How much money have you guys wasted on women in your life?

How much money have you guys wasted on women in your life?


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not more than $1000
im 50 y old

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$0 lmao

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No idea, 10s of thousands

0, there are some perks to being a social fuckup

around 5k when i was only in my early twenties. and that was my only gf ever.

I paid $60k in taxes last year alone.

i am 21 and spent around 6k now in debt :////

This is where Chainlink smartcontracts can be a Godsend for pre-nuptial agreements & divorce settlements/alimony.
Gonna save alot of fellas alot of grief & alot of money.

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How is Chainlink going to help with shit at all? The issue is that marriage exists to begin with, not the method with which assets are divided

If any crypto helps with the marriage and asset division situation, it's Monero (XMR) user...

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Why are they only pushing this gender bullshit on whites? You will never see a chink or spic or nigger kid having these kind of procedures done. Never

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Probably $30,000, but the women in my life have spent just as much on me because they are actually successful and not whores (well they are whores but in a good way).

0 dollars, never had a gf, touchless virgin at 28

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>not making the women pay for the date before you PND them

What the fuck are you doing Veeky Forums?

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about $20
had a girlfriend in high school, decided it wasn't worth it

A few $100 on lunches/dinners with female friends. A few $1000 on hookers.

I don't drive and women try to take care of me. The girl I'm seeing now has paid for every date and all the gas. She's even bought me clothes for the dates. I'm neither handsome nor tall. I'm also not 35+ and neither is she, so she's not after sperm before it's all over. She must think I'm funny or endearing.

Why wasn't it worth it?

Probably around $1000 on my GF of 3 years and that's about it.

>paid in taxes
why you still pay taxes if we have Bitcoin?

There's a dreadful lingering subconscious memory of having spent money on a girl in elementary school once, but I can't quite bring it to the forefront. Not sure if I want to remember it to get it off my chest, or if I want to keep it repressed.