How cucked is it to make your wife work?

How cucked is it to make your wife work?

I feel if you can't get by on a single income you shouldn't get married

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shes earning her share of the rent or shes not living with me

She's doing this by raising and birthing your kids tho

how cucked are you if you have to work?

how cucked is it to have a woman live off you? Women wanted independence and equality. They are adults. They can go pay their own way

If you're a salaried professional or successful business owner it's not cucked at all

While we date we share the bills. If we have kids she goes full time housewife and once the kids are in school she can get a low hour part time job if she wants something to do

kys neoconservatistfag

>raising and birthing
just birthing. if you can't raise your kids you deserve to get cheated on and divorced

You're either poor or one of those sour grapes mgtow queers

My girlfriend is a doctor, I'm unemployed/freelance

You need a parent to be home with the kids for their first 5 years, cuck

You'll figure out what it truly means to be cucked when you leave your wife at home with nothing to do all day. She'll be looking for that unemployed dick

we all know what your wife's doing while you're working. "cuck"

>Working long hours just to take care of your woman financially just so she can use your money to fuck Chad while you’re working overtime.

Now THATS cucked.

Not exactly, they wanted to be treated equally but when they discovered that this meant being eligible for the draft, both men and women said no thanks stay at home wives are for the better. It was politicians and banks that pushed for it because it meant they could tax the 50% extra labor that was to be injected into the workforce. This also meant cheaper labor for businesses, and more competition for jobs.

Ever wondered why boomers had it so easy? You can thank radical feminists and jews for making it so difficult nowdays.

>Not making your wife get off her ass too so that everyone in the family can have a way better lifestyle.

Kek just hire a live-in housekeeper to help with chores and the kids.

Economy's been rigged in a way that this is no longer feasible for most.


You are Stupid, OP, and so is your thread. If you want a pampered pet, get a dog, not a wife you horny, dumb incel.

tradcons are fucking cancer. They are effectively providing voluntary welfare to roasties. Women should go to work just like the rest of us. Go MGTOW

>muh white children
>muh white race

no white woman would want to touch you /pol/fags anyways. You are losers. Raising children is not that hard. Being a homemaker in 2018 is easy as fuck

>You'll figure out what it truly means to be cucked when you leave your wife at home with nothing to do all day. She'll be looking for that unemployed dick
this. pic related

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Who is she

>wife in this generation

This have that bitch work!

>working is better life than home-making and family
>wife is not part of the family
which did you mean?

Many years ago this was the case but now that women are in the workforce and wages have been cut in half and have stagnated relative to inflation on top of that, you kinda need her to work. And besides,

>modern women
>being able to be stay at home wives and not cheat on you

there is unironically a 99.9 percent chance they would cheat on you. not only are they extremely slutty, and living in a culture that promotes this shit, they also have really short attention spans so what do you think they would be doing all day? they would either straight up go out and find guys or hop online and find guys directly on tinder with the intention of cheating, or they would spend 4 hours a day on social media and end up fucking some chad they meet on there.

also modern women dont want stable guys who can provide for them because they dont need that anymore. there are tons of safety nets. they can go work themselves or get daddy's help or become twitch streamers, cam girls, porn stars, or find betas in real life. and if all that fails the government will save them. basically 1) no girl wants this anymore and 2) most can afford it anyway and 3) even if you found a girl that wants this and you could afford to support her lifestyle, she will just cheat on you anyway

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>still allowing women to vegetate at home and be useless for another generation

no, OP. I'd say you're the one getting cucked if you are the only one in the relationship providing anything.

Women provide their womb, don't they?

>unironically cosiders himself a MGTOW. whatever that means.
I'm a libertarian.

Not cucked at all as long as she isn't like pic related thot.


just because you're getting married doesn't mean you have kids, and if you're a man and not willing to help raise him, just call it Tyrone and dissapear

Primary biological functions don't count as "providing"
>i have no kids
>i will not have kids for a while
>kids are a depreciating asset

counting "stay-at-home-mom" as an occupation is limiting women to a niche world where it is acceptable for them to contribute nothing to society as they become adults.

This is not the 1930's, unless I'm pulling so much money that she is a greater asset NOT working and instead being at home, she's gonna be working.

i love when they work the balls

It's actually hilarious that you neet incels have unironically concocted a reality where you're somehow not a cucked dependent class that's fighting with their parents all day

There’s no point to being a tradcuck in 2018. Even “”””traditional”””” girls go to Uni, want careers, vote, wear pants, don’t believe in obeying their husband etc. I wish we had pic related but it is never coming back. If women sent bound by traditional gender roles then doing so as a man is just chucking yourself.

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Dude barely anybody "contributes to society" in the capitalism rat race. Wtf are you a park ranger or some shit?

where's the user who actually dated this roastie?

