.5x my stack

Just looking for an easy .5x I'm not asking for anything ridiculous, something akin to the 'blue chip' of crypto to .5 my stack, preferably immediately.

I’m sure you guys .5 your stacks daily so gibme the secret coin

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Nano, that piece of shif

Just send half your stack to a random address.

you mean x1.5

IOTA will 0.5 your stack no problem.

im sick of shilling the coin i want to shill.

I get called a pajeet.

It's currently trading at 6100 eth sats, was listed about 16 days ago on binance, and is a shitcoin that will probabl 10x by april.

Just 2x in 3 days.

honestly not going to give any more advice on Veeky Forums if i keep getting called an autist.


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Go the fuck back autismo boy


I keep forgetting to buy this. I've been on their mailing list since December. kek

If we unironically tried to 0.5x our stacks, guaranteed we'd make gains..

Shit Ima try my hardest to 0.5x my stack, guaranteed 2x

Why havent we thought of this before?

i like this thinking.

I looked on binance and think i see a good 0.5x opp:

- idiots on twitter were thinking coinbase would announce listing this shit on CNBC the other day
- already pumped, ready to dump?

Sky imo

in talks with walmart.

Just saying.

already down 10 sats since i posted hope OP is in for the 0.5x

USRM...no lie on this will easily give 1.5 return on anything you put in...probably more. Stem cells are just heating up...plus you would have a piece of a actual company with revenues....

AXP round 2

Buy link tommorow morning at it's peek, it is gonna dump like a sack of shit when people realize no new partnerships or code, just another speech about the platform.

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