Greatest book ever written

Greatest book ever written.

ANYONE who disagrees is a



is this a new meme I've missed?

Never heard of it.

Certainly the greatest in English.

As an aside, is that cover real? I've never been able to find an edition that uses it.

Reading it now and I swear this nigga is just throwing in semicolons at random sometimes.

Why do people here say that the parts about whaling are difficult to get through?

It's definitely the Great American Novel. Although I'm currently about 150 pages into Mason & Dixon and it's a contender.

>And the whale was fucking coming at them like cleopatra and shit was ready to go down AND
>The proud tradition of whaling was started and honed by our forefathers who...

I've never read it or any other book but I contend that you're dead wrong

>Talk not to me of blasphemy, man; I'd strike the sun if it insulted me. For could the sun do that, then could I do the other; since there is ever a sort of fair play herein, jealousy presiding over all creations.

D-don't forget about me, anons

Is that picture from King of Dragon Pass

underrated post

That is a pretty dank cover, if i do say so myself.

I would say East of Eden was better. I had a lot more fun with it, though I admit the multi-faceted meanings of Moby-Dick slightly surpassed what Steinbeck was working with. I am a sap for rustic prose.


>I am a sap
You ain't kiddin'.

not an argument


>not an argument
not an argument

>>not an argument
>not an argument
not an argument

Was Melville a closed homosexual or what was the meaning behind the homo erotic scenes?

Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.

>>>not an argument
>>not an argument
>not an argument

Melville is the clunkmeister.


ulysses. you know you will never read something as good when you finish it.

need to knead the sperm, my dude.

Rated post

>babby's first classic

haha nice reference newfriend :^)


my lil pseud friends just think its a book you read in high school


Nothing that any interests board has ever largely agreeed upon as being the best has, in my experience, ever been particularly good.

/mu/ with their experimental, poorly recorded tripe.
/tv/ with Tarantino trash and boring dreck like 2001: A Space Odyssey or The Godfather.
/v/ with Deus Ex, even when I still played games.


>/tv/ with boring dreck like The Godfather

Is this just a trick to get us to read the whole thing?

They are right that Trout Mask Replica is the best rock album of all time
This list wasn't so bad (though it's from 2013).
They had Chrono Trigger, Morrowind and VTM: Bloodlines in the top 10
I'm inclined to agree.

>2001: A Space Odyssey
>boring dreck
stop posting any time fucking pleb

They're pretending to be plebs I imagine.

>Moby Dick is becoming a meme
Dear God please save us from this hell

Don't worry, we'll still have The Whale


Moby Dick is amazing but Ulysses is transcendental
A lot of Moby Dick is also fairly unrewarding, where as you eventually appreciate every chapter in Ulysses in its own way


My nigga
What are your top 3 chapters?

I doubt the ending is as poetic as Moby DIck though. I haven't read Ulysses btw.

Exactly Ulysses is better.

Halfway through, I agreed, but then there are many chapters that are a waste of time.


>new meme
The only thing new here is (You), my friend

doesn't matter but you have to be at sea.

>my friend
don't call me like that

memeboys detected

>They are right that Trout Mask Replica is the best rock album of all time
I do not get this
>hurr you're just listening to it wrong

>a book about a sad Irish cuck

Found the potato.

I've gone all my life without moby dick spoilers and just now find out the whale kills Starbuck when I'm halfway through the book. That's ok though because stubb is the best mate

They're not they're just boring. I glossed pretty heavily over the part about drawings of whales
>no one can draw a whale good, except sometimes a whaler
That's all you have to know

That one was long. Also the chapter when he argued that a whale was a fish. It's just tedious when you know it's wrong.


>reads for plot

yeah, its a meme, and all the acclamation it gets, by renowed critics, is purely ironic

its so easy to tell when the shitposter have not read even 1/10 of the book

It's planned cacophony. Don created the perception of randomness by using odd time signatures with mismatched melodies. Like being able to demolish a structure and have it fall the exact same way every time.

>reads for literal piss posts

I tried to listen to an audiobook version of Moby Dick and it was weird as shit. All I remember is the main character having a bizarre interaction with his landlord over some a silly tribal savage character. Should I try again?

The idea that Moby Dick has been seen on opposite sides of the planet on the same day makes my hair stand on end.

It's astonishing how Melville maintains the ambiguity about what the whale is.


>2001: A Space Odyssey
>The Godfather
>boring dreck

audiobooks not the way to do Moby-Dick bubba


>he didnt understand the cetology and whaling chapters and how brilliant they were

I recommend reading some analysis. If you are up for it, try Robert Zoellner's The Salt Sea Mastodon. Free on google books.

I cried at the ending of this

I doubt you've read either book

>I doubt the ending of Ulysses is poetic

That's not the KJV Bible, also the real story about the real whale mocha dick is much more interesting since they actually killed and made oil out of it

it's an underrated gem, sort of like IJ and Ulysses

>thinks reading Moby Dick is for the plot

confirmed never read Moby Dick.

I've never read it, but I've been seriously considering reading it soon.

Would anyone who has care to give me their opinion on what makes it so worthwhile - preferably without spoiling anything fun.

Have you really never read a book? I hope, for your sake, you're just baiting.

Setting aside arguments, how's the quality of writing in Stefbot's books?


It's almost a musical experience. Enjoyed best alone in a quiet corner at night. It's exactly like your pic. Beautiful and tender and scary and daunting and challenging and frustrating. It's like being in love with a woman who makes you dance with a flick of her hair and the twinkle in her eyes. Read it, bastard.

its ok.