How to make money in crypto

>be me
>started off investing in crypto but eventually became ico marketerfag
>tell icos i can help them sell their tokens
>make connections all over the crypto space
>realize that quality teams, tech, etc mean nothing
>watch coins go up and down based on hype and manipulation
>watch it in action many times, looks like this:
>ico launches
>we shill across all platforms
>hype builds
>price goes up
>coin goes live, gets on exchanges
>keep shilling
>gradually start liquidating tokens in exchange for real money
>gradually stop shilling and fade away as other coins take the spotlight
>move tokens around and keep dumping
>coin price plummets
>realize that this is how coins make money
>realize that virtually no coins offer dividends nor have any incentive to keep their token price high once they've liquidated
>realize that business models don't matter
>move onto the next ico
>realize that all icos and coins operate this way because this is how the system rewards them
>realize that it's stupid to buy and hold because so-called "whales" have no incentive to keep price high as their end-game is a dump for btc or fiat
>realize that no coins are worth holding except btc b/c it's btc and xmr because it's the only one guaranteed to survive once the government figures out how to effectively track btc
>keep making connections in crypto world
>slowly building a name for myself
>start getting an idea
>if the value of a coin has a direct correlation with it's level of hype, then must find a way to control the hype

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>understand that hype isn't just Veeky Forums, reddit, bitcointalk etc - it's all of them plus traditional media too
>realize that all these platforms can be bought
>recognize the fact that if that bitch john oliver allows brock pierce 20 seconds of face time, soundbytes and a picture of his token on cable tv, it was a paid segment
>know this because we bundled shit coins with good ones as a clever way to shill
>understand that "there is no such thing as bad publicity"
>understand that only major players can truly shill everywhere necessary to cause price spikes or gradual increases because of costs associated to get press in wsj, forbes, tv etc
>understand that the more you see a coin mentioned across platforms, the more money is being spent on subtly marketing that coin
>realize that making money in crypto isn't buying the business model, the team or the use case
>realize that it's buying the hype and selling before the hype dies down
>no dividends + no regulation = no long term viability
>big players will manipulate the system with no accountability
>individual investors will lose because they're not smart enough to see past the shilling
>people who think they're smart will lose because they'll buy good business models/ideas like they would with stocks
>but there's still no incentive to keep coin price elevated
>founders made their money
>now famous in the blockchain world
>platform still operational but token value down
>they have a name and can move onto the next project
>they use their cred to become an advisor for some related ico where they get a % of the total raise
>realize that crypto is a scam that needs regulation because people are think tokens = stock

>tfw i realize the government/jamie were right and that crypto is a shitshow
>tfw i realize i know which coins to buy
>tfw i understand why charlie lee sold all his litecoin
>tfw i see the cck for what it really was
>tfw i realize chinese people are smart af
>tfw i realize this shit is out of control but nobody's saying anything because everyone is getting rich
>tfw i realize i can make any ico successful

You've been lied to. But this shit board won't change the world. Suck it up, stop crying about your losses and realize that this is how the game is played. Buy the coins you see hyped across multiple platforms. Watch them spike and then drop them. Move onto the next one. Watch for the big players, the ones who appear in traditional media and social media, even /biz. Buy these ones and ignore the rest. Bless you /biz, you're scum of the earth but even you deserve better than this. Get off this board and explore other forums. Facebook groups. Reddit. TV. MSNBC. NASDAQ. The WSJ. Not because these people are smart or their opinions matter, but because the people who advertise there are ones with enough money to shill their coin to a high price. Good luck.


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>watch MSNBC, WSJ

i know i'm not that smart i-i just... i

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How do I make connections in the crypto world?

Posts like this that get completely ignored make me think that biz is full of Indians.
Thanks for the read user.

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Thanks just bought 1k Linkies

its a larp dude. this guy probably lost a shitload of money and wanted to larp as successful to dissociate from the reality of his failure.

>understand that only major players can truly shill everywhere necessary to cause price spikes or gradual increases because of costs associated to get press in wsj, forbes, tv etc
>tfw i realize i can make any ico successful

>wants to act like a smart cryptogenius
>contradicts himself multiple times

kys now.

WORST larp in history of biz

I agree word for word OP and I'm guilty of all of this. *rubs hand*

still there is loads of indians on here

Talk to the pajeet next to you next time you take a shite


Between 5xing on mugatucoin and chilling in wolong's chat I realized most of this back in 2014.

That said there are good projects in the space. Unfortunately, the most profitable (for us token buyers) projects will often not the the companies with the best product. The vast majority of these coins have products that dont require a token to function. The token is just a cash grab.

Don't try to explain to me how the token is needed to reward a party for doing x. There are alternative approaches that don't require tokens that would be obvious to you if you were #DYOR'ing even a little.

Crypto needs to be regulated Asap. Let's say hypothetically that I have a startup company working with AI that has some groundbreaking tech. In order to get funding i need to sell shares and am held accountable to my investors if anything goes wrong.

I have a competitor with a much worse product. He decides to do an ICO. He gets a free 40m from fucking retards and if shit goes wrong he can just tell them to fuck off.

I am forced to do an ICO if i want to compete.

Its obvious why this is a problem.

the future, niggas


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What a fucking dumbass