitty? They are all (muh) MIT and have one of the most rock solid white papers in crypto.

Current market cap is $200M. Under ideal conditions were it is actually works and is not replaced, it could be huge. Like trillions huge at max. Its very likely companies or institutions that would use it a lot just buy a shit ton for their own use, effectively throttling the supply... There's a lot I could postulate on the maximum price but if it works, I think a market cap of $200B is readily achievable, and up to a trillion due to how speculative this market is and will likely continue to be.

I know it sounds insane now but I'm thinking 5-10 years in the future, at least.

Here's a chainlink wallpaper for tablets. Unless you useyour tablet in portrait like a pleb with small hands

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As soon as the market turns bullish, this one is going to moon hard.

26k ENG holder reporting in. Should get masternodes, and if it does a x10, never touching the stack and just going to use juicy node stakes to buy stable shit like ETH/NEO

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5k enough to make it?

enigma looks like a good project but I have no idea how to value the token and neither does anyone else

Not at the start if the team only requires couple hundred of masternodes, but as ENG processes more tx/s over time, and the protocol requires say like 1000-2000 masternodes, you'll make it user

>I have no idea how to value the token and neither does anyone else
nigger they address what the token does in the white paper, go read it please.

I hope so user, I've only got like 1k but will be trying to buy more, as a poorfag accumulation isn't that easy...

You the man.. but your name is legit gay. Thanks buddy!

Somebody post Patrick holding the Enigma box

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Thought you meant if 5k would get masternodes (still think you will within 1-2 years easily), but making it with 5000 ENG? That's like having 5000 Antshares in 3-4 years time. You're good user

are there any competitors to ENG trying to do the same thing that I could research?

No competitors that I'm aware of but maybe check the subreddit (I know it's gay) but they respond to people rather quick.