>On the feature/PEE branch, we have fixed a number of concurrent write and deadlock problems in parallel packaging and verification. Based on the current unit test results, on a 4-core 2.8GHz Macbook Pro, we achieved TPS of up to 2400 binary transactions or TPS of up to 70 smart contracts (based on Google Chrome V8) deploying or calling transactions within 1 second . Based on the high scalability brought by the parallel solutions, in the future we can obtain higher TPS by increasing the number of CPUs.

Anons, dyor but I want this coin to be wide distributed in case of success and therefore I post this.
I hold a little amount.

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$1k EOY

it's going to be glorious. Fuck i need nano to pump before this so i can buy more

I don't think there are reasons to FOMO and buy ASAP since we're in the bear market and even the mainnet launch probably won't cause the pump

I have been telling Veeky Forums about nebulas for months. they dont seem to care unfortunately

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You again. I listened to you unironically.

You are not supposed to tell biz about nebulas. Let them fomo in later.

Based Aussie nas nigger

U gonna make it bro. I have baby bags but still gonna get me a car or some shit

About 4 weeks ago I was telling cunnys to keep quiet. Accumulation is pretty much done.

>am ready sinbad

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>Mainet launch in next month
>switch to DAG transactions in recent update

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cheers bro

Did you mean
>Legolas :D

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someone shill me on this

Nebulas sound like a Bollywood version of him

Its like investing in Google in 1998.

>Nebulas is a 3.0 platform blockchain, with integrated blockchain search functions.

>Devs have smart contracts, no scaling worries, massive array of tools & options

>Similar to how google indexes webpages Nebulas will index blockchain projects, smart contracts & data.

>Nebulas rank algorithm sifts & sorts the data.

>Developers rewarded NAS to develop & deploy on NAS chain.

>Nebulas calls this developer incentive protocol – basically rewards are issued based on how often contract is used, the more the better the rewards

>Nebulas Force means no need for hard forks. A flexible base means that updates are easily applied, buggy contracts will be repairable without need for token migration

>Proof of devotion. Works like DPoS except the best, most economically incentivised developers (Bookkeeppers) get the forging spots. Ensuring brains stay with the project (Cross between PoI & PoS)

>Create your own search engine & services; will initially be used to assist Nebulas search engine. Rewards in NAS

>Lightening Network is used to handle transactions

>First crypto Wallet that supports the Lightening Network

>Team founded Antshares, worked on Neo, one was Alibaba CTO who implemented their blockchain

>HQ in San Francisco, moved away from China to silicon valley for business reasons, global market, contacts & vibe. No gov interference or regulation worry either

>IDE for smart contracts, block browser, plugins for popular IDEs, debugger, simulator, formal verification tool for smart contracts, background SDKs for advanced languages, & SDKs for mobile ends.

>NAS token is used as gas payment for smart contracts, a currency, proof of devotion rewards, DIP rewards & transaction fees.

Join the party

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The future is dApps and Nebulas is the only project that sees Crypto in a more macro sense. It will rank and sort dapps across all platforms(eth/eos/neo) just like google does with web pages.
On top of that it will be able to host its own dapps and smart contracts, just like eth/eos, but will also reward creators giving them an incentive to use nebulas.

That was to

Interoperability is being built on aswell

>user searches for a smart contract
>cheap legal aid
>pay through nas like paying through google
>auto converts to legal aid token
>futures good

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Fuck me future is bright

Gateio or Huboi, looking to finally get in on this one. Haven't tried either exchange yet.