This coin is poo

This coin is poo

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hope not.

Moving up in the market cap now.

You mean you didn't buy at 4 cents and sell it at $1? Best trade I made

WC if true

heaviest bag i hold and i got in at .10



hope so

what does it do ? shill me


Loo if troo

What if coinbase starts running their app on this network

the same, shill me

we unironically go to Alpha Centauri in a week

Sounds like a Mediterranean restaurant


Check this out, pay attention to the ID

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Oh look I got dubs AGAIN
Kek has spoken

REQ threads always consist of prophetic statements that are confirmed by dubs, trips, and quads. I think that Request Network will be very popular in the future.

Yeah it is strange, it's not every thread, but the right ones.

Also req will have a buyers/sellers reputation system