I made this thread: https://warosu.org/biz/thread/S8127037

My wife found out and she's leaving me after looking up the recent price.

I'm going to commit suicide tonight. Thank you all for the help, keks and anonymous friendships. Please, whether or not you are religious, pray for me.

- Andrew, Scotland, 1990-2018

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see ya

shouldve done your research it was a scam from the start

Can somebody copy the link for a phoneposter? Thanks

>got married

you’ve been dead for a while, Andrew.

Your wife might be a millionaire.

Bout time faggot

don't do it OP just sell your btcp and put it into LINK
you can still make it

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Please don't do it user. You have your whole life ahead of you a lot can happen in those years, stuff that will make you glad you're alive.

holy fuck loooooooooooooooooool

I don't think there is any exchange for it lol

SELL... Never?


Damn, right in the feels. My middle name is Andrew, same age and from Scotland too. DON'T DO IT BROHEIM!

Where in Scotland? I'm here too. We could chat

Don't do it user, salvage what you can and fuck off to somewhere in central/south america. Live on a beach and work at a hostel. Super cheap cost of living and your hostel will cover your room and food while you work/volunteer their. Do some proper research and allocate the funds you can into some good projects while you live a virtually free life in a decent place.

Start here:

Don't do it mate! It's a permanent solution to a temporary problem. It's not worth it

How much are your bags worth right now? What did your wife say? Before you go to the other side tells us your story bro.

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this is sad

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I made a telegram channel if you want to talk


I will send you my last $20

user there are other options. There is a market on tradesatoshi for a start.

You may feel there is no hope but its only when the chips are down that the tough get going. You can bounce back.

A lucky trade can double your money user or get you on your feet again.

Your wife was probably angry about the deceit rather than your trades. Talk to the other user in scotland maybe hes close by sometimes its good to get things of your chest with an understanding stranger whose maybe been there too.

Dig deep user think of the hurt for others left behind you can still turn this trade around do it.

Don't do it user, we're bouncing back, we're all gonna make it

Don't do it, there are still people who care about you!

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OP its not too late. magic meme man is here to save the day.

Post pic of a sharpie in your pooper and i will send you 2.5 eth.

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Is this offer only for OP?

So it's a false flag buttcoin reddit content thread op?

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t. Andrew 03/05/18 00:13:22

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>he thinks he's about to make it
>kill him and then find another

>activate quantum immortality

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Thanks I just bought 100K BTC private

>he killed himself, pump it

LMFAO all these fucking newfags falling for this LARP

He'd taken a quarter of a million quid mortgage to bung on BTCPrivate - or claimed to - fingers crossed that he did!

>Now Print $200 million Tether and PUMP IT.

Are you a poorfag?

Post pic w/ sharpie in pooper and 1 eth is yours.


>killing yourself over 100k loss

I saw your thread. You took out a 250k mortgage and from what I understand btcp has gone from about 70 dollars to 45. So you're only down 90k. If you weren't a fucking neet you could make that back in 2, maybe 3 years of wagecucking.

You cant live through 2 years of wagecucking, you have to kill yourself now?

Fucking kek that's what you get sucker

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Post a price and eth address. I'm willing to help bail you out user.

This is the best argument against suicide over financial loss, LARP or not. If it's worth taking every year of your life away, why not just use some of those years to fix the problem?

OP you're a fucking idiot for getting married and getting a mortgage. Don't kill yourself. Sell what you have left 50% LINK 50% XMR and fuck off to a cheap country.

OP here.

I'm shocked by the overwhelming support and the jokes have made me laugh not upset. I can only thank you guys as you are seemingly the only people left in my life. I have decided to entrust all of my BTCP with my nephew to whom I will pass my Seed key in the hopes that he will have some monetary freedom when he becomes 18 years old. He has a unique mindset and is surely one of /ourguys/ so I trust him.

I'm still going to go through with the suicide, even if the money somewhat recovers, my life with my wife is destroyed and the home I worked years to build now in the ownership of bankers. I don't really have any hope for my life nor do I have any intentions of becoming the next Gates or something. I just want peace so I have taken this easy way out. I don't think there's any shame in that, it's simply my time to go.

