Holy shit Veeky Forums, lately I've been looking up socialblades for YT channels I watch.

Do you realize literally every single one one of these channels makes >100K per year?


The retard HAMBURGER EATING GUY is pulling 270k a year on adsense alone?

You realize ASMR girls make millions from these stupid fucking videos?

Ricegum literally pulling in more $$$ than top wall street execs

When the fuck did this start happening?


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WTF does it mean:
Estimated earning
$165 - $2.6K

There's almost a 1500% spread.
It's $165 or $2600?

That site is bullshit
They just make up any old shit number

OP there is no slowpoke slow enough for you. It's absolutely not worth it now, these people were making millions for the past 10 years. The train is gone and only established YT celebs are running the show now.

Try to be early for once on something.

(Though yes, you can make some decent money from it. My channel I run with my wife with just over 2k subs doing nothing but making Kingdom Hearts theory videos, daily life, and lets plays, made about $230 last month.)

I cant wait till reviewbrah comes out as Plus Ultra and helps end the illuminati

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>OP there is no slowpoke slow enough for you. It's absolutely not worth it now, these people were making millions for the past 10 years. The train is gone and only established YT celebs are running the show now.
>train is gone
>Ricegum pulling 10M/year
>First started regularly uploading 3 years ago

Holy fuck dude if someone can go from loser nobody high school student to rich multimillionaire famous celeb in 3 years what the fuck are you even talking about?

Ricegum was some trash nobody who now pulls in all this money because people watch him... because he has money... because people watch him

Why isn't everyone doing this????

Because it's harder than you think and requires not only time and effort, but for you to be a genuinely interesting person to watch, and to fill a niche that only you can deliver in a way nobody else can. On top of that, you need luck to even start gaining traction.

It took me like 2 years to get my first breakthrough video.

I shilled it on KH reddit and forums and got lucky that it was noticed, and that I was apparently good enough at speaking and video editing that people shared it around.

I'm looking forward to keep using YT now as a decent side income if anything, but again, it takes a fuckload of time, dedication, and luck.

If you're just doing it to make money, you will be disappointed. You have to do videos that you just genuinely enjoy doing, do them FUCKING good, and then learn how to market yourself.

holy shit dude it's actually impressive how few views you have on your videos considering the # of uploads u have

desu I don't see how you could possibly be any worse than e.g. Boogie, yet for some reason millions of people watch that fat fuck and no one watches you

Why the fuck is that?

Is success on YT just totally random?

Or are you not shilling your channel enough or something

e.g. it looks like Ricegum had traction from pretty much the first video he posted, whereas most of your stuff has like 1 view

The boogie guy is of course an extreme example since he is so fucking fat it is a miracle he can even operate a camera much less have anyone watch him (

I did notice Ricegum had Mia Khalifa on his livestream when he only had like 2K viewers--now that is prescient, smart level shilling / advertising

also appreciate the candor

17k to 270k is a huge range

The lower end of that is what there makin kek, it use to be the high ens

We like Boogie, he's actually incredibly inspirational if you watch his stuff. He clearly admits he's had massive issues in his life, and he's lost over 160lbs over the past few months, it's ridiculous.

People like him because he was a personality. People saw a hilarious angry fat guy and laughed, which drew in the initial audience. Then you have his more serious self coming out these days, and it gets more people in.

Success on YT is random, and you need to be a STRONG personality.

You are a little late to the party, user.

There is a hidden forumla for youtube success and those who understand the AI behind the scenes can exploit for maximum gains.

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Boogie got big because William Ray Johnson featured him in one of his videos and told his fans to go check him out. YT is hard work, but its also luck and connections.

>millions from these stupid fucking videos
Who is paying them?

We make way more than that site claims. Everyone is jealous but most people are whiney retards who lack the intelligence, drive, and skill to actually build and run a channel. Or if they do manage to, their attention span or the sheer volume of hatred they get for literally anything drives them away from it in 6 months, and thats if they ever actually manage to start the channel seriously, which most never do, they only talk about it, like everything else in life.

>tfw I make what that site thinks I make just on product placements and sponsorships, before the actual adsense money. Which they're also wrong about, btw.

I worked 60+ hours a week to build my channel when I was younger. Fucking morons think your 10 min video took you 15-20 mins to make, when in reality it took several days of your hard work and hundreds/thousands of dollars to complete. People are absolutely terrible, they shit all over your work and feel entitled to having you create for them. You will deal with comments and messages from people so mind numbingly stupid you want them to be trolling, but they probably arent. People will actually sit down and write out the nastist, most hurtful things they possibly can after making a concentrated effort to do so, and send them to you. BTW I make completely unobjectionable DIY type videos. They whine about the most petty bullshit send you literal hatemail, then have absolutely no fucking idea why you dont mind selling them out to corporations who at least pretend to like your work and want to pay you 5 or 6 figures for advertising to them.

I'll be honest, the money is great but actually being YouTube famous isnt pleasant at all, I unironically enjoyed wageslaving more. I cant even go to the grocery store without people recognizing me. And my channel is still small. I'm actually planning to retire and live off "passive income" from my years of video making.

t. guy with 300k+ subs

You dont have to believe me, I'm not doxxing myself.

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Final Fantasy is a shit game, play something good like Halo for once in your life

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yo dick, if you get so many disrespectful comments, why are people watching your videos?

And there is no formula for youtube success nor is it luck. You have to actually make quality shit, with a good title and proper thumbnail and post it.

Thats it. If you clickbait the hell out of it, you'll get like 60% more views but thats as good as it gets.

I'll be honest. Despite the memes, I think most people here are actually pretty bright. Any of you could probably do this if you actually make the effort to.