This. The only way you are going to get these women and this "traditional" society is if civilization completely collapses. Until then they are free to engage in unending degeneracy.

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no, I employ people.

I make it so other people don't have to rob and steal to eat or provide for their families

>implying raising a kid in 2018 is difficult

>doesn't have a job
>all previous house chores are now done by automated white goods
>women cooking in 2018

Literally just have to change their shitting pants and feed them now and again.

>implying that's harder to do than going to work 9-5 every day.

Send that little cunt to day care and live your life.

if? when... first stop is the end of the petro dollar... already started....

I forced my wife to work, she makes very little, but before that she was bored and discontent with life. The structure of a 9-5 helped her quiet a bit. Neither one of us really have to work, but it is a good thing for both of us psychologically. She is much happier now and I have to pay a laundry service :)

You employ people to do what, exactly? Also you don't stop people from robbing and stealing, that's what police do. All the robbing takes place within the ponzi scheme that is capitalism as a whole

Yeah I can tell you were raised by a single mom

>implying slaving away to support a woman who can cuck you because you looked at her wrong is more cuck than making her work and using her money to increase your untraceable crypto withholding

t. Married union contraction project manager 120k plus benefits with a wife who brings 50k a year and my wife thinks I invest our money on E*TRADE

one of my indian friends is literally the most cucked dude on the planet. absolutely beta to the core. married a chick that ADMITTED that she has cheated on him before. she has been fucking her boss while he sits at home wasted, stays up til 8 AM drinking..sleeps till 6 PM while she is out at work. honestly i just feel sorry for him at this point. she also wouldnt let him invest any of his (her) money in crypto lmfao which is probably smart because he would lose it all with a few bad trades (i gave him a couple litecoin to play with and he lost them within a few days)

My wife won't work for 3-5 years when our child is born. Nannies are expensive, you'll almost spend as much on a nanny as you would make wagecucking. What's the point of that?
Also why would you want your child to be raised by a stranger? God knows what type of abuse they could put your kid through, I've seen too many horror stories on the news.
The first few years of a child's life are very important, they learn a lot during that time. And I'd rather my child not learn from some retard who has no real career prospects and was forced to become a nanny. During these formative years the child has to be with their parents.
Its great If the child's grandparents would be around to help raise it but I don't have that

> Allowing a woman to quit work so she has nothing to do with her life but to get bored, which leads her to start fucking Tyrone and Jose while you are working.


howd you get with her being a loser?

I mean it works both ways, if your wife gets a job she gonna be getting hit on by dudes at work

i wouldnt be so optimistic. its best just to assume this is going to continue for the rest of your life, only getting worse and worse until you finally look around when you are 80 and realize things are so dystopian you cannot wait to die. unfortunately it will probably be a long collapse over a hundred years that started decades ago and which is really just a slow descent into brazil/third world living conditions. barring some unforeseen natural disaster or manmade induced collapse, things will continue to be propped up.

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So your wife will cuck you for looking at her wrong but won't when you steal her money? Makes sense

t. Broke ass nigga

I thought you were a cuck if your wife doesn't have a job and you have to spend all your money on her. At the very least shes cucking your wallet if not fucking tyrone while your at work. Bitcjes without jobs and hobbys go crazy and are not worth it.

implying everyone wants kids

You don't get married unless you want kids, cuck

She’s submissive hence I married her...Married 4 years, who knows what she’ll be like in 10 she’s not 30 yet and I live in California. A state that is infamous for fucking over earners

Why'd you marry someone you don't know


If your woman wanders it's either because she wants more or because she's being greedy and fucking your over. In either case, the problem isn't the dudes hitting on her, it's your goddamn insecurity.

Unless you date someone for 30 years you don’t know anyone you marry. People are getting divorced at 70 these days. And like I said California fucks over men in family court. I married her because she’s beautiful and has an amazing personality. If everything works out crypto will be beneficial for both of us, if not I have a out. Playing the long game here.

Yeah you must have it rough. 130k in California is basically poverty wages

Lol bait someone else faggot

We found the single mother child.

Your wife will cheat on you while you are at work you spineless faggot

you truly are one of the special ones. Enjoy your autism

Slavery isn't legal. Human females are free. This is literally impossible you brainlet

delete this

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any dude where his wife works and he is at home not doing shit, there is a 100 percent chance she is getting fucked by a "man" at her office.
they quickly emasculate their husbands, think of them as soft pudgy bitches. meanwhile the boss at work is fucking her and going on "business trips" with her and their excuse is "oh its an employee trip, theres a bunch of us going" but then has pictures of a dudes pair of shoes in her hotel room that she is supposedly staying in by herself.
watching my cucked indian friend is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. he married this straight white trash bitch that was looking for a come up, and she has cheated on him with a nigger named "tyrone" (im not even kidding, the dudes name is tyrone, and she even had the audacity to invite him to the wedding) and her boss, who is a normal white Chad looking dude that likes to wine and dine her. in summary, indian dudes are the biggest cucks of them all. they are trained to be betas from a very young age.