If anyone is serious about helping out, please, I beg you, do NOT send a large amount of money. Any help will be greatly appreciated but it is not right that you should give away your money to some stranger on the internet. I will be forwarding all ETH donations to a Wallet for my nephew to gain access. Thank you again: 0x776Bb2aa1Ba5daaC4635EC7a2E54d49bDC7827FC

Turned right into a pajeet begging thread? Why am I not surprised?

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until i get a pic with a sharpie marker up your ass i cant give you anything.

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Man you went full Pajeet (as if you weren't already). If your serious either wait it out until it hits major exchanges and pumps then sell it to break even ot just sell at a loss and start wagecucking to make that 90k back. Also if you can't live with yourself live stream the suicide, will drive a lot of normies away from biz so you'll be doing something noble, but try to not do it please I really don't want you to die if you can help it.

I’ll do it.


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I was going to say something nice to you, but you just started to beg.

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at least you had a wife faggot


die beggar

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Fucking hell user, I believe your suicidal now kek

>No data for chart
>No token balances found
Am i being memed or just retarded?

ye, fight and you may die.
Run, and you'll live. At least a while.
And dying in your beds many years from now,
would you be willing to trade all the days,
from this day to that, for one chance,
just one chance,
to come back here and tell our enemies
that they may take our lives,
but they'll never take our

When Wallace uttered these famous words before the battle of stirling do you think he was just giving up and calling it a day? Fuck those Bankers dont let them win by rolling over. Why you in crypto? to stick it to the man?

You took a chance and believe you have lost. Dont give up its not over until its over. Stand tall and be counted

> My wife found out and she's leaving me
Should of found a cute boy that will stay with you forever no matter what instead, cuck.

Bro don't do it. Honestly dump the thot. And fuck hot pussy. Don't need money to be happy. Move to a hipster city. They all dress like they are homeless anyway. But loads of delicious pussy.

Suicide is honestly dumb.

Hell will await you for Eternity. Believe me, once you die and you meet those 2 huge angels of death asking you who was your God, prophet and religion and you will babble in confusion. You will regret the time of suiciding over trivial meaningless stuff.

Repent, ask God to show you his path (islam) and be positive. Suicide is only for the weak.

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Not sure what you mean. I’m just bored and poor.

There is surely some irony those words were spoken by the biggest kike-hater ever

Fuck you, pajeet. I gave real advice and you go currynigger on me. Violated my trust, fuck you.

why would you need money if you're suiciding
fuck off pajeet

Send me all your crypto please.

BTC: 194biq4ena57xDUEXzcKjN1Ht6hr3Gxc5C
ETH/LINK/EOS: 0x7f9b4399a5a0e9481e6cff7ce443dde200c59e7c

Andrew, this is your wife, I love you and I forgive you. Don’t do this.

>real advice

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Shut up bitch and keep sucking.
t. Tyron


Share nudes of yourself before you kill yourself. You might live to regret it

Go ahead faggot, as if your life wasn't about to get a whole lot better. Single and soon to be rich, but couldn't make it through a few months of bear market and killed himself. Hilarious

Dear. Miss.

I'm a real Chad alpha. Wanna bone? I'm a 100 btc in my jewbase account.

you fucking idiot, don't do it. btcp will moon next month.

I will throw in an extra .1 eth if you post in 15 minutes


sent ;)

Sent ;)

Please don’t kill yourself OP, there is no afterlife. This life is all that you have and it’s the most precious gift you’ve ever received, don’t waste it over something like this, please just realize that there’s more to life than what you’ve been through.

hes lying

>Please don’t kill yourself OP, there is no afterlife.

dude take out members of the illuminati while killing yourself. You got time to plan something out.

and you couldn't at least go out on a good coin or a good bet, but instead an obvious shit coin. get rekt.

hilariously this will rebound after the bittrex fud clears. This is the bottom

Shilling your bags in a suicide thread lmao

user would literally rather die than use tradesatoshi

Can you write the date on the rope your gonna hang yourself with? Wanna make sure this suicide is trackable so I can come spit on your grave when LINK goes through the solar system.

If you had enough money to invest in crypto you can salvage yourself. Don't do it.

RIP Andrew

kill a politician first
especially if you're Scottish