But its not as good as it looks, the job itself isnt enjoyable at least not to me. Its hard work. Many hours. Your entire life savings and everything you have going into it, just so you can get shit on by assholes as mentioned above.

You have to deal with advertisers at times trying to screw you over, fucking worthless motherfuckers figuring out where you live and showing up unannounced, etc. Nice people send you flurys of messages wanting to know about all kinds of shit, then hatemail when you dont respond.

Guys this isnt easy. There is a reason most people dont do it, even if they can.

fuck if I know. Most of them are actually quite positive, but you get berated by assholes every single day for literally everything you do and dont do. Individually they're not very hurtful, but you do get tired of dealing with them and being on the receiving end of their bullshit after many years.

Oh, and the best part. Every January YouTube's advertising crashes you make like 60% less that month, then 40% less in february.

i ran a 500k sub utube channel. was getting 200k+ views per vid. socialblade earnings are totally off. actual earnings are a lot lower. it also doesn't take into account the 15%-40% cut networks take.

Good video. I admire people who make video-game related content. I tried breaking into that field years ago and, man, it's easier to strike it rich on some shitcoin than to make any decent money from Youtube. The effort I put in was monumental and, in the end, it amounted to nothing really.

The only Youtuber I kind of follow these days is gamerzakh. That guy has put out a ton of content over six years time and he still hardly breaks 5k views per video. I've followed him since his beginning and the main thing his efforts have shown me is that Youtube is a rough place to make money.

what are you even advertising, styx? hair care products and toothbrushes?

>actually paying a network

Are you incapable of writing emails companies or hitting them up on facebook? A good friend of mine is starting to shill heavy, this is all he does and he has an assload of sponsors and things to shill.

Literally no reason to use a network IMHO. They're just another middleman to take a piece of your cake.

>Most of them are actually quite positive, but you get berated by assholes every single day for literally everything you do and dont do.
Gotcha. Thanks.

Im here to serve :)

one more question though: how much do you spend on advertising your channel?

Nothing. Heres one tip if you guys are actually going to do this, diversify. If you make gaming videos, make them on several kinds of games. People will complain about it but screw em, do it anyway. This way you gain subscribers out of multiple "fanbases" for those games, instead of just one.

This probably helped me more than anything else, I do all kinds of sheeit on my channel.

A guy i know (which got banned from adsense at the birth of the internet and will never be monetized) got one of his videos randomly selected to be recommended to everyone on youtube for a few days since it's a mild video about a curious thing and it went up to like 3 million visits

Once he showed the kind of comments he got on a fucking daily basis and you're absolutely right about the kind of inane comments retards all over the globe post around, it's insane

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Yeah, its rough. I manage to hold out because I have a dream, I'm doing this so my future wife and I can have a nice place to raise our kids and we dont have to worry about money like most people we do. So I more or less accept whats happening and its a means to an end.

Man, I've seen this break people. And its always the cavalier types or the innocent ones (those I feel bad for). Trust me, the cavalier guys who put up an act about how they dont care what people say, etc are the same ones who start drinking because of it or call you majorly butthurt over something or other.

Its just part of the job.

BTW not that it matters, but 3 million views would make me $20k or so. With a good thumbnail and a clickbait title he probably could've meme'd it to 5 million, but thats just speculation and doesnt really matter. hindsites always 20/20.

Thanks for the insight.

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Jesus dude pull his dick out of your mouth, you've brought him up in every comment you've made.

You're welcome. Ah, that was a rant I needed. Good luck famalam if anyones actually thinking about getting into this.

Nice larp faggot.

100k a year? 200k a year? fucking worthless. that's 10 years to get 1 million. 10 fucking years.

youtube had it's golden years 7-10 years ago, and they're not coming back. advertisers have woken up.

>100k a year? 200k a year? fucking worthless. that's 10 years to get 1 million. 10 fucking years.

Kek, well done goy, turn your nose up at 6 figures because you can't make 7 overnight.

i turn my nose up at people thinking youtube is a good career choice, like those idiots that think they're going to become movie stars by moving to LA.

just in the past 2 years you could have been a millionaire with only a thousand or two, so i dont see why slaving away making videos and being beholden to a bunch of advertising kikes is attractive.

Should I just pretend to be interested in every single shitcoin imaginable just to get views for my crypto YT channel?

>just in the past 2 years you could have been a millionaire with only a thousand or two,

Oh, you mean that once in a lifetime unrepeatable moonshot? Nice plan.

yeah, sucks for you if you missed out, but not everyone did. throwing your hands in the air any trying to become some third rate entertainer instead after looking at what the 0.001% on youtube earn doesn't make any sense.

Watch till you see Twitch

Becoming a millionaire and then having that cash flow dive bomb away doesnt seem like a great life plan to most people vs making several million over a few decades. Continuous income is the more sensible route. Unless you got like crazy fucking rich, but thats pretty uncommon.

>after 3

>continuous income
then why are you looking at youtube? advertising based income on youtube is the exact opposite of continuous income.

thanks for the insight as well was curious

to be clear-- you were saying you'd get 20K off of 3M view video => CPM of 6.66

Is that the actual average? Pewdiepie et. al. say ~$2-5 CPM is average. Or are you including stuff outside of the base youtube ads

How much do you reckon the hamburger review guy is actually pulling?

I mean the vids stay up and continue to get views => continuous passive income as long as people keep watching

you should look into it, the drop off on revenue on videos is huge. after a few days you will basically get nothing forever, and its only getting worse as google specifically doesn't suggest old videos and the amount of new content coming out keeps increasing exponentially.

good points

You should invite your wife's boyfriend to shoot some videos

I believe you but I don't really think your getting harassed at the grocery store with 300k subs.
I think I'd rather be homeless than YouTube for a living

I'm happy for Review bruh.