>Is not letting someone leech off of you cucking yourself?

Wew lad, talk about a fucking faggot.

I make enough to support both of us but I require her to pay so she can buy her own shit. I take care of the important bills (food, shelter, water.)

That being said we're trying for a kid and as soon as she has the kid I've told her to quit so she can focus entirely on rearing the thing right.

Being an actual man is so easy it shocks me that there actually are faggots like you who just don't understand how to be one.

This guy knows how it's done. I don't understand why you would want your wife to wagecuck, and then spend a nearly equal amount of money on a nanny to take care of the kid. Retarded.

dude...american white males are trained to be beta from a very young age. they literally never grow up. the ones with parents that have money get married, because the bitches see $$$ but they just sit at home like beta cucks while their wives are the breadwinners
i see it more and more every day. average white guys between the ages of 22-35 are complete fucking cucks. no wonder their wives go and fuck tyrones, their husbands are such drunk betas they cant even get hard without viagra

hi why do you get married if you dont want kids?
sounds shitty. Are you boomer?

You're 100% right. I'm in my early 30's and half of my close friends still live with their parents. I guess it just shocks me because I figured it was an anomaly for my town. The truth is most dudes can't stand wagecucking so they would rather be a neet who leeches off their parents.

They loose perspective and think that being cucked by your parents 24/7 is somehow better than being cucked at your job for 40 hours a week.

If I was my parent's pet at this age I would fucking kill myself.

Both people working is the norm due to how little buying power currency has in our time. If you want to be able to afford a house in most of the anglosphere, you will more than likely have to both be working. This is a shame as it means the children she bears with be more likely to be less well off in terms of mental and sometimes even physical health.
This is all part of a larger issue, that being the buying power of currency compared to housing and also companies giving raises smaller than inflation. When my parents bought their house, it was 2 years wages for my father who is a carpenter. It will be 10 years for me and I'm a compsys engineer.

who is that

Fuck that,marry a intelligent woman who has a bigger salary than you then become a stay at home dad.

see This is you he is talking about. Women want men who are superior than them. If you find a women who will actually date/marry you when she is the breadwinner then you might as well get used to tasting other men's semen now.

>not letting your wife work while you stay at home

I'm married and refuse to let my wife get a job. I tell her her job is cooking and cleaning and taking care of the house and her salary is basically my salary but I have access to how much she gets in reality since it goes into my private account first before I transfer to our shared account monthly. I realize sime might consider this old-fashioned but it works for us.

people who think this way have never traveled. if they did, they would realize that there is such a diverse existence amongst "modern women" that you are just as likely to find a slut who needs her attention occupied as you are a homewife who needs a domestic partner.

this, including the fact that people have different needs separated from their environment and you will still find plenty of sluts who, when given the opportunity, thrive at being loyal housewives.

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>speaks in 3rd person on an user board

im literally writing about my indian friend whos married to a chick that TOLD HIM she fucked a tyrone to his face

Because tyrone is a hard worker and doesn't live on food stamps, right?

WHom is this semen demon

Tyrone is a black dude who ether has a good job because of affirmative blacktion or a dude who lives on wellfare that slings all the drugs. He makes as much as she does but because of his street smarts he pays no fucking taxes.

Ether way he isn't his parent's pet or some faggot who sits at home and lets his girl be the man of the relationship.

>getting married
yikes, you're already cucked no matter what you do now

Marriage is not ideal but you can be married and not be a cuck if you're not a complete retard.

Can you believe being this retarded I am 2018. Bitches working is the only good thing to come out of these modern times of women wanting equal bullshit

I'm in my mid 30s, I make 80k a year. I have 2 kids. Fuck that my wife works. Gives her something to do and extra income = when we want something, we buy it.

I had to get married to stay in the country with her, both in the US where I'm from and her home country in Asia.

Did you make her work when she originally had the kids?

I have the same mindset but I don't plan on making her work until the kid is in school. Soon as that fucker turns 5 she goes back to work.

I'm of the same mindset that women need to work so they aren't leeching and can buy shit when they want it since they constantly want things. Even if I was rich I'd still require a bitch to work, letting a bitch leech is a surefire way to get cucked.

She's always worked. She went part time after our first kid was born for a little while and she worked around my schedule. We would've done it the other way around but my benefits were better at the time.

I don't make her work anymore than she makes me work. We both want shit and know that nothing's free so we work.

Best of luck to you both, sounds like a healthy marriage.

Lol I've never read something so ignorant and retarded at the same time, try taking care of a kid for one day faggot.